Stella Dimoko Prank Call?


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Friday, November 18, 2016

Prank Call?

A desperate blackmailer just called me with a hidden number and the following conversation ensued

Caller: am I unto Don Norman Obinna?

Me: yes, who am I speaking with and why did you hide your number?
Caller: it is not important, just listen attentively, I have a message to deliver to you urgently and you must cooperate within the next seven (7) days or have yourself to blame

Me: wow! I am all ears

Caller: we have your nude pictures and would not hesitate to post them online if you do not make available the sum of N10 million. A lady you slept with at Enitona Hotels in Aba and refused to pay had unknown to you snapped you naked on bed.

Me: continue

Caller: your case will be worst than Miss Anambra, just think about how ochendo will feel, think about how his political enemies who you have attacked severally will enjoy paying more just to mess you up.

Me: (pretending) chai! Please reduce the money, please my brother and please tell me how to get the money across to you people

Caller: where are you at the moment?

Me: Osun State

Caller: ok I will get back to you but the greatest mistake you will make is to try playing smart, you will regret it

Me: I will not, just send your account details and I promise to pay the money immediately, but you must send the pictures to me via DHL with a promise not to expose them before I will transfer the cash to you ooh!

Caller: you are mad, which account number? Who are you to dictate for us the mode of payment and what you want?

Me: unless you do not want the money, the only way the money will get to you is through bank transfer. As you can see, I am in Osun State
Caller: cuts in, you wan try us? Ok! We shall see (he then dropped the call)

See me see nude pictures ooh! Where is Enitona Hotels located in Aba? Abia and dirty politics, anyway I am still expecting his call. Aba kwa! Nna you gaffed no be small, If you no know where this is coming from, then you be learner. N10 million! Ebe kwanu ka odi? so get ready to feed your eyes with Don Norman nude pictures. Ochi ato gbuelem.


  1. Replies
    1. Lol.funny but not funny.
      10 million for nudes?hehehehe,ok oooo

    2. Did that gaffed mean *goof*

    3. Ahahah I will even volunteer to appear nude to collect the 10M just in case they've misplaced the original copy. So no need using my so called nude pics to threaten me. Me sef go join una scam myself. Mumu people

  2. Kwakwakwa

    But bros u sure of yourself??
    Make we no come see ur nude true true....

  3. What's all this?
    Early in the morning?
    Who cares about his nudes?

  4. Lol!enitona hotel should be on the Aba/owerri express road. Ndi ara 😂😂😂😂 waiting for such call sef.

  5. Ndi Mmadu sef, 10 million for ordinary nude. Mtchewww, when it's d easiest way to be a celebrity. Though Na prank but my nude no go even worth 1,000 naira sef, me that is not worth 5,000 naira in totality, home and abroad.

    1. Dont say that. You are worth more than you imagine.

    2. Will you kip kwayet....
      You're worth more than that jor

  6. Replies
    1. HaaahaaahaaahaaaHaaahaaahaaahaaa! Real one chance.
      Fraudsters, when they are caught now, he will be looking like oke apara Isi na ana.

  7. Hahahah it's this for real? Anyway if your hands are clean,ignore the call and stop panicking, allow the nude pix out, thank God is nt video. Odikwana risky oo

  8. Ndi Mmadu sef, 10 million for ordinary nude. Mtchewww, when it's d easiest way to be a celebrity. Though Na prank but my nude no go even worth 1,000 naira sef, me that is not worth 5,000 naira in totality, home and abroad.

  9. Hunger dey wire obinna. He dey find wu to 419 but he miss road.

  10. My pipul olways say "He who pursues an innosaint chiken olways stummbles. E won't call argain cus he nose you are innosaint.

    And to you mister Man, you wool be sheking by now if you wer kuilty, this mesage, we wooldn't see. Pliss put your house in other.

  11. Anyone caught in this situation should not pay. The blackmailer never stop. Also, ladies and gents should be very careful. This trend might faze out kidnapping but the consequences could still be equally devastating

