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Friday, 25 November 2016


Niños Kids Smart watches and Tablets arrive Nigeria! This is definitely big news as these products are really innovative technology.

The Niños smart watches are a must have for every parent. In this era of kidnapping and security concerns it is very much needed. You can track your kids location in real time using the companion app which comes with the watch.


 The watch is like a mini phone on your child's wrist as you can call them and they can call you too! There is a discreet SoS button by the side of the watch which when pressed sends you an alert of your child's location! You can also set a geofence which is if your child leaves the area you specified you will get an alert! The watch also comes with a camera so your kids can take pictures and videos!

Then there is the Niños kids tablet, this is full of very good educational apps for children, it comes pre installed with parental controls and a social media platform for your kids to interact with other Niños kids all around the world! The video tells you more about these features.

There will be a massive sale event on the 3rd of December 2016 at Niños Global Technology. The Vineyard 88 Woji Road GRA 2 Port Harcourt Nigeria
Their Brand ambassador Yul edochie the Nollywood star will be there and you can get these products at heavily discounted prices. 

Visit their website at

Or contact any of the numbers below they deliver nationwide!
08026883168 09063310756. 09095951692.



Esther Okoro said...


God Bless Everyone.

xxxTrinityxxx said...

How much is the watch?Maybe I can get it for my son for Christmas prezzie

peace maker said...


xxxTrinityxxx said...

And I see no pics of the watches just the tabs.should have been here

Classic Chic! said...

Dis is nice

Kachi said...

Nice one how I wish I can get one for my son as a Christmas gift

Dewdrop said...

Bookmarked for when my child starts going anywhere other than where I or his minder is going.

happiness is free said...

I wish I have money to get it for my baby girl

ed DREAMZ said...

Single as fuck....

Niños Global Technology said...

Hi @xxxTrinityxxx

Our prices are on our website:

We also have a MEGA SALES EVENT on the 3rd December 2016. Our devices will be sold at discount prices and Yul Edochie will be there to sign your purchases😊

Please let us know what your thoughts are on our Facebook page:

Niños Global Technology said...

Thank you @Peace Maker.

Please let us know what your thoughts regarding our devices are. Leave a comment on our Facebook page, LIKE & SHARE.

We value your opinion.

Niños Global Technology said...

@Classic Chic! We're glad you like it. Please leave us your full opinion on our Facebook page and we how to see you on the 3rd of December 2016. Come along and bring your loved ones with you. You'll get to meet Yul Edochie and he will be signing ask your purchases.

Our Facebook page is:


Niños Global Technology said...

@Kachi that would be great right.
Well we have great news for you. We will be having a MEGA SALES EVENT in PH on the 3rd of December 2016. You could give your son and amazing Christmas gift but not only that. He will also get to meet Yul Edochie and have his purchase signed by him. Perhaps even a selfish...☺
Bring your son and let's help make December 2016 a memorable day for him.

Please LIKE us on Facebook, leave us a comment and share the posts you like!

Niños Global Technology said...

Lol wise thing to do @Dewdrop.

Please Like us on Facebook, leave us a comment and share our page with anyone who could benefit from our devices.

Niños Global Technology said...

Hey @Happiness is free.

We have great news for you and many others who wish to get our devices for their little ones.

We are have a MEGA SALES EVENT in PH coming up on the 3rd of December from 10am. Yul Edochie will be signing all the purchases but the great news as I'm sure you would have figured out by now is that our devices will be sold at discount prices only for that day.
So come along with your baby girl. Let's make it an awesome day for her. 😇

Please Like our Facebook page, leave a comment and share it.

Niños Global Technology said...


We are so excited to be on this great blog. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Things to know:
We have a MEGA SALES EVENT in Port Harcourt coming up on the 3rd of December.
Our devices will be sold at discount prices but that will only be for that day.
Yul Edochie will be signing the purchases made on that day so it will be a big day indeed.

For our prices and contact information, please visit our website:

Please visit our Facebook page as well.
Like, Leave us a comment and Share our page.

Your thoughts are very important to us. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to have a chat with you 😉

Niños Global Technology said...

Oops @xxxTrinityxxx

We guess it may be some sort of error cause we are able to see the smartwatch images on the computers and mobile devices...

Maybe the network or browser is acting up 🤔

Niños Global Technology said...

Thank you @Esther Okoro
Same to you 🤗

IJAY said...

OK this is nice, will check up on you guys

xxxTrinityxxx said...

Thanks for replying.will definitely check your site out

Nneyo said...

Why Yul Edochie,you should have used the namesake of the product "Nino Idibia"🎷since its for kids.

Kachi said...

Thanks I just checked your website for the price and the tablet says 30k, how I wish I can afford that but I can't and am in Lagos. Anyways your products looks good

Greenlander said...

There are no prices on your website.

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