Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 29


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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 29

Nigeria we hail thee...

Hello Stella darling, hope you're doing great? Blog visitors una well done oo.
So, I finally summoned the courage, time and energy to send in my service year boulevard after Stella said people still serving could send in theirs,it might be a little bit lengthy, please bear with me. Here it goes:

After I graduated I was so eager to go for service and finally when the registration started,precisely on the 8th of February, I was the first person at the cyber cafe eager to do my registration and pick nice states, cause I heard the earlier you register, the more chances of you picking nice states.

 After the frustration and stress of registration, I finally went home. Finally the awaited day came,i printed my call-up letter and saw I was posted to Abuja. Meanwhile I really wanted Lagos cause I had so many relatives there and was sure of a nice ppa,i wasn't too happy but when I saw my friends crying cause of their states of deployment, I quickly embraced mine.

We were scheduled to resume on the 27th of April, but my mum advised me to leave on the 25th as that was my first time traveling to Abuja so I could settle down properly before going to camp. I traveled down to Abuja and stayed with a family friend.

On the day of entering camp, I arrived kubwa camp in the afternoon, we were made to clap,dance and sing some funny songs at the gate after which we were searched,shown our rooms and sent to the registration hall. After the registration and all, we collected our kits and some eager ones had already worn their kits and were already being chased to the parade ground. I was already tired from the registration stress and all and even when I had gotten my kits, I refused to put them on. When the soldiers came to chase people, I hid mine and told them I hadn't gotten mine and they left me.

The next day, we were woken up by 4.30am to leave the hostel for morning parade. I took my bath, wore my mufti and went to the registration hall pretending as if I entered camp very late the night before and didn't do my registration. 

The next day sha, we were woken up as usual, come and see girls doing heavy makeup with torchlight as there was no light, i think they were given the orientation that people meet their husbands in camp, so no dulling for them. 

Lol. My bunky and I went to the parade ground, I enjoyed the worship section and the coordinator, one funny woman, small thing she will be like "are you kidding me right now ". During the man o war drill, I was at the front line dancing and shaking my body. Unknown to me, the shorts were transparent and i wasn't putting on any underwear, my panties were on full display and the guys and my fellow girls(i tire for girls matter, none could even walk up to me to explain what the problem was)at my back were all laughing meanwhile,i was oblivious to what was happening behind me. It was later, a guy walked up to me to tell me. I was so embarrassed.

I didn't really eat their camp food only on Sundays when they served white rice and stew with chicken or when they shared bread and egg. I could count the number of times I used my meal ticket ,other people used it on my behalf,maybe cause the food mostly served was beans with either garri or pap and the first time I tried eating it, my stomach told the story. Our toilet and bathroom was neat though, even had water running inside, though everyone had a small bucket they used in urinating and the rest.

I participated in most activities in camp cause I was told that if you participated in camp activities, you might be posted to a nice place. I played volleyball for my platoon, I did cultural dance for my platoon, I was an usher in Nccf, I was in Red Cross, I was among the special squad for parade. I didn't even have time for myself, I was so stressed out. I went to camp fair, but left camp very dark cause Abuja sun was not funny at all. Plus we weren't allowed to wear sunglasses. I got bandage and bandaged my toe nail forming injury and wearing slippers cause I was tired of always wearing canvas. If I want to leave the hostel to mammy to buy just pure water,i have to be fully kitted with my tag and cap sef, I was tired of that.

 From then till we left camp I wore slippers, though I had to get another bandage to tie my knee forming dislocation and limping when they figured the other one was a scam. Lol

I made so many friends in camp both boys and girls that made my camp experience fun. They also caught a married woman in my camp with a guy in an uncompleted building close to Nigerian breweries(Abuja corp members will understand better) barely a week into camp and another single girl and guy a week later on the parade ground after lights out. Our platoon commandant was young and cute and girls were flocking around him, not knowing he doesn't have power to influence their posting.

 Our camp commandant was the bomb, young,cute,married man with swagg,girls did things to influence their posting and this man sha finish work for their side.
My platoon sha came first in the miss bold and beautiful, 3rd in the Mr macho and 2nd in the Mr handsome. I attended all the night shows and parties with my friends,i never had a particular camp boo though...

On the camp fire night, Hmmm, guys were already prepared plus the fact that the HIV awareness group shared condoms to the guys as part of their campaign. Come and see girls with over short shorts, some tore their shirts to crop tops, others wore masks, mine was also short sha no lie. 

Guys and girls were already paired up and acting all lovey dovey,then the worst happened. It started raining heavily without any sign. Guys left their Boo's and scampered for safety. My friends and I just ran into the chapel. They now turned the chapel into another thing;smooching and kissing. I was just laughing,gisting and enjoying the view before me. Before 10pm, they were already blowing the whistle and chasing people back to the hostels. People were so angry and disappointed. Lol. Am sure God allowed it to rain cause he knew the atrocities that would have happened that night.

I wanted to actually work my posting to a big place, but it was already late cause we spent just 17 days in camp. So l just left everything for God and was like anywhere they post me to I'll go. At the end I was posted to a good place to the envy of my friends who thought I went behind their backs to do something. 

I reported immediately to my ppa and was accepted without stress, we were 10 in number,learnt they specifically requested for that number. Since then it's been God all through, got an apartment with a friend and am really enjoying my service year, it hasn't really been easy, but God has been faithful. I have met the good, the bad and the ugly, I always pray to God that he should take away anything or anyone that won't have a positive impact in my life and he hasn't disappointed me in that aspect. I have survived things which only made me stronger. I am still obeying my clarion call and already counting down to POP.
 (3 months to go) . Thanks.

Shout out to all the Batch A 2016,stream 1 platoon 4 corp members.

*Sweet story,you engaged my go sabi amebo work*


  1. Sweet story dear. Kai Stella! Lol

  2. Aunty Stella.. she did not engage my attention mbok... No preek mata

    1. See this small rat they talk about preek mata, no go face ur book for unizik, na ur type dey come out with pass. I trust unizik na....iranu!!!

    2. C dz mumu na yu give me admission.... Stalker

  3. Nice one. I will send Stella my own story.

  4. Nice one poster, I can't wait to go next month(hopefully), house don tire me oo...NYSC update the timetable na

  5. Wonderful story. It's good u participated in most activities jare. Enjoy NYSC.


  6. Kubwa camp was the bomb mehn.Even though they cancelled camp fire night, we still turned up at Nigerian breweries. The 'are you kidding me right now ' woman is Miss Jacqueline... very nice lady. I rep Batch B 2016,stream 1 Corp members.


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