Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 31


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 31

Reuben has a twin brother..hehehehehehhe

Stella I hail oo... So after much thought, I've decided to send in my own nysc story. Brace up brethren, it's going to be a long epistle!!


I live in Lagos, but studied in one of the schools in Eastern Nigeria. After graduating, service became an issue because of the drama in my school and especially my department, mostly because of the lazy drone we had as HOD who would not clear students on time till he sees it fit. Anyway after graduation, I had to wait an extra year before I was mobilized (not just me though... a lot of people in my department). So within that period I was back home, all I did was hit the gym, eat good food, watch movies, check out fine girls on IG and mostly anything that made me happy.

Finally we were mobilized and it was time for the whole Nysc online registration. I actually wanted to serve in Lagos because I had some things planned for my service year. Unfortunately, that registration week I fell ill and couldn't do my registration on time till like Friday evening.. trust Nigerians naa, by the time I went online, all the correct states were already filled up, only had states like BORNO, ZAMFARA, SOKOTO, KEBBI.... Shooo!! how I wan do na? I was lucky to see Oyo, Nasarawa and Anambra, trust me to rush the three naa. That was how I rushed these three states oo. But deep down I was really hoping for Oyo, at least so i could be close to home.

Finally it was time for call up, once again we had to visit the Nysc portal to get our information. Couldn't wait, my heart was actually pounding.. "what if they sent me to nasarawa?" "what if they sent me to Anambra?" "could it be Oyo?" I earnestly hoped it was Oyo. The site was so slow that evening, obviously because of the thousands of people all clamouring to see where they were posted to at the same time. It took forever to load, then finally, it opened! slowly. First I saw the Nysc logo, then, as if to stop taunting me, the page opened! It was right there before me. I could see my passport, my name, but I was not interested in that, my interest was in knowing where I was posted to, up till that point I was still hoping it wasn't Nasarawa. 

Then I saw it. CAMP VENUE: Magaji Dan Yamusa Keffi, Nasarawa State! 

It was as though I had been stabbed with an arrow in the heart! I couldn't believe it. It felt like my whole world had ended. At that point I remembered the bombing in Nyanya! I cant even remember all the scary pictures that came to my head at that point now. 

Anyway, my fate had been sealed, it was Nasarawa. If I was a woman I guess I would have cried, but then I took it like a man, it was one of those things. To worsen it all, when I checked the date, I was in stream 2. Haba! how much bad news can one handle in one day? stream 2 kwa!!! well like I said, I took it like a man.

Stream 1 corpers went to camp and came back with lots of juicy gists about camp life, camp activities and their camp escapades. We nor hear word for them. Especially my friend Raymond! That guy didn't let me drink water and keep cup! It's was always one juicy story after another, even though I know he spiced some of them up to make them sound more interesting, I was still always eager to hear his gists. 

 I was already planning everything I'll do in camp in my head. At this point I had gone to yaba, that popular side they sell NYSC things.. and I got a lot of tshirts and shorts and other nysc stuff. I was ready! I was equally ready cash Wise.. I didn't have time for ATM so I had a lot of physical cash (thank God those boys didn't remember me).

Finally it was time to go to camp. Camp was to open on Wednesday, so I had to leave for Abuja on Monday. Meanwhile, while I was waiting for service, I met a girl on IG, very fine chick. We connected instantly and started talking very well like we had known each other for ages. She had just finished serving and was still in Abuja so we were eager to finally meet. I boarded the young to Abuja, we kept talking while I was on the road. By the time we got to Abuja it was already 10pm in the night and my baby was there to pick me up. We were happy to finally meet. 

She was more beautiful in person. Na so we drive go my friend house APO, where I was supposed to stay till I leave for camp. She was fun to be with.. we went to few places on Tuesday, then Wednesday finally came and it was time to leave for camp. She gave me the best *** ever!! Said it was to keep me sane for the 3weeks I was to stay in camp!! We drove to camp from Abuja. It's was a 45mins drive and it was fun filled as we were gisting and singing to the songs playing on the radio. 

When we got to camp, na so she no gree leave me. We were parked in front of the gate, she kept kissing me and hugging me, people just dey look, even those military men at the gate, we no send them. We finally said our goodbyes and it was time for me to enter the camp.

