Stella Dimoko Relief for Africa's oil producers


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Friday, December 02, 2016

Relief for Africa's oil producers


  1. Please someone should come and explain this in simple

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    1. In Linda Eze's voice: don't rely on one man just because he's rich. Have sevy rich men as back up. If you still don't understand then u drink a gallon of coconut oil!

  2. Nigeria needs to diversify biko. Wonder what happened to our groundnut pyramid, cocoa industry, tin ore etc. We need to get it right come 2017

  3. Thank u! Nigeria put all its eggs in a basket hence the reason we are in this mess. While I was in school all our CA and exams was about recession, reindustralization, corruption etc. Almost all our lecturers gave us something to write about on recession, corruption and the solution. An ordinary economics undergraduate like me was able to give sound solution that is foolproof. Looking at the economy and the situation of things I can tell you one thing for sure. It will be worst in 2017(fortunately for me and u that knows their Heavenly Father will provide all our needs) nigeria needs to brace up. The US has been storing oil for years! Meanwhile my beloved country one of the largest oil producing country don't have anything to their name. Amazing right? Charging me stamp duty,vat, increasing the price of data that should have been free etc. All this is like stealing from Peter to feed Paul. That money won't do nothing. They will still steal the money again. The government should go back to its drawing book and strategize. Reindustrialize and invest in other sectors. Agriculture, manufacturing, Rendering services and all. Oh we can start by producing our own toothpicks *scoffs* if we produce half of the things we import there would not only be job creation, we will also get to increase our export thereby meeting the demand for foreign currency importation cost us. Biko I am getting angrier by the second. Truth is if Buhari has the best interest of the nation at heart and had started taking those steps by now we do be on our way out of recession.even if the government start doing something about it. It will take at least 3-5yrs to undo this situation. I am slowly giving up on this country and will dump my green passport as soon as I am done with school. Can't imagine my child growing up in a country with a daft president.

    Good morning fellow Nigerians.

  4. Princess Scheherazade2 December 2016 at 08:09

    They won't listen. Even a child knows that diversity is key to economic growth now, yet Buhari keeps spending our lean resources looking for crude in the north.

  5. It just dawned on me that this recession is real oh.ewooo 😵

  6. All I know is CBN Governor should be fired.

  7. @Dewdrops, you just confirmed that you're still no different from the road side seller as you're still controlled by sentiments.

    While you were in school and knowing the solution to the problem, I believe Buhari was the President then right?

    If in your educated mind, UT will take 3-5 years to undo the effects of this govts 2 year reign, but you somehow in your sentiments induced head believe Buhari should info the effects of your ineffectual one's rule of 6 years in just 1.5 years even with the drop in oil prices.

    Don't worry at least we know your children won't be growing up in the US either since lots of people say Trump is daft as well. Please move them to Somalia. Mtchewww

    1. You couldn't even make common sense. If you had sense you will know she's still in school and just wrote the exam. But you had to rush down to type trash because you feel she is been sentimental..

    2. Anon10:58 thank u and God bless you.


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