Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 110


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Monday, 21 November 2016

Labour Room Drama 110

Expensive Labour room drama..ah ah

My darling Stella of life ,

Finally have the time to type my LRD, wasn't happy when I saw your empty folder.

Pregnancy is never easy for me I will spit and vomit till the day I give birth.
Asking me to swallow saliva is as good as asking me to commit suicide even in my sleep I can't swallow saliva.

I really suffered.

At 38weeks my hubby and I travelled to birth our child ( very risky) cos I had an exam that I couldnt defer.
I can never forget all through the flight my Heart was beating.
I was worried that I would be turned back but as God will have it they didn't even notice I was pregnant.

One of my friends advised me to wear heels, heavy make up and to avoid slouching lol.

It was difficult for me to get a Dr. cos I was far gone so at 40 wks I went to the emergency ward so at least the hospital will have a record of me, I feigned waist pain and I was checked.

The nurse told me that I would most likely have the baby in a week.
I almost fainted, I was just counting the days out of my maternity leave that I would loose waiting for the baby plus i was angry cos we were charged $250 for nothing.

Two days later I felt a little waist pain and I went to the ER again, they told me that their were no signs of labor and I wasn't dilated at all.
I was so sad and they charged me $250 again for nothing. I was just lamenting and DH had to beg me to stop talking bout money.

He didn't understand that I was just thinking of the shoes I can buy with the money, lol.
On our way home I decided to stop and buy a large burger to drown my sorrow lol.Didn't go halfway when I started feeling pain again.

I just removed my mind and continued gisting with my wonderful host.
Cos of the excess spitting I constantly chew gum to help with the metallic taste or I talk and talk to anyone who will listen.

After a while I didn't know when I said my waist was paining me again.
She suggested we go back I said there was no need cos I didn't have $250 to dash anybody.

The way DH looked at me no one told me to stand up.
When we got to the hospital the nurse was surprised, she checked,there was nothing and of cos we were charged again.

I was so frustrated , I started crying like a baby . I was so tired of being pregnant.
She must have felt sorry for me she asked me to hold on that she will check in 30 mins and God performed a miracle suddenly I was 2cm.

The labor began to progress fast, they called anesthesiologist for epidural but I declined and told them that I would go natural .

They looked at me like I was mad.

By the time I got to 6cm the pain was out of this world , I was offered bath tub that had warm water gushing out right at your spine to help with the pain but it did nothing for me, it was there my water broke and I was taken to the labor ward where I vomited my burger.

(Can you believe that all thru labor I was still spitting until I was given ice to chew)

It was so crazy, my host was crying and praying while hubby was rubbing my back.
The nurses were wondering why I was punishing myself when epidural was available.

I was even offered laughing gas to help with the pain but it did nothing. I was just using it to scream my lungs out so that I wouldnt be too noisy.
(U can imagine how quite the floor was cos all the other women were using epidural)
The pain cannot be described I thot I would die.

I can remember them calling the Dr. available on the phone cos I didn't have a personal Doctor,. the lady was still washing her hands when I was told to push, I was already weak.

My hubby began to beg me to push instead it was poo that came out, I tried again then at the 2nd or 3rd push my baby came out.

The pain just vanished.
The Dr. attended to the baby and stitched me up.
I wasn't given a tear but apparently my baby decided to place her hands on her ears while coming out so she tore me a bit.
When we were moved to recovery other nurses and new mums came to see the super woman that had a baby without epidural.

I promised to wait 3yrs b4 I even considered another baby.

9 months later I got pregnant for baby number 2.

My dear Stella I have attached my family pic for your eyes only as usual.
Will send in my 2nd LRD later that one was much more eventful.


Loveme Jeje said...

hahahaha congrats. It is bitter when giving birth but sweet when jamming body with oga.

congrats oo

Bee10 said...

Hahahaha its not only 3yrs 😙

Thank God for the miraculous childbirth and God bless the new one on the way!

Flawless BossQueen said...

Congrats bt you refused epidural cos of the cost bcos u have already spent S500 dollar and labour no gree show.

Na Me Talk Am!!! said...


Becky Divine said...

Expensive LRD indeed!
Bless your home



Beloved said...

Lol @ superwoman
But I heard that if you go with epidural you won't feel the while in labour but will hear the koko after the labour.

Anonymous said...

The way women have pains while in, you would be surprised when they take in again before a year at most.

Ihate Hos said...

all i see is a posh LRD.
Congrats madam!

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...


Tiwa said...

Weldone madam.thank God safe delivery

HummingBird said...

Ehya women sha..God bless all mothers

Slushious said...

All these stories are making me to reconsider oo..

Anonymous said...


Mao Akuh

Anonymous said...


Mao Akuh

#NaMeTalkAm said...

Read well na..

Rhoda Rex said...

Nor be small. Congrats madam

Blossom said...

Oyibo and easy way out, I laughed when I read where you wrote about they came to see the superwoman who gave birth without epidural.

God bless your babies.

Jasmine said...

Congrats madam! Pls send the second story in

Fierce of SDK blog said...

Interesting LRD. God bless your babies poster.

Kachi said...

Thank God for safe delivery

Brown Sucre said...


Jenny Cherish said...

Congrats dear

Debbie me said...

Lol, why won't your baby cover her ears when you were busy shouting. Only you shouting in a quiet room. Don't blame the baby for giving you a tear jare, na noise cause am. Meanwhile thank God for safe delivery.

Chidinma Gift said...

Congrats dearie

I'veBeenTouchedByAnAngelWithLove said...

I love LRDs

Robyna Wenger said...

Lol why won't she cover her ears when you were screaming the hospital down? Congrats.

Anonymous said...


Scarlett said...

Yes o! I'm waiting for 3 years. 1 year 6 months to go

Emilia Peter said...

Congrats madam

Anonymous said...

What's your business with her reason?

Anonymous said...

Not true.

Empress Windy. said...


Ikuenogbon Boladale said...

Mdm Stella well done o, I neva see my pose o


Lovely piece....

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