Stella Dimoko Malawi Churches Back Abortion Bill


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Friday, November 04, 2016

Malawi Churches Back Abortion Bill

The Malawi Council of Churches (MCC) has backed an amendment of the abortion law that allows for the termination of unwanted pregnancies under certain conditions.

Under the yet to be enacted Termination of Pregnancy Bill, expectant mothers in Malawi would be afforded the opportunity to seek abortion in certain circumstances, without having to resort to backstreet procedures that have led to the death of scores of women.

These circumstances include, rape, incest or defilement or when the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman's health or when there is evidence of a severe malformation of the foetus.

"We will continue to preach that abortion is a sin but we appreciate government efforts to address maternal mortality caused by unwanted pregnancy," said the chairperson of the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), Reverend Alex Benson Maulana.

Support from the MCC has been widely welcomed, especially since in the past the church has taken a tough stance on abortion and the right to life. The MCC is an umbrella organization for 25 Christian churches. It is Malawi's largest grouping of churches and represents Catholics and Protestants.

The MCC now supports the change because of what it says are higher numbers of women who die while attempting to abort pregnancies through unsafe procedures. 24- year-old Mary Bisika is excited about the church's support on abortion.

"Most women who are raped or impregnated will have a choice whether to keep the pregnancy or not," Bisika said."It is painful to sometimes keep the pregnancy when you don't know the man or that man is on the run. So such laws will be necessary."

Abortion cases on the rise

Under Malawi's penal code, abortion is illegal. However, studies show that the number of Malawian women treated every year for complications arising from unsafe procedures is on the rise. One reason for the increase is that more women are resorting to crude methods, such as using unsterilized instruments to abort.

In addition to that, the use of contraceptives is prohibited in Malawi and this means that more young women are likely to have unwanted pregnancies. Chief Chikumbu from Mulanje in southern Malawi backs the idea of allowing safe abortions.

"Health officials should be allowed to carry out abortions when girls' lives are in danger. Currently, most women go to traditional healers to abort pregnancies and some die in the process," Chief Chikumbu told DW.

Saulos Bonongwe, a doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, also believes that new laws should be enacted to allow safe abortions to be carried out.

He said that Malawi should have laws that allow women to carry out abortions legally in hospitals in order to save lives.

For his part, Chief Lukwa of the Chewa tribe thinks that men who deny responsibility for pregnancies should be penalized. Malawi's penal code still has archaic and colonial elements that do not promote equality of men and women. Most of these laws favor men at the expense of women, he said.

"It's time for us to change our laws to help our women and girls and I feel the time has come to have laws that punish men for impregnating young girls," Chief Lukwa told DW.

Statistics from the Malawian Ministry of Health show that over 70,000 women seek backstreet abortions each year, 31,000 of which result in complications, and sometimes death.

Botched abortions cause 17% of maternal deaths in Malawi while post-abortion care, which is offered in public hospitals, costs the government nearly $1m (900,000 euros) a year. While Malawi's lawmakers have yet to enact the new law, most of its neighboring countries, including Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa, have liberal abortion laws.

Am i not understanding this or what?Instead of backing abortion,why not allow them use contraceptives?why allow the pregnancy get to the abortion stage?

Pregnancies via incest and rape sounds horrible but is there anywhere in the bible where certain kind of pregnancies are frowned against?
Did the Bible specifically say ABORT?
I know certain pregnancies are wrong but i will never use my mouth to advise or agree to anyone taking off any baby.....Instead deliver it and give it out if you dont want.


  1. Replies
    1. Is better to do a safe abortion than doing a hurry hurry or hiding hiding abortion and then die

  2. Affirmative to such conditions.

  3. Aunty Stella, I don't believe it's easy for everyone to go through the rigours of a full term pregnancy and then give the child up without looking back. Also for the rape victims, have often heard of people saying 'ori omo ye le'. That is, they used contraceptives like pills and yet they still got pregnant. Not all contraceptives are reliable. #justsaying.
    If this will prevent all the back door abortions which most times result in death like has been aforementioned then it's worth looking into.
    Thinking further about those who have been advised by doctors to abort because of their numerous health issues. In some cases, carrying the child full term will lead to a drastic decline in the health of d mother or even death.
    If you read the article well, you will realise that they considered all angles. It's obvious the decision wasn't taken lightly.

