Stella Dimoko Richard Mofe Damijo's ''Dear Son..''


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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Richard Mofe Damijo's ''Dear Son..''

Yesterday Nollywood veteran actor RMD has written this beautiful letter to all the Sons out there advising them on the right path and how to use their internet time wisely....

This is serious business.Please send this link to all fathers you know!

Dear Son,
“I’m writing to you today because there is no day “internationally” set aside for the “boy child”, so, tired of looking on in horror as you constantly shock and embarrass me, this is from daddy to you.
I’m shocked at how many of you carry yourselves here on social media. I am shocked at the things you LOL at. I am worried at the way you speak to and about women. I am frightened at the kinds of things that inspire and motivate you.

I am concerned that the women who get your attention are not the virtuous, brilliant types but the frivolous party, skimpily clad ones.
I am disappointed to see that the pictures you fall over yourselves double tapping are not the inspirational quotes or of clean, beautiful modest women but of women with their Breasts, thighs and bottoms spilling over.

I cringe at how many of you blatantly use swear and curse words at women like it makes you cool.
I am distraught to see that many of you insinuate that a man who loves and stays with one woman is a wimp, that a man who publicly displays and speaks about his love for his woman is a “jew man”, that a man who is more interested in deeply spiritual and intellectual pursuits should be shamed…
I am worried son, deeply worried.

My dear son, being uncouth, indecent, unintelligent is NOT cool and contrary to what you think, the man who stays on social media looking for Naked ladies to validate, smart people to shame, brilliant people to tear down, celebrities to attack are NOT men but little boys battling low self esteem issues.

A real man loves God and is not ashamed to show it. He loves and respects women. He does not ask for Nudes and if any misguided woman sends him her Nudes respectfully deletes it and not use it as a blackmailing tool. A real man reads, yes, he reads a lot. He picks his mentors wisely, thinks before he speaks and reads his comments over and over before he hits send.

Dear son, do not let the “anonymity” of social media make you a fool rather use it to shine and be kind, reasonable and sensible at all times because that is the man I desire to see you be.”

*If you are a Father reading this,send the link to your son


  1. Replies
    1. Stupid men everywhere.mothers are failing to train thier boys.

    2. @Anonymous, you might be one the people RMD is talking without you noticing. Don't discredit or point accusing fingers to women, because that's the easiest you can do. Leave a 'cool' message and walk away. Men and women are both parents; let us all train our Children. RMD is a Man, not a Woman.

  2. Wow!
    Stella not only fathers o,am sending it to all my brothers,cousins and friends. This is beautifully stated

    1. Beautiful write up by a beautiful man.

      How I live RMD.

  3. RMD nah you dey talk like this? After the way you dealt with women? How you treated your late wife MEE? Nah wah! I remember how you fucked Buba Maruwa's first wife, always going to enjoy with the woman in their house in London and in the end her husband divorced her because of you.

    1. Maybe he realised the error of his ways and changed?

    2. No mind my bros lol,person go think say na so him way pure those days ooo

    3. @Jennyzee.see your life. You actually ended it with 'those days' please grow up

    4. Person no dey change?
      Or write something out of experience?
      So he should continue to dwell in his past life?
      Abeg find better talk.

    5. @ I know, who says people don't change from their bad ways? He probably knows he didn't act right, and he doesn't want boys/men to go down that path.

    6. You are sick in your head walahi!!

  4. Stella calm down, its not that deep

  5. Spot on RMD....
    This days guys baffle me... They meet you, wants to meet up with you but expects you to do the coming over and the worst to their house..

    What happens to the let me come pick up by 4pm, what happens to going to an open place to talk. If you don't have a car, you can as well pick her up and you two will take a taxi-thank God Uber don dey.

    When you state your standard, some see it as licking your feet while some act manly.

    Old things are coming back in vogue, I hope intelligence and modesty do same.

    Chop Knuckle Stella

  6. God bless you Sir for this. It was about time.

  7. God thank you and bless RMD for me..... Choii women have suffered,,, society tends to forget that the boy child needs adequate schooling on this type of talks ,, it has always been the woman... Woman this, woman that.... Society should give us a break.... Guys Pls y'all should read this and digest it... So much wisdom in this.

    It's high time society and mothers shifted attention to the boy child on how to be better and responsible men.

    1. This actually starts from birth, the boy child sucks longer... The boy child is allowed to fondle his mum's breast to aid in falling asleep. When a child display unacceptable behaviour, and you team to someone, the next thing is... Is it a boy? Ehhh, don't worry, it's normal. No nah

  8. #Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder*

  9. Nice write up.
    But pls RMD how many kids does he have and by how many women?
    Bcos I know he had various before he even married the first wife and then Jumobi.
    Na question I ask. Because him and Alibaba are always yarning and it's not like they lived a clean example while younger.