I got to the 1st checking point... dropped my small red box. the military man opened my box and started probing it like he kept something inside it. First thing he took was my expensive clipper.. e pain me but I couldn't talk. While searching my bag he saw all the cash I had ( cos I kept it in my box under my cloth) na so the man look me and said "all these rich kids". Me? Rich kid? Money I've been saving for over a year!!

 I finally entered camp along with thousands of fellow corpers. Everybody looking lost like jjc.. it was like a whole new world. They asked us to go to the hostel and get a bed space and drop our bags before coming for registration. As I dey go na em I see one boy wey carry 2 very big bags!! I look myself, na only one small red bag I carry! Busy body no gree me, I Waka meet the guy... "bros Abeg no vex, wetin dey inside these two bags??" the guy said one was filled with provisions the other one was his cloths. Ha! Laugh no gree me. Anyway, I got into the room to look for a suitable bed space, oone guy just walked up to me, "bro, have you gotten a bed space yet?" I said no. "Would you want to share a bed?" I looked at him, scanned him. Nice wristwatch, I could smell his creed perfume, and he was fresh, so I knew he wasn't a leech. "No problem" I said. So we got a bed together by the window, he took up I took down. There and then, I knew I had gotten a camp partner in crime, and that was the beginning of our camp fun! 

To make matters worse, we got the same platoon! We became inseparable. Soon our fame spread. Two fine guys, tall, broad shoulders, well coordinated. 

Our platoon chicks no gree us rest! we enjoyed the whole attention. Mami became our second home. We were also popular in Mami because we were big spenders. We soon had lots of military friends. we always bought them drinks. on one occasion, we bought so much drinks for a group of soldiers till we got them drunk! You needed to see these guys in action. Me and my hommie laughed our ass off. We understood ourselves so well that we could literally communicate with our eyes. We were active in camp. 

we wanted the whole camp experience. We joined the band, went to the kitchen with our platoon, went for security, marched for our platoon, infact we were everywhere.

Ah! My camp babe was one fulani girl. She's the finest fulani girl I've seen in my life. Chai! The babe fine die. Oval face, pink lips, perfect dentition, ‎fresh skin. Her accent na die! I saw her on the day of registration I just knew it had to be her! After that day I didn't see her again for the next four days... na so I carry eye dey find her. Then on the fifth day I saw her. I walked up to her started all the toasting, she just dey look me dey laugh. I knew I was talking too much so I justt asked for her number and she called it out for me. When I asked her name, she called one Arabic name which I couldn't spell, she took my phone, saved her name and said "call me soon".
Na so I take get camp babe oo... my guy too got one fresh Yoruba girl! 

camp was now about the four of us and that's how we rolled till the end of camp!

At the end of camp, my hommie re-deployed ‎and traveled back to uk, my babe re-deployed back to Abuja, I didn't re-deploy so I was posted to one mixed secondary school in keffi. After Xmas, I got back to keffi first week of January. 

It was time to look for a house, I was staying with a friend in the mean time.
After what seemed like eternity, my agent finally called me to say he had seen the kind of place I told him I wanted. When we got to the compound, I just fell in love with the place, it was exactly what I wanted. The building was in keffi GRA. The serenity of the environment could give you multiple non-stopmental orgasm! 

There were just two buildings in the compound; the main building with was a 2bedroom flat and an adjoining one bedroom self contained which I took. It was just perfect so I paid for it. Ii had brought my flat screen TV, home theatre, piano and my 2terabyt hard drive which had more than 500 current movies from Lagos, so I bought a foam and an Ac and moved in sharp sharp. And that's How my nysc year began! 

My neighbour's were a couple. The coolest couple I've met in my life so far. The man should be in his early forties, a captain in the army and was based in kaduna but was always visiting from time to time, the wife in her mid thirties and a lecture in the state university in keffi and also a PhD student. Very intelligent, nice and humble woman. They also had this very fine German Shepherd. I hate dogs but I fell in love with this one!! ‎Unfortunately they are still hoping on God for a child (God please bless them with one). 

Two days after I moved in, I was still forming be on your own. It was on a Saturday morning, I was in my room watching a very interesting movie when I heard a knock on my door. I paused my movie and asked who it was.. "it's your neighbour" she said. I asked her to hold on as I was wearing just a boxer. I wore a short and opened the door. There she was. She was very beautiful and elegant. about 5'11 tall and she smelled so good. She wore a red short and blue tshirt.. it was obvious she had no bra on. I greeted her. She said she baked meat pie and decided to bring me some, as a welcome gift. 

