Stella Dimoko Blac Chyna's Mum Wades Into Ongoing Brouhaha ...


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Monday, December 19, 2016

Blac Chyna's Mum Wades Into Ongoing Brouhaha ...

Some Instagram user went on the social media handle of Blac Chyna's mum to inform her that her daughter is a gold digger for breaking up with the famous Rob Kardashian and she went into an explaining fit.....

They will be fine trust mejoshhalala since you want to be one nosy bitch or should I say dudeFirst off Who are you again? ? Chyna had hers long before Rob K. He is just emotionally disturbed by all means.

Chyna don't need to dig for gold with gold is given to her after every argument! Nigga please you should not be asking me why did Rob and Chyna break up or why Chyna leave Rob the question should be where is my daddy and why did he leave my mama!!! It's absolutely nothing about the relationship then I don't know!!

Rob goes into this woman's phone all the time and never find anything in this is what he confesses to me. He confesses to me that he know he has the issue but don't know how to handle it. He's a very emotional guy with many many personal issues how do I know this he told me. I don't get into people's business but my daughter is my business.

I don't care what you see online !!!!! Most of you people live vicariously through others anyway stop being a stick in the mud minding peoples business and know you will never get your answer you're looking for.

At the end of the day it is what it is celebrity or non celebrity. I don't know why people think because you have a lot of money and material things that every day normal shit cannot and do not happen to them.

The difference between a celebrity in you is the fact is they are popularly known and have the cash to back it up that's it. So do yourself a favor and me and get the fuck off my page go find your daddy and your baby daddy.

When you are in the public eye this is the bullshit you have to go through when you have an insecure person at hand! " mental illness is real" I love Rob and I am going to try to help them manage their relationship through love and wise words.

I have spoken to Rob and asked him to get therapy he said that he would but yet he have not seeked it yet! At the end of the day they will still be together I promise you. Rob just have to get Mr. Insecure off his back! Everything will be fine.



  1. Na wa oh. Rob is one of the very very few failures of Kris Jenner. She did a damn fine job in raising her girls.

    1. Bianca, well said. In as much as I don't like the Kardashians; this is just too much of a problem.
      Rob has really brought shame and problems to his family. It is not just him dealing alone with Black Chyna but what about this classless Tokyo, OMG. Where does one start with such a PEST, a mum who doesn't know how to control her tongue and fingers. Its just so annoying, what a disgrace.
      Poor Kris Jenner.

  2. Their bullshit not mine. I dont think Black Chyna is a gold digger in this situation. They are still getting back together jare.

  3. All for foolish rating on E

    Ain't no one got time for nonsense


  4. Good Lord. How do people write this way?? Wonderful

  5. Her written english though.......

  6. "At the end of the day,they wil still be together...


    Is that all that matters to u? They Bn together? Someone u say has psychological issues and has refused to get help. And u stil want her for ur daughter?
    Anyways,it's up to Chyna whether she wants to or not. She is smart so whatever decision she takes,she is taking with clear eyes.

    Wonder when Rob wil finally grow up and stop whining like a baby.

    And I somehow always believed that Chyna had a plan all the while. But if u ask me,along the line.she the hunter fell in love with the Hunted.
    Even though I can't explain those "hacked" chats.

    And neither can I explain that Buhahahhaha video she made just after she had Dream.
    She was carrying a Sleeping Dream,it was at night gauging from the video and she just looked into the camera,with a confident "knowing" look and let out a cool "Buhahahha"

    1. I have noticed you don't know how to use correctly 'being' or 'been'. In this case, it is 'being'

  7. nice response maam. people need to stop poke nosing n leave this 2 alone

    1. They made 'people' poke their noses when they put their business in people's faces.

      If they dint go on ranting on SM, u and I won't know what "they cooked that burned down the house".

  8. Serious smh. All this textbook on top breakup matter. Mama Tokyo abi wetin, don't worry they'll be fine. Your daughter is such a fame white, she'll get back with Rob.

  9. Replies
    1. Even Africans who have never been on planes write and speak good English.
      Ghetto, classless Tokyo.

  10. Celebrities n their wahala

    1. So you see classless, Ghetto Tokyo as a celebrity? She's a Yeyebrity.

  11. Her daughter is her business #Gbam
    I've become fond of Blac. She needs a cool long break from Rob and his drama. But she can join forces with his family to put him in serious check. From a distance tho. She's a new mum and needs to be emotionally stable to raise her baby. She doesn't need all this before she experiences Post Natal Depression. Rob has been spoilt for too long. Like Chyna said in one of their episodes, she and kim show him tough love. But this time around let the whole family show him this tough love so he can man up. The petting should end

  12. I kinda like this Tokyo Toni woman. She's as real as can be. However, Rob and Chyna's dysfunctional relationship can never last. Both of them need mental rehabilitation.


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