    1. Thank you. Religion has stopped people from actually thinking. Do you know how many abortions are contracted daily even in countries where it is strictly forbidden? In the middle east unmarried girls are falling pregnant,even with the risk of being stoned to death. The fact is that people will still have sex no matter how you preach against premarital sex in Churches,Mosques, shrines etc. If you want to ban abortion the least you can do is make contraceptives pills and condoms cheap and accessible. Women are dying everyday thanks to botched abortion by people who failed out of medical school and at the same time teenage pregnancies and babymama/baby daddies are on the rise.We need to stop deceiving ourselves.

  4. chai....dia ris God o......isalright

  5. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. If a daredevil armed robber or a psycho rapes my woman, the baby/foetus goes out with the man shapardly. Dem dey even reason this kind thing? Mstcheeew!!!

    *ghanaman signing out*

  6. If the person's life is in danger, then she can abort.

    If it's rape, she can abort if she can't handle the pain.

    If it's incest... she can abort so long as the sex was not consensual.

    But so long as it's consensual sex... they should keep it and born it oo.

    1. Hahaha....Beck so many women would have loved to keep their babies. But the stigma on single parents here, it's just too much. Raising a child alone is not easy.

  7. Lord Jesus, come soon. Speechless.

  8. Good move for them!...

    Abeg abort if you got pregnant through rape,incest or even if you are jobless and can't take proper care of a child!...
    Some of the these children brought into this world through these means end up being nuisance to the community!...

  9. Abortion done by a good doctor is better than taking a contraceptive!...

  10. I prefer abortion than to bring in a child here to suffer!...

  11. If not that abortion is murder too I honestly have no problem with the bill

    People should be able to get rid of what they don't want
    Some of the underage pregnancies we see are victims of rape and why should someone carry a baby that was conceived through that circumstance?

    1. I don't think abortion is murder

    2. Anon 10:25. Abortion is murder, but the truth is I can't judge you coz I don't wear your shoes. It's between GOD and the abortionist.

  12. Stella they are backing abortion only on certain circumstances, its clearly stated there na. I don't support abortion unless the person's life is at risk. I think ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies should be taught the young ladies in that country since the use of contraceptives is prohibited.

  13. Thats welcome news. It's nice to finally have people using their own brains.

    1. I agree.
      I have never been one to wait for instructions from anyone on how to handle my business. If I were to find myself financially and emotionally incapable of taking care of a baby, it's going. Even, if I were to be financially ready but not emotionally, still going. Married or not.

      MISS Jacobs.

  14. Intelligentia princess loves The Queen4 November 2016 at 10:12

    End time Malawian churches.

  15. diamond in d house4 November 2016 at 10:14

    Mmmmm. I will just sit down wit ma legs cross n read comments.

  16. diamond in d house4 November 2016 at 10:15

    Mmmm. I will just sit down wit ma legs crossed and read comments.

  17. Do what you want with your body and leave others alone. Abortion is not a sin

  18. This are simply end time signs

  19. This are simply end time signs

  20. God have mercy, end time is here. We all shall answer to our Creator, be careful law or no law.

  21. I can't advise anybody to keep or abort a baby. It's a very personal decision that only GOD will judge.

  22. Instead of backing abortion, why not make contraceptives available and accessible to prevent pregnancy. And rape victims and those in engage in incestuous sex should quickly use conceptives.

  23. Call a spade a spade. Abortion is sinful. You didn't give life why take life? If you like take pills/ do d&c you are just a mother of dead child. God who Gave didn't collect so who are you kill? The word do not kill was clearly stated in the 10 commandments. Let not promote evil bikoooo mboks! The cry of the dead children will stand against us


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