Stella Dimoko Brad Pitt's Request To Seal Custody Filings Turned Down By Judge


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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Brad Pitt's Request To Seal Custody Filings Turned Down By Judge

A judge on Wednesday rejected Brad Pitt's request to seal details about custody arrangements in his divorce from Angelina Jolie Pitt.

Los Angeles Superior Court Richard J. Burdge Jr. denied Pitt's request in a brief written order that states the filing did not meet the requirements for sealing details at this time. Pitt had sought to seal details of his custody dispute with Jolie Pitt at an emergency hearing, but Burdge declined to hear the petition on an expedited basis.

Pitt's motion came two days after the release of a custody agreement that he and his estranged wife reached in late October. The agreement calls for the actor to have visitation with his children under the guidance of a therapist.

Pitt intends to seek temporary custody orders soon, and his filing states that he wanted those documents sealed to protect the children's privacy. He was also seeking the sealing of any custody-related filings.

"I am extremely concerned that if court records regarding custody are not sealed, information contained therein will cause irreparable damage to our children's privacy rights," Pitt wrote in a sworn declaration filed Wednesday.

Pitt's attorney Gary Fishbein declined comment after the hearing.

Jolie Pitt filed for divorce in September and currently has primary custody of their six children.

Her attorneys wrote in court filings Wednesday that Pitt's request was an attempt to shield himself from embarrassing details when he seeks increased visitation with his children, stating that is contrary to a therapist's recommendation.

"His ... request is a thinly veiled attempt to shield himself, rather than the minor children, from public view," Jolie Pitt's attorneys wrote.

The divorce filing came days after a disagreement broke out on private flight ferrying the actors and their children from France to Los Angeles. Pitt was accused of being abusive toward his 15-year-old son during the flight, but investigations by child welfare officials and the FBI were closed with no charges being filed against the actor.

After filing for divorce, Jolie Pitt's attorney said it was done "for the health of the family."

Custody has been the primary issue in the divorce. Jolie Pitt is seeking sole custody of the children, while Pitt is seeking joint custody. A final agreement will be part of the couple's divorce judgment when it is entered.

California law favors joint custody, although details about custody arrangements are rarely made public in celebrity divorce cases.

Jolie Pitt's attorney Laura Wasser said the actress does not oppose sealing details of the pair's custody arrangements, but Pitt's attorneys did not consult with them before filing the motion Wednesday.

Pitt and Jolie were married for two years and together for 12 years after becoming close while filming 2005's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

from Associated press.


  1. hmmmmmm the wrath of a woman. Na dem sabi jare

  2. Stella you like this people sha lol... Biko I'm craving for roasted well salted meat, how do I achieve it with stove?

  3. Now I hate Angelina Jolie,But oh dear!..Karnataka is a bad bitch.

  4. I love Brad, I love Angelina.

    Change your story with just N1,000. Click my name for more

  5. I think he is right! That information should be sealed for the children's sake

  6. I wish to see them reconcile than divorce.

    1. Reconcile?

      Jolie has made up her mind for get that babe!

  7. Angelina Jolie is such a manipulative and drama queen bitch. Brad Pit is a good man, from a good home and he does not deserved a manic-depressive as a wife, let alone a divorcee. The guy has been raised with discipline and he was just trying to be a good father and trying to instill some values to the children, but rebellious AJ will have none of it. Parents cannot even agree on how to discipline their children before AJ call the social service and FBI into it. Are alright up your head AJ?
    She is trying to paint someone her own father describes as "a very good man" as a child abuser. I hate you for that miss anorexic drama queen. So Brad P was surely better off with a decent girl such as Aniston. AJ is the drama queen to the highest order. Mrs Smith who sleeps around with men and women, made blood pact with former hubby, wrecked many relationship and marriages, has a incestuous type of relationship with brother, doesn't speak to the dad, did drugs, always involved in scandalous wants to preach better than mother Theresa? AJ, you are no angel and Brad is nothing that you want the world to see him as. Take a break and go to a psychiatryic home, you need deliverances from your demons that are pursuing you. A lot of nonsense!

  8. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Look at people that are once happy abeg.. This life self....

  9. Honestly wish them back together

  10. And to think that they were once a happy family

  11. Braddie deserves better. I pity him, I wish I could mould a beautiful soul mate for him.

    How I love that guy though it's unexplainable

  12. Enter your comment...oh i so much love this couple

  13. They shouldn't have married.


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