Stella Dimoko Teenager Chizoba Ekene Debuts Her First Book Titled 'LIFE'


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Teenager Chizoba Ekene Debuts Her First Book Titled 'LIFE'

Ekene Chizoba is a 14 year old Teen from abia state, ohafia LGA, born on the 14 February 2002, she is a student of Kayode Memorial Schools, Ajangbadi, Lagos and she is in SS2 and has penned a book influenced by her Environment..

Chizoba’s book is an inspiring tale of rebound after a sudden crash in family fortune. This short story features one important theme every young student of literature should be quick to identify. In a didactic yet entertaining manner, Chizoba tells a story of contentment, a virtue which, if everyone has it, would make the world a better place. Her story is also about the travail and triumph of the girl-child. 

This is quite commendable especially in a society like ours, characterized by a very high degree of gender inequality. This book marks Chizoba’s debut as a writer, and has shown some promise. The writer is a young lady writing for junior readers; however, the lessons therein are applicable to all regardless of age.’’

Chizoba’s book is highly impressive and commendable. She succinctly captured, through her clear diction some of the underlining predominant issues in the Nigerian society: Moral decadence being a cankerworm that has eaten so deep into the fabrics of the Nigerian youths, the unpredictable characteristics of man’s sojourn, the inhuman treatment we expose women to after the demise of their spouses and Hardwork being the only sustainable path to success in Life. 

Using the Johnson family to drive home her points, she excruciatingly illustrated some of the fundamental problems bedeviling the Nigerian society and the youths in particular. 

Life was going smoothly for Mr. Johnson, his wife and the four children, until death struck and edged out the breadwinner. Things wouldn’t have gone so bad but for the cruel and repugnant attitude of the extended family who denied them access to the properties Mr. Johnson left behind. This explains why we have over the years created an image of oppression, poverty, depression and death on women after the death of their husbands, blaming it on our regressive culture and religions, stunting our development as a Nation during the process. 

Chizoba was born to the family of Mr and Mrs EKene, and she is the first child and the only girl with two younger siblings. She is inspired by happenings around her, that is her environment.

Chizoba has the enthusiasm toward anything that has to do with writing, though she is a shy girl but loves writing and has the Midas touch

She is a young girl that is very passionate about being a writer and a journalist and this has inspired her to write her first book and she wrote it basically because she wants to start putting it in practice so that she won’t lose sight of her dreams and career path and also, because the book passes a message of focus and determination, so she wrote it mainly to remind herself that she must be focused and determined no matter the situation. 

Her Pastor laid emphasis on talent and also her school encouraged and supported her dream.

Her hobbies are writing, singing, but basically, because of her shy attitude, she opted for writing, since it is just her, her pen and her book. Her Role Models are Professor Wole Shoyinka and Chimamanda adichie who she dreams of seeing. She is currently a member of Young Scholars Club which aims at developing young minds and making them prepared to be good ambassadors of Nigeria.


  1. Wow this is the kind of news I love to read. Congrats girl more ink to your pen.

    1. She's got a great future ahead.

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  2. Well done girl!
    Job well done!
    I love writing.
    May u go places and may u be fulfilled.

  3. Really commendable. Already serious with her life at a young age. Not kissing a stranger or getting a tattoo.

  4. WOW!!! I love it when young people use their skills and talent in a positive way. Reminded me of the two novels and one poem i wrote while in secondary school, didn't publish it tho.It would have been making money for me now.#sighs.

  5. Good,
    I dedicate 'umu nwoke' by our very own inhouse Chizoba to her

    1. LMAO!! You so eeevil. Roflmao

    2. U r a clown miss aboki.I can't help but laugh out loud

  6. Yeah my Abia sister... More grace

  7. Congrats girl, higher and higher will you go

  8. Nne jisie ike

    Mao Akuh

  9. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Lord knws i aint buying that book for anything.... What experience has she gotten from life...... Books of this nature is mostly written from experience....

  10. Nd she's from my place. Keep rising Chizoba.

  11. Nice oneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    The sky is your starting point,Chizoba.

  12. Congrats dear. The sky is your starting point.

  13. Awwwww!
    Very good one Chi girl, keep soaring high babes.


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