Stella Dimoko Controversial Socialite Dokun Olumofin Lists Conditions For Men To Stay On The Social Media.


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Friday, December 30, 2016

Controversial Socialite Dokun Olumofin Lists Conditions For Men To Stay On The Social Media.

SDK blog visitors,please get in here...Yesterday we posted a memo from Dokun to married women who live on their social media handles and it got 'handsome' replies..LOL
Today we are posting conditions listed by Dokun to men who must remain on their handles...I hope this gets a 'handsome' response as well...

MARRIED MEN STAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA but with the conditions listed below.

1. State in your Social Media bio that you are Married.

2. Do not like or DM Women on SM

3. Never use the following emojis on women's comment section (check munch for emoji)

4. Never Like the following women's IG Pages Instagram Models, Twerkers, Married Women, Naked Women, Big ASS women, Big Breast women, Curvy Women etc.

5. Never Message an Ex on Social Media.

6. Post your wife's picture every 4 months to remind the world you are married.
Cc @dokunolumofinfoundation @dokunolumofin .



  1. Replies
    1. The Twerkees ofcourse... the people dah shakes their bumbum... #cantstoplaughing

  2. hahahahahaha Mogbo moya man it has do.

    I saw my former church guy that looked like you. His own mogbo moya i dont know how to put it. I am sure you are his MENTOR

  3. Replies
    1. Every 1week to post wife's picture is better lol

    2. Yesterday, on similar post, a man wrote how he snooped and found his wife professing love to another man on her phone and how she even kept on sending him pictures and giving him information on their marriage etc, now you're broken and will remove her from your will and youre bidding time before you throw her out.

      WHEN I read it. I felt your pain but I glossed over like I do most posts. You even said you dont seek advice; your mind resolved. IM MOVED TO TELL YOU THIS:

      The devil is happy about this decision. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. Rob our hearts of love. Anything that is broken; he has passed over. You need healing cause your heart is broken. Go to a solemn service. If you are a catholic, go to the blessed sacrament. Weep to the lord and unburden your soul. Your wife has betrayed you, despite all the love you have for her. Nothing hurts a man like his wife either sleeping with someone else or professing undying love to another man. I think the 2nd is even more painful. God heal you.

      -The man may be your wife's old flame who she couldnt marry but is one with, in mind. Its hard for her to let go and sometimes,when they are let too close, it affects or when any little vacuum exists in the marriage, the devil is let in and he exploits.
      That man doesn't mean much to her and she doesn't even know it yet. Till all she has is taken from her. She'll realise the danger of leaving 99 sheep to look for 1. The danger of wanting everything at the same time.

    3. -Another reason is: Sometimes, a man thinks he's doing everything and to a woman, he isnt. People express love in ways they know best. You may think the best thing, the best path to show your wife love is by providing and ensuring she doesnt lack and working hard so you can take holidays in the US but what she wants are the simple things of life, like attention. In comes a man who has the time to ask her about those little things; whether she's happy, whether she has eaten, what movies she loves etc and boom, she thinks he is the best and she loves him because she hasnt tested him. Its still same exploitation of the devil and the war he wages against marriages and we all are accomplices. Our weakness lets him win.

      If you love someone, never assume you are doing your best. Sometimes, in our misgivings we assume we have done all we can. No conclusive sacrifice in marriage. Think to yourself, is there nothing you can do more? Is there no way you neglected?
      (this is no justification but look at the pattern)

      You are a christian but a human 1st and I understand you are hurting.

      The question of "How can I forgive someone who has hurt my pride so? How can I forgive someone who doesnt even know she needs forgiving?"

      I'll answer by saying. Look at God your creator, He forgives you even when you dont ask for it. He gives you time to change. Everyday you wake up is God's forgiveness, because the wages of sin is death and youre a sinner.

      The love Hosea had for his prostitute wife, Gomer is the kind the lord commands of man.
      Did Moses agree when God decided to destroy Isreal and make a new generation from him? Did he not beg for the same people who cursed him and stoned him?
      Did Elijah abandon Isreal in famine and drought despite the insults he received?
      Jesus Christ who humbled and lowered himself to be a man, a lowly creature. Was spat on, beaten, stripped naked and killed like a criminal. He died a shameful death for love he had for us. Paul left his whole life, lived and was killed. Did you sacrifice more than these people?

      God commanded man to love his wife the way Christ loves the church. This singular commandment is higher than mere "submission" required of women. This places a higher premium on a man and makes him one who God commanded to be the head and keep the marriage. We all know how Christ loved the church and how he forgave his enemies before he died...

      Forget self pity and self righteousness. It drags us down.

      Forgive her. She doesnt know what she's doing. Do not hold that bitterness in your heart and act on it. Dont assist the devil. Dont forget all the good she is so soon. Please remember the reason why you loved her before.

      Sorry about your pain. May God heal you. Hope you get to read this.

    4. Nice one! God bless your heart.

  4. Every 4 months? I think every 2days is more like it, who has time to go back 4months to see if you're married or not.
    Anyway, these rules are trash. The people cheating are not on social media only and all of these doesn't stop anyone from cheating.
    Some women will know a man is married and still put head inside so why are we deceiving ourselves.

    1. Why do I jes love ur comments? That's when a gal will tell u, "I know he's married bur he's very caring.." a married man o.. it's jes a title to em anyway.. Nafin serious..

  5. Hehehehe see conditions abeg....
    Well, I love the part where they shouldn't like pictures of the listed women above and also post their wives pictures.

    I'll add mine, they should use a picture of their wives as DP. Hehehehe

    Na them sabi abeg.