    Let every father take it upon themselves to train their boys and not leave everything to the woman as they usually do. The problems of men of Nigeria didn't start today. There are so many of dese our old babas especially the so called prominent one's that must leave a seed every locality they visit.
    Baby mamaish, serial fathers and cheating did not start today. Sit down and let some of dese old women gist you what they've gone through in dere husbands house. Some these baby mama will even move in with them as 2nd wife. Some the men will just bring in the babies and tell the woman this is my child. The woman with no choice will raise these kids along her kids. That you won't even know the difference.
    The difference is us women of nowadays are independent, before that even happens. We don pack our bag.
    Whether that is good or bad, I can't say.

    The difference btw men of those days and men of now is not really that different trust me. Just that our fathers married those women as 2nd , 3rd wife. And our mothers accepted it as their cross. While we won't. Chikena

    1. Anon 11.07,kindly close your toilet.

    2. Lived...
      I like that you used that past tense..

      I really don't know alot about these men apart from what they let us see on the screens and social media handles but I don't even want to know.

      I picked the message from his write up,I loved it.. I saved it for my brother.
      Of course most people that give sound advice either experienced those things first hand or knew someone that did.

      He is here telling most young men what their fathers didn't tell them.

      "A good adviser sometimes is not the one that has a stainless past... but one who is touched so much that he or she wants to change the world"
      Quote by meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Anon 11:0z, have u heard of Fela Durotoye??? He's one of the most sound and disciplined Christian men. But guess what? He also lived a rough life when he was younger. U all be acting as if "1ce a sinner, always a sinner"

    4. You need to visit yaba left as soon as possible

    5. @Anonymous, don't drift away from the main issue and focus on the negatives. Because Fathers in the past lived rough lives don't mean the trend must continue. Everyday is a new day to do better. Change the world with whatever you have.

  10. True talk RMD
    Talking about that egbegbe story so many faceless people said unthinkable things to him, shebi it is because he was caught in the act. Sinners judging sinners differently....SMH


  11. Stella this write up isn't just for fathers to their sons...

    It's mostly for grown ass married men....
    Most adult men are worse than these young boys I tell you...

    What is a married man that isn't advertising his business brand or services be doing on Instagram, Snapchat, baddo and so on?

    They hide their identity and marital status and be doing rubbish on social media...

    So y'all send this link to your horsebands, fathers, and sons...

  12. 50000 yards of husband and daddy material. Limited edition.

  13. Replies
    1. Nice piece.

    2. @ anon 12.44,dint u c his/her moniker is "villager",thus representing d name?dnt b too quick 2 correct, inugo?!

  14. Nice one, I like.
    Truthfully, people who come online just to bash people and debase them suffer from deep seated self esteem issues, and are most often very sad individuals....

  15. I saw this and loved every single word he typed!!
    The letter to his daughter also caught my attention..

  16. This years of experience and wisdom garnered, put into 10 short and simple paragraphs.

  17. I like it when these men give advice to the younger men. Now they are old, matured and put off their boxing gloves they immediately become saints. Not minding the way they lived their youths also.
    It's like when people marry, grow old and get grey hair immediately how they spent their youths womanising and all sorts have been wiped clean and they are now saints. I am talking of RMD, Alibaba and Charly Boy. Very notorious womanisers in the 80s and 90s with various wives and kids.
    So RMD was faithful to MEE his first wife, and how about the kids he had before MEE and the kids he had after. Would it have been easy for those his baby mama's raising the kids by themselves. While he married MEE. A much older and richer lady.
    I like his advice, it is nice. But I don't like it when these old men now behave like saints because they are settled with good women now.
    There was no social media that their time, lord knows if they would have done more.
    If Sonny Irabor or Olu Jacobs was writing this epistle perhaps I would take it more serious. Those ones have better track record with just one wife I believe.

    1. Thank you darling. Thank you!

    2. Sweetie, forget Olu Jacobs o. DAT one self De do minors.#Bestbelieve

  18. Kevin and his likes won't read snd digest this now

  19. why does it always have to come down to baba mama/ 2nd wife matter. @ anon 11.07am you had me at first then you had to go south. pls deal with your private issues privately and stop using every post on sdk as an avenue to call out women that haven't done anything to you mbok! #intelligentcommentsonly

    1. That's his/ her opinion, why do you have to take it personal abi are you a baby mama or second wife?#innocent question

  20. I hope they will read it, learn it and practice it.

  21. Nice nice nice..take kiss for this.πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  22. Good one RMD, see as ee stand , Chai fine man aging sexily.

    Will be forwarding it to my sons, nephews, God sons, even keep it for my grandsons coming in the future.


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