Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 118


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Labour Room Drama 118

Knowledge is power inside the Labour room....

Hi Stella,

God will continue to bless the work of your hand. A colleague of mine introduced your blog to me and ever since then it has been SDK every morning. Lol.

Let me share my LRD, I got pregnant immediately after my wedding (hubby score the goal wella), all thanks to the almighty. From my first trimester to 40weeks everything was smooth and perfect, grooving my preggo status. At 41 week no sign of labour, no water breakage, no mucus or even blood, on my last antenatal visit, I was directed to see the consultant, who examined and told me to come back on the 4th day if still no sign of labour. Na so I carry my two short legs go house. After the 4th day, I saw nothing and went back the next day.

I was given a bed immediately, after going through my file, (hubby don dey panic already, him sabi look for trouble, but no get liver for tension). Na so I tander for the bed, beginning gist with hubby, we strolled, had lunch and dinner. The next day around 5am, the nurse woke me up to go have my bath that I will be taken to the labour ward by 6am. (Meanwhile, hubby had to sleep inside the car) . 

At 6am on the dot na the nurse carry me, meanwhile no show yet, as we enter labour ward, na I say to myself, you don come oooo. I was told to lie on the bed, drip fixed, induced and after 30mins of the inducement na the reggae start to play cos the blues don end. My hubby was not allowed to enter the labour room, cos of other pregnant women. Stella, na that moment I respect and obey my mother.

I was in labour for 9hours, na inside the pains and contractions na the doctor or matron go still come chook hand inside the VEEJAY. I will scream, shout, grab anything or person that i could grab, the contractions were coming immediately. 

At 9cm, na my boy move go side, when the doctor checked me again, story don change, my baby breeched at 9cm, I was told right there that I cannot deliver through VD, meanwhile hubby already had awareness about Cs. Immediately he was told and instantly he signed the consent letter.

That was how they rolled me inside the theater, I come dey scream, cos the contractions were getting stronger and stronger. The doctors were nowhere to be found, I was screaming on top of my voice, I wept, I cried….. the only thing I could remember, was the doctor telling me to bend so they could inject me. When I woke up, my baby was next me.

NB: please this is also to create an awareness on Caesarea Section (CS), having your child through Cs does not and do not make you less a mum. Many women have lost their babies, their lives due to ignorance. 

They see Cs as a taboo, an abomination and a crime. Please Stella, if there is anyway or means that you can create awareness or set up a forum please do. A friend of mine lost a baby because she and her hubby were ignorant of CS; she lost the baby and at the end still went for the Cs to bring out the dead baby.

*Sorry bout your friend's baby oh.The government also has a duty to play through it's health facilities to educate couples on CS and its advantages
Na wah oh,your baby was already moving,so CS is possible when labour has started?And i always argue that it isnt possible oh..
Knowledge is power.


  1. Replies
    1. My contractions started early this morning and later stopped. Went to see my dr and he said I should go home and come back when the contractions are strong still yet am not feeling anything. Please what do I do?

    2. Drink Castor oil, eat lots of pineapple and walk.walk. walk.

    3. My sister, go back to the hospital and stay there. You will be rest assured that you are being monitored. My sister lost her baby last weekend because of this same 'go home and come back when labour is real'. God will give you a safe delivery and you will hold your child in your hands in Jesus name.

    4. Cs After 9hrs of labour.......thank God for ur life.God has blessed me with 3 lovely kids all through Cs...dont even know what labour pain looks like...first pregnancy high blood pressure ,2nd pregnancy water burst no sign of labour from night till lik 10am,third pregnancy elective Cs... God is great

    5. Mine was 3days of contraction, they even pressed my tummy and even used vacuum whatever to pull my baby, yet nothing. So I thought to myself "before story that touch go enter", I opted for CS. I don't want any regrets or had I known.
      My people, CS is not as bad as people make it to be.

  2. Replies
    1. Hain!! Only in Nigeria...what's the big deal about Cs a beg, when some are even going for elective CS.... Congrats Jere poster.

    2. Congrats poster.. . i lost a sister-in-law and the baby because she was scared of inducement, ignorance killed her chaii, i just pity the small girls their papa kuma no get strength for work

  3. Most people don't pray to give birth via CS but when the situation warrants it,pls sign and have it done. Its not a death sentence.

    Congrats poster.

  4. Thank God it ended in Praise. Congrats.

  5. lots of women abroad even opt for elective CS so their veejay can be intact.
    Women who ve had CS done ve that advantage.

  6. Congrats dear,I laboured for two days b4 I was told that I will be operated on,I wish I was told earlier so that I wnt pass through the pain I passed through,but I'm still grateful to God bcos of my gift,she is so beautiful

  7. Congratulations dear

    CS is not the end of the world
    No one wants it but if it'll save your life, why not?
    People will just ask you just to be able to ask your experience with labour and pushing, asides that, nothing else.

  8. Thank God for safe delivery

  9. Am team cs and it doesn't mk me less of a Woman,pain na pain

  10. Smilin....smilin...tank God ooooo

  11. That was how I went to the market 3wks ago and saw the obituary poster of a secondary school mate. The cousin who is my hair stylist told she was pregnant and dat even the morning she was go8ng to the hospital with her husband,she saw them and they exchanged pleasantries. Only for her to be called in d afternoon that she was dead. She said d lady registered at a govt hospital but was told she will put to bed through CS but dis stubborn girl and her hubby went to a quack private hospital and started pushing. Like play o, she lost so much blood and was referred back to d general hospital but by d time they got there it was already late. That was how she lost her life and that of d baby boy. Faith may your soul RIP

  12. Thank God for his faithfulness. I had CS last month and I am grateful to God for his grace.

  13. Mine was 7cm dilated and couldn't continue due to complications.Had to do cs,but I give thanks to God cuz my daughter is soooooooo Adorable.

  14. Mine was 7cm dilated and couldn't continue due to complications.Had to do cs,but I give thanks to God cuz my daughter is soooooooo Adorable.

  15. Mine was 7cm dilated and couldn't continue due to complications.Had to do cs,but I give thanks to God cuz my daughter is soooooooo Adorable.

  16. kinky with a golden pen30 November 2016 at 08:15

    In every situation praise God


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