I thanked her and took the meat pie from her which she served with her plate and she left. The meat pie was nice. Latter in the evening I went to give her back her plate. I knocked and she asked me to come in, I went in thanked her for the meat pie and complimented her and was about to take my leave when I noticed the movie she was watching on her laptop... it wasn't clear but I had the high definition version in my hard disk. so in order to return the Favour for the delicious meat pies, I told her I had the clear version she was so excited as I later found out she was a movie freak like me. So I went to my room, brought my hard disc and came back. I sat on the couch and took her laptop, she sat next to me, I couldn't shake off how good she smelled. She smelled so good and she was so close to me. As at this point I hadn't met her husband but I had noticed their pictures in her sitting room and I had seen an enlarged picture of him in his military cloth!

 I played cool though and I gave her the movie as well as some other interesting movies.. while the movie transfer was going on, we had few minutes to gist. She asked me how I was enjoying the town, and a few other questions. We talked briefly and I left after my job was done. 

Next morning I was ready for church, came out of my room saw her about to enter her car. She asked which church I attended I told her my church wasn't in keffin but I planned to attend any good church around. She asked me to come to her church so I joined her. It's a very popular church in keffi. We talked all through the drive to church, sat together in church, I enjoyed the service, especially their choir. After service we left together.

 While in the car, she got a call from her husband and they spoke till we got home. I went to my room. After about an hour, she came and told me she made Sunday rice if I wanted some, I said I didn't mind she asked me to come over I dressed up and went.. the food was delicious. After the food we sat there gisting. We gisted for hours! We didn't run out of what to talk about. All the while I didn't know what to make of her niceness, but I didn't want to push, I was just watching her. 

Well with time we got closer talked about everything and anything. She was so free with me like we were age mates... but one thing I didn't do was cross my boundary. she told her husband about me, I spoke with him, he sounded so nice and was even happy I kept his wife company. They trusted themselves so much. I've never seen that kind of trust!! So even though my emotions were raging, I tried hard not to develop feelings for her. One day I told her about how some of my female students were cutting eye for me and sending love letters she laughed so hard, next day I was in school she drove down.. said she wanted to come watch me teach.

 During Easter break, her husband visited. He's equally handsome and fit! And a very nice guy. We all went out for drinks a couple of times before he left. After he left anytime he calls her he asks to speak with me too, we became a family! 

One time he visited and they had an issue around like 12am and he wanted to drive back to kaduna that midnight... I came out and intervened and settled them. they had much respect for me and i respected them as well.
After a while, I started developing feelings for her! I tried so hard not to but I couldn't help it. We were always together, talked about everything, she knew everything about me and told me everything about her.. how could I not have developed feelings for her.

 I tried to fight the feelings for a while to no avail so I decided to tell her how I felt, not because I wanted to act on it, but because I didn't want to act on it. So one evening, as usual we were gisting, then I told her that I had developed feelings for her, that i knew it was wrong and that's why I decided to tell her because I didn't want to act on it. She just laughed and told me she knew it was bound to happen sometime‎. She said that if she didn't love her husband as much as she did that she would have (in her words) "devoured me". Then we talked about it and she advised me to get a girl friend that it would help me.

I agreed, we remained close still and I was able to control myself somehow.
Meanwhile, I had joined the choir and was playing piano in the choir‎. There was this corper I was close to in the choir. Very nice girl, homely, smart, intelligent, dresses well, speaks so well and she and I connect so well. I knew she was into me, I liked her too and I told my neighbour about her and she kept advising me to go for her. Well I asked her out, she accepted.

 That was 3months to passing out. So we kicked it off. She's so career oriented, I loved her for many reasons. She gives the smartest advice in the world, she's the best cook I know, and very beautiful and well mannered as well and I'm glad I met her as we are still together. She made my last 3months in keffi interesting.

Finally we came to the end of our service year, it was time to move to the next stage in life. A day to the day my girlfriend and I were to leave for Lagos, my neighbour's husband came from kaduna and they took us out, we had a lot of fun that evening... they advised us, wished us well, and asked us to keep in touch. 

