Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi's Estranged Wife Says He Didnt Marry Her Because Of Green Card.


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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Actor Yomi Fabiyi's Estranged Wife Says He Didnt Marry Her Because Of Green Card.

The estranged British wife of renowned Nollywood movie director, Yomi Fabiyi has said the actor did not marry her because of green card.

It has been insinuated in some quarters that the actor married his wife in order to legalize his stay in the UK.
This came after Fabiyi, made known his plans to divorce his British wife of four years.

Although Fabiyi had several times denied that his marriage to Fran was sinking, he broke the jinx on his Instagram page @yomifabiyi, last month after he said his marriage had completely failed and that he had been unhappy for a long time.

But Fran debunked claims the movie producer married her in order to get his green card.

Speaking with The Punch, Fran, who reportedly sounded unhappy about the divorce said she was very sure her husband did not marry her because of a green card.

When asked if she was still in love with her husband, she replied in the affirmative.

She said, “I am still in love with my husband but we cannot keep living this way.
“I wish there was another way we could go about it but there is none.
“It is true that I agreed to relocate to Nigeria after marriage but plans changed and I cannot relocate from England.
“I understand that my husband cannot also move to England but we cannot keep living like this for the rest of our lives.

“I am very sure that he married me because he loved me and not for any green card.
“If he wanted a green card, he could have married a British-Nigerian or any other race,” Fran noted

from dailypost.

Some people na learner...I like that she believes in why he married why green card?i thought its red mine.. LOL


  1. Green card or British passport ?

    1. Why the divorce naa?thot oyibo toto de sweet pass. I must marry oyibo syndrome,now him eye don clear. Happy ko,bitter ni.

    2. Not green card. Green card is for the U.S and indefinite stay/right of aboard/UK passport is for the U.K

  2. Oh No!!!
    Not againπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌ

  3. Yes, it's not because of the green card, but for the 'TRUE LOVE' he has for her

    *Larry was here*

    1. What us green card Larry? Keel quiet if you no sabi something.
      Na only red passport dem dey use for UK.

  4. Ajuju! Bia nwanyia, idi kwa sure ni bi Germany?

  5. To each his own... Evry mallam wt im own kettle.

  6. Replies
    1. "If he wanted greencard, he could have married a British-Nigerian or any other race"
      Lol @ this statement

  7. Lol
    I wasn't there neither was I in your mind

    Whatever be the reason just live your life.
    #we all have one live ...

  8. Whatever floats their boat!!!

  9. Where are the georginas? Una go free am now?


  10. This people don't understand that we are African and 95% of us think alike. Am sorry to sound this way but this is who we are.

    Madam he is only interested in the green card,no be only love πŸ˜‚

  11. This life shaaaaa! I just read about White Berry scam I don't even know whether to cry or laugh isn't it funny! How she was able to dupe our darling Stella just because our darling Stella has a big heart..... come to think of it, me that commented under anonymous and wrote my real name no Santa looked at me because they feel we that go under anonymous are the scam not knowing I have been on this blog for years and I have tried all my best to get a blog I'd but it isn't working out for me..... but still someone with a blog id deprived us of the opportunity we had by duping kind hearted Santas of 300k I had other pressing needs but all I asked for was a helping hand to raise up little amount to buy a bed space in hostel or join money and rent a student accommodation with someone close to school environment but still I was overlooked because I haven't been able to get a blog id? Were there is life there is still hope.... Grace O. U. Zero seven zero three eight two two eight one six nine

    1. Let it rest @Anonymous"orubebe"


  12. She-who-must-not-be-named10 December 2016 at 14:30

    Abeg Stella I asked myself same question o. I've never heard of green card in the UK before. Or is the UK red passport now a green card? I must be living in another age then.

  13. Green card in uk? Okiiii
    My own is when this fellas pick these white women, why do they always pick the ones that look like their mother.
    Whatever that floats dere boats. They have used lies and D to scatter this oyibos head, I trust naija boys.

    1. Because the correct ones will never agree to their nonsense! πŸ˜‚

  14. Yomi you know what's best for you!The other thought of other people is not welcome

  15. I never knew UK hv started using green card! Pls correct me if am wrong.

  16. This is what is called love nteike.

  17. #The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance*

  18. Green Card? In the UK? Hmmmm! Stella, do they use green card in your country of residence?

  19. The oyibo wife believe say the "Bitico naija" girls & women go give him paper..abi green card/red kpali?
    This woman mumu no be small thing!
    The naija women wey get British passport go 1st take his crack coconut, to see how far. Girls wey go born you dem no go marry you..lai lai!
    Even when dem marry u dem go throw way the marriage certificate inside dustbin for the registry. No future for u!!!


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