Stella Dimoko Open Letter To President Buhari ''Our ATM Cards Are Not Working Abroad!''


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Monday, November 07, 2016

Open Letter To President Buhari ''Our ATM Cards Are Not Working Abroad!''

This is getting out of hand....The politicians who allegedly stole monies should suffer alone!..Why should Innocent Nigerians Abroad suffer with them?ATM Cards are not working,Mr President do something!
I am not the only one crying..Buhari times affects Nigerians all over the World!

Khalid is also crying....

''I thought it was a kind of joke when a friend of mine studying in Cyprus informed me few days ago that his Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card is no longer working and he learnt that it was announced in the national dailies that ATM cards abroad are being blocked, he asked whether I have experienced similar challenge over here in Pakistan. I replied him promptly that actually even last week I withdrew cash with my ATM card, jokingly he said “wow, you are lucky then”, and we cut the conversation.

Interestingly the following morning, I woke up with some basic needs that I need to access cash using my ATM card, I was so confident to the extent that I have only 20 Pakistani Rupees on me at the moment, after inserting my card and making all the necessary inputs, surprisingly my card was denied twice, I wanted to try for the third time, but I then thought of losing the card and I refrained.

Subsequently, I called my colleagues studying here in Pakistan on Islamabad campus and narrated my ordeal to them, they told me that they have had similar experience, in fact one of them had to borrowed money to settle his problem,when it will function again? only God knows.

For God’s sake, what kind of country is Nigeria becoming? How could the felonies of some minority affect the entire ordinary innocent citizens? Is Nigeria the first or the only country in the world to enter the so called “recession”?

The point I am trying to make Mr President here is that, we are from very humble families and trying to access our legitimate money to maintain our studies in foreign countries and we were denied. We have no other options at our disposal Mr President, please how does the Nigerian government expect us to survive? By begging our colleagues or asking our Institutions to give us education and pocket money?

I am sure thousands of Nigerian students are experiencing similar challenge across the world. Please Sir, this is a serious threat to our future and to the Nigerian future as well.

With all due respect Sir, some of your children studied abroad and I am very sure, without sufficient access to foreign exchange, they wouldn’t have made it to the end. Please Sir, consider this message I am sending to you as if it were coming from your biological son, studying in London (or Pakistan in my case), telling you that “Please daddy, my ATM card has been blocked from Nigeria and I have only £ 20 cash on me, please daddy how do I survive, I need to take care of my basic needs. Daddy I really don’t know what to do, I have no body to ask for money over here, please daddy do something”. This is exactly our situation over here Mr President, not only me, but thousands of Nigerian students abroad. Your Excellency Sir, you have had several education and training abroad as well, you certainly could imagine how it will feel to be far away from home with uncertainty on how to maintain your stay (the means is there but we can't access it).

Please I am appealing to you Sir, we are your children and we do belong to our dear country Nigeria, please do something to reverse this harsh situation, so as to ease our engagements away from home.

May God bless our President and our dear country Nigeria''.

Khalid Garba Mohammed (PhD Student from Pakistan)


  1. Hmmm......
    It's well
    He'll hear you nah....
    Na your *bruda*

  2. Your president's children do not need to carry ATM cards up and down, they carry cash. They won't be affected. He is deaf,

  3. No be una vote for an illiterate archaic old man?Let's just endure it out .
    U can't vote Malam Buhari and expect him to work like President Obama

    1. Wat d yr wretched father achieve under Uhmahia bridge?

  4. You guys wanted change you got change now


    1. Same thing happened to my boss at London.
      He was lucky his family stays there.

  5. Only Gtbank gives $100 per day. Other banks said they can't.

  6. Oga, start doing some job over there to support yourself cox if u r waiting for Malam Buhari u r on a long thing.

  7. I have read and I understand the situation.
    But Khalid, can you tell what you are studying in Pakistan and why you chose that country at all

  8. U voted change,so here u'v got it. Enjoy! Lol

  9. When una vote for baba nama how he go know wetin happen to ATMs abroad.

    Baba Nama, APC mushin people don dishusband you finish. you fall hand yakata

  10. Too much of adaptation and acceptance of western attitude leads to confusion.. Buhari and Osinbajo are failure to this great country..

    Boo leaders all d way from self contain in hell leading us and hoodwinking us to believing that they are serving us.
    I pause to ponder over ur home in hell.when the mantle of leadership is given to a monkey then wat do u expect.

    Mc pinky

  11. This not funny
    It's wickedness

    Why not block Politicians cards n leave innocent people alone

  12. Get dollar denominated debit cards.....or come back to ABU and finish your programme....

  13. Pakistan? Hmmm. Al'Quaeda loading...

  14. INTERESTING, am touched by their plea

  15. It serves Nigerians right, you voted a sick old illiterate to rule you deal with it.

  16. And the change I stand for.

  17. All of you denying. Who voted for him ooo.

  18. This is serious
    Change my foot
    When is buhari tenure ending
    Am Soo tired of this administration
    To put money in the bank wahala,to collect it na another serious palaver.


  19. Ah please help us tell Baba oh. Virtual money, no real cash :( #deep sigh


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