Well here we are, back in Lagos, in the real world. My girlfriend got a job last month through the help of her father. I'm hoping for a good job soon. And I hope to marry my girlfriend hopefully by this time next year (you all will hear. She's also a popular sdk visitor). 

I'm glad for the people I met in keffi, my neighbour, her husband, Kim (their beautiful dog), my good corper friends, my choir, my students, and everybody that made my stay in keffi worthwhile!!
This is the end of my story!!!! I WARNED YOU IT WOULD BE A LONG EPISTLE!!

*Sweet gist coming from a go really sabi gist...I wonder who your popular babe be?Can you tell her to mail me for my eyes only?heheheheehehhe


  1. Reuben Indeed... This story dey very interesting.

    This guy go sabi amebo like mad

    Mc pinky

    1. Beautiful read,i read all the full stop and comma.
      Stella,i dey vex with you,which one come be "for your eyes only"
      Chai,the guy can write,stella can employ you to do eye witness report for her cause you'll report down to every nitty gritty.

    2. Wrote better than Abati.I doff my heart poster.U r intelligent and cute.I see u in my head already.I love u more than your girlfriend does.I swear you are a real G.The best most composed story told by any1.

    3. I loveddddddddd it!

  2. Don't be annoyed...

    I only scrolled....I did not read.

    I am already in @Obong palace.

    Today go sweet die!!!

    Who knows how to eat "Ukang"?


  3. So happy that you have truly been vindicated, now the two major news in outlets in Canada are carrying the news of Jyoti and Kiran matharoo. They have ruined their lives as they may go to jail once they land Canada. Canada does not play with the Crimes they did, that's automatic jail 10yrw plus

  4. Very detailed and interesting
    Better man😂

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  6. Wow! This is the kind of story I read myself, no need for summary.
    Speaking from experience, you told her you liked her because you wanted her to make the 1st move or better still encourage you,act on it or put ideas into her head. she's a good woman and what you did was bad, you had no right saying that to a married woman, no matter how much your emotions were raging.
    I applaud her self control, from the story I can imagine how Easy it would be to fall for you, I almost fell sef 😁.
    Nice read, I want to read your wedding night brouhaha and engagement, since you've already told us your meeting point.
    You are a good writer.

  7. Wow! You just made me remember keffi, I went to nasarawa state uni, and my gf was staying with her uncle in gra and I always visit them there, did u go to iya basira in angwa lambu, Mingles bar, keffi health club, yahooza suya close to mingles bar, I graduate 2012 and I was stay around high court

    1. I must know you... I left in 2015 though but all those places you mentioned were my spots and I stayed in high court before UK

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    Am glad you had fun and met wonderful people

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    So lovely n reallllest.

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    ... Jesus is my worth!

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      Na just 3 women na

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    Reuben really get twin

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  24. I couldn't stop reading nice one.You are really in control of your emotions I like that

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    I wish you success in your endeavors.

  27. Beyonce hands for you poster.i love your story.Well detailed.

    I wish you success in your endeavors.

  28. Nice story! Poster you write so well.

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  32. Hmmm I also served in Lafia, Nasarawa State.....Nice story tho
    I like the way everybody seemed to be the best in everything...e.g "Best cook ever" "Most beautiful fulani girl i've ever seen" lol etc...God will give you a good job.

  33. Hmm...... Nice story. It was interesting but anyway I have a question oooo,hope you will answer me
    Since you got a good girl serving, how about the fine IG chick that gave you *** to keep you sane in ur 3 weeks in camp?

    And then my observations
    1. A girl you met gave you best *** ever, what if she was something else, how do guys do that you noticed your neighbours wife to the extent that you know she weren't wearing a bra......bad boi that you is nau
    3.This is parking nawa Ohh,you should have kuku parked your whole house nau...... Lol, good you know whats makes you comfortable

    You write anyway. Pls do and send us IV, weddings are my favourite event and I don't miss one whenever I see one.

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    I thought the neighbors wife was going to fall for him. Thank God she was faithful to her vows. She must truly love her Husband.

    Christmas with my second Cousins (plus Lessons, Headache and Naughty Room)

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  39. Poster Your story is so nice.i served in keffi was posted to Min Of Justice.Cos of strike I went to KANA &Co.keffi people are very people.Inakwana?I stayed at Dadin Kowa.


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