Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 138


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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Labour Room Drama 138

Na wah!...

Hi Stella,
Am an ardent reader of your blog and i can categorically say it's one in a million. Lol
My story......

I got pregnant 3 months after getting married and my pregnancy was stress free just that I was always horny and chasing hubby around the house for sex...was always funny,he enjoyed it though. 

So I just a job with a multinational when I was 35weeks pregnant and very heavy o, and I was to go for a long residential training and I was worried that I might put to bed during the training. Luckily for me, my water broke the day I was packing for the training and I was happy that I won't put to bed during the training,as a first timer I didn't know what to do, so the water was just dripping and I didn't know I was to wear sanitary pad.

 I sha called hubby o as he was not too far away from the house, we then hooked up and headed to the hospital. (Did I mention that we had s3x again a night before and I even woke up in the morning to cook moin moin, lol).

When we got to the hospital, I was given a bed and I told the nurse I was still dripping o and she shouted why didn't I wear sanitary pad to prevent infecting the child, I told her I didn't know o, that was abuse part 1. 

So they told me to go and rest, I asked them if I was close to labor, they said I will soon know after they give me this small injection, hmmm.

Thats how they gave me o and the contractions started after about an hour. I didn't sleep through out the night, was shouting and crying. Then choi, different nurses and doctors were dipping hand inside me o that I wasn't dilating despite the contractions. They transferred me to another ward and gave me Oxytocin, God that thing is painful and deadly,was shouting all through and hugging the burglary beside my bed which was my pillar and support.

 The contractions continued for 15 hours,hmmm,. Ehen, before they gave me oxytocin, I went to eat bread,egg and lucozade boost in hiding and the nurses caught me and started shouting that I must not poo during labor o, abuse part 2.

Throughout the contractions I was chatting on my phone o, hubby was just laughing that I was not serious, so they later came in and told hubby to go and buy a particular drug that I needed which wasn't available in the hospital, Nigerian hospitals right?, so he went and when he got to the pharmacy,he was informed that they needed to see my license as a pharmacist so they could give us a discount cos the drug was expensive, that's how he called me while I was in labor and I had to be chatting with the pharmacist and snapping and sending my license. Suddenly I felt the urge to poo and I was shouting that I want to poo o, the nurses started making jest of me that shebi they warned me, so that's how I pooed on the bed o and they were cleaning it, with the last push of poo, the nurse just shouted that my baby was coming out that I had to push harder, after about 3 pushes and a tear, I delivered my handsome cute son, it was the best feeling in the world, then I pinged hubby immediately that I had put to bed, he was so happy and rushed down to the hospital. 

My cutie is one year old now.i thank God.
Sorry for the long post oooooo. it is because of poo they refuse last minute eating?I thought it was becos of throwing up

So your hubby obviously didnt buy the drug again right?Congrats


  1. You are strong o.
    With all the pain you still found strength to eat. I raise hand for you.
    Thank God for safe delivery

  2. U and ur hubby av a wonderful relationship. Nice.


  3. You have plenty energy o
    To still see your phone after the delivery

    1. No be small thing hehehehehehe

    2. That is when there energy returns. My friend called me immediately she put to bed and we were screaming together like mad people.

  4. Will be alone tomorrow. Please if you're in Benin n will be hanging out or having a free party tomorrow, invite me or write the venue as reply I'll come. Thanks.

  5. May God bless Women


  6. Sweet story I love the having Sex part even with in the pregnant state. I love it!

  7. Awww lovely must be a very naughty woman...

  8. Awww lovely must be a very naughty woman...

  9. #Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does*

  10. Congratulations poster, hope the cute boy is doing well.

  11. Hi Stella Sweetie would you mind doing a job post for job seekers like us? I'm in dire need of a job and I'm hoping by 2017 I will have cause to testify.
    You could help us reach out to your highly placed "friends" to see if they have any openings.
    I've been trying to get into FIIRO but I was told I'll have to get slot from the senator of my district or from any highly placed Government official.
    I can't even get the lecturing job that I had hoped for as most universities are asking for a Phd admission.
    Until of recent I was being very optimistic about my DPR application, but I cant say the same again.
    Abeg Bvs, I need a visit from Santa, I'm not asking for money or foodstuffs. All I need is a job, I just need something that will reiterate that the time and money spent was worth it.
    Stella dear, I know you have some reservations about job pleas but please re-consider and I'm really hoping you post this.
    I still remain yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

    1. Seconded
      Please help us ooo i am a graduate of Economics from Caritas University

  12. with all these LRDramas we read here how can one still say women are d weaker vessels? Chai its well wt us oooo.

  13. Lmao, made me laugh all through when reading the LRD

  14. Nice LRD with plenty 'o'.

    God bless youir family. I enjoyed reading.


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