  12. Lol this One na 1 chance, make them continue.

  13. I've been black mailed before. This time around not nude pictures stuff. I don't do nude shit. I was so tired of my marriage and my colleague was always trying his best to make me happy. He treated my child like he was his. Hubby was no where to be found. Hubby doesn't even come home sef. I was hoping to fix my marriage. Gbam my colleague and I had sex. I felt bad. I told my brother immediately. My brother asked if I was drunk, I said no. He said don't do it again. He couldn't say much because my so called hubby was no where to be found. Second sex happened between my colleague and I. Immediately after sex, I pinged my brother. He said ' oh no, that's the problem with sex. Once you do it, it continues. Please and please don't do it again. Your colleague is taking advantage of your vulnerability'. I reset my brain and stopped sex with my colleague. My colleague saw my chat with my brother and he tried talking me to believe he was truly in love with me. My colleague started talking about love. He wants to marry me bla bla bla. I was afraid. I was still married to an unseen husband. I thought God was going to fix my marriage if not for anything but my son. I was really hoping. I told my colleague I can't marry him. My colleague begged we should elope. He really wanted us ( himself, myself and my son) to elope. I told him No severally. I began to avoid him. I didn't want the third sex to happen. I avoided him greatly. My colleague got angry. He began to call me to threaten me. He threatened to tell everybody that I committed adultery with him. I thought he was bluffing not until I got a call from one of my girlfriend in the office saying my colleague told her that we had sex. I became afraid. I immediately called my brother to tell him. My brother said 'you see what I told you. He was only using you'. My colleague threat became serious. This time around he started to demand for money or he will call my husband. He had picked my husband number from my phone unknown to me. I lost my sleep. I couldn't eat. I was growing lean. I couldn't tell my parents. It was all between my colleague, my girlfriend in the office, my brother and I. I summoned courage to tell my church pastor. We started praying against him. At last we colleague went on Facebook to tell all my friends that he have a confession to make so his mind can be cleared from guilt. Everyone became interested. I prepared for the worst knowing that my hubby will read it. My brother and church pastor invited him over. They spoke with him and he then promised to stay away from me.

    Months later, I found out that my hubby had started a family somewhere out of lokoja. Infact his new wife was expecting baby number 2. He didn't even bother to divorce me. I was pained. I started regretting why I never eloped. I regretted not committing more adultery. I had so many regrets. What about the sleepless nights I got from my colleague threats. If I had known that my hubby was with another woman, I would have just allowed my colleague to announce to the whole world that I committed adultery with him. After all hubby is also into the business of adultery.
    Nobody can ever blackmail me again. I've learnt from the first one. If you have anything to release to the public about me, I will give you lead and ask you to go ahead. I'm never moved by what people say about me. I'm less concern about the public opinion about me. Even after the meeting, My colleague told some few persons that we had sex but then I wasn't bothered. If I mistakenly find myself in the blackmail mess, I will tell the blackmailer to go ahead. Before he releases whatever he wants to release, my own public confession go don come out.
    Phew that's it.

    Ps I didn't bother to edit. I'm too tired to scroll up😊

    1. Naaawaaoo!
      That your colleague never or even loved you. He was an ass crack that wanted to use you.
      I detest guys that have 'running mouth'.

    2. Evil Colleague!!
      He never loved you.

    3. You are shameless.
      You are just an unfaithful wife, stop using the excuse of hubby was no where to be found. Didn't you know that before you married him? Ashewo for free.

    4. JayEm or what's your name. You are an IDIOT for coming under my post to insult me. Cast a stone if you haven't seen in your life. Oponu somebori mchewww

    5. Jay Em seriously?

    6. I HATE blackmailers!! They're the scum of the earth. Evillest of evil, if there's such a thing. I thank God for my inner strength. I can never fall to blackmailers, that thing you want to use and blackmail me, il, first of all confess it, If it comes to that....

      I always think, what? What's the worst that can happen? Who is free from sin and guilt, if you blow my yansh and the whole world knows my sin doesn't mean they are sinless...and I won't die..I will rise above it and thrive!!!!

      Btw, Jayem, I'm disappointed that you, you of all people on this blog have turned judgina. Maybe it's true what they say,Nigerian girls become innocent once they get married. ..oh before you come at me, 10 years in marriage this dec and loyal to the heavens to my man and that's because he deserves it.

  14. this is the new trend. Everyone had better be careful, know who you visit, whether in their homes or in hotels, be very careful.

  15. Replies
    1. Lol @ND f you ask us naa who we go ask?

  16. Lol. Lets get ready for the nudes then
    Since that is the latest and fastest means of making money
    I hope it will not be photoshop things.

  17. Funny people. I laughed when i saw it yesterday. What a pity and desperado on criminals. IDIOT

  18. Hmmm, blackmailer's trending, everyone biko nu be careful

  19. Are you a politician true true?

  20. December is fast approaching,mr blackmailer needs fast money

  21. Even if my hands are not clean, they should post th nude once and for all make everybody see am rest. If not, they will blackmail you till you die and will end up uploading the pix, so please i will advice anyone being blackmailed to report to the police and don't drop shishi. Face the shame once and for all, people will forget about it and move on.

  22. Chai Anon 8:16 what did i just read now. Women hmmmmmmmmmm

  23. Pele anon God will heal you cos u got a double whammy. Open up to God he only can forgive you and set you free . You owe no one an apology but God . It is well with you and your son,true love will find you again. So sorry.


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