  6. Stella darling,biko post my comment today o

  7. And men got short memo while women get dictionary memo

  8. Lol, very true. Hope they can obey sha

  9. His opinion, his headache. Even if they abide by all these, will it make them faithful?


  10. "Post your wife"s picture every month"

    Its not easy to turn blund eye to what you luke(big ass.... )

    The only solution is not to be on IG.

  11. SM isn't the only avenue to cheat. The men that do not have social media accounts nko?

    Enough of this already, everyone is now an expert in relationship advice.

    There is hunger in the land.


  12. Hahaha. So you are a BV too ni. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Married men shey you haff read o. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  13. Replies
    1. Any godfearing and responsible man or woman is suppose to know all these and more by default. Men and women are suppose to lower their gazes on social media and off social media to avoid falling into temptation which would lead them to any form of adultery or cheating on their spouses. The number of people who cheat on their spouses daily due to social media is alarming. If social Media will make you fall into temptation, cut it off!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. And let the men say Amen !!!!!

  15. I totally agree with him on this one

  16. Hahahaha! Guy your head is there. Stella he is so on point.

  17. "Gbam, gbamer, gbamest"!!! I pray they listen! Like the gifting a girl he's never met on IG the sum of 1 million naira & he ended up being a scammed by a man! Lmao

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  18. So married women should stay off sm while men can stay but with conditions? Dokun is a weirdo
    But do married men really use love emojis on other women's sm accounts?

  19. Na today?
    Some men will adhere to these rules and still do what's most important to them. I hope you will take these pills you are giving out when you get to that phase too? It's so easy dishing out advise these days. May God help us all abeg

  20. Diss wooln't chensh norin...
    Whot wheel be wheel be.

  21. *bangs hammer not gavel*

    Dum Spiro spero.

  22. Post your wife's pictures every 4 months ke? Abi every other day.

  23. Na today? Some men will adhere to these rules and still do what's most important to them. When you get to that phase ensure you take these pills too cos it's cheap dishing advice these days. May God help us all.

    da favoured babe

  24. Mine doesn't do what he listed as the do's but he sure do the don'ts listed above.

  25. 😊😊😊!!!! Well, well, well! As for me , I'm on ghost mode on fb! Hope the " Thirsty" brodas are reading this!

  26. Gbamest. This guy get sense. And please add, never message an ex privately on SM and ignore advances from vultures when they come for you. We are good

    1. Exactly @ ignore advances from vultures. Some of these hoes will do anything to get a man's attention especially when they see that he is rich. And again sometimes some hoes are attracted to a man when they see how good looking his wife is judging from her pictures on his page. They believe if he can take good care of this woman, then he's a jackpot.

  27. If you like , post your wife's picture every week to remind the ladies that you are married . They will still send you DM if they go through your page and it looks rich .
    They will send you naughty pictures, and if you are a weak man, you will succumb.
    They don't wait for the men to come for them, they go after the men now (hunters) 😳Facebook is rating No 1 for that.
    Always keep a low profileπŸ‘πŸ» it helps .
    The rate at which people post things that should be kept private on social media is alarming πŸ˜•

    1. Compliments of the season darl

    2. @ Lafresh , thanks my baybaeπŸ’‹πŸ’‹ Compliments

  28. After all said and done,who will cheat will cheat. No formula for it but I agree to the extent that social media increased the rate of cheating.

  29. #Go where you are appreciated, not where you are tolerated. Your confidence, health and life will be much better*

  30. What about those who shameless pursue a man despite the fact that he is married?

    Post picture every 4months. If you like post everyday,what wants to happen,will happen. Leave thrash for lawma.

  31. Even if they know we are married, once they see your flash ride and vacs pictures, they start liking and sending DM's, I'm well sought after on SM, just flash them lil gifts, their pants will drop on it own, and you have fun with and sift the old ones out, newbies are always willing and have more energy, old ones will attempt to trap you and tryna chase problem for the madam of the house plus they are so lazy in bed,28yr old bones, 19 t 23 very juicy n strong u can easily discard them.

  32. Na by SM?? Get busy mehn.. sup with lotta roadside trips ? Clubs etc..

  33. There's this guy that had been on my case for about 3 years on SM (I mentioned months back). After Stella mentioned something about us responding to DM because we never know, I decided to behave (Stella as a small sister that IS nau 😁). So we met. Went out for dinner. To say this guy is handsome is a understatement. He's FINE. A lot taller than I expected. Swag, Lekki ajebor not fake Lekki boy (cos his parents are retired but live in Lekki), man of few words but can crack jokes when it's just two of you and he has a GOOD job.

    My brothers and sisters, do you know that after we started hanging out (and I mean movies and dinner Biko) I noticed that out of every 10 fine girls pics I see, he likes 9? Even the ones that pop on on 'explore'. You will see his handle there among the likers. I thought it was just my eye. I jokingly asked him he was laughing. No explanation . No be person tell me to retreat first.

    As in you know all those bleached IG girls with thousand thousand followers, he follows ALL. And he has like 5k ff himself oh! I say I retreat straight. Cos I saw an ashawo husband loading.
    I'd stick to London boo who doesn't do social media and progress with that.

    1. Omg!!! Did I just type this. Met same kinda guy few months back. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I took to my heels πŸ‘’

  34. And please must you flash on social media? Any lady/guy who flashes has deep confidence problem #IMO

    I hate when people go shopping and take pictures of what they bought or take pics of a new car or wristwatch or.... men that things annoys the sh*t out of me. Just wear what you're wearing or drive what you're driving now!! If it's expensive we will see and know.

  35. The most annoying one is married men who take pictures in front of the mirror to show off their i-phones. Once a man has strong social media presence it's a turn off for me.

    Before the advent of social media men have been cheating and are still. So the real message will be to educate them on its ills.


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