Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 35


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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 35

Na wah...

Hello Stella.
I would like to share my service year story with fellow blog visitors. My service year was boring and uneventful, abeg manage.

After convocation from school, my classmates and I all awaited service news and when it came, we went to school to check our postings, unfortunately, we had to go back the next morning as it was posted late at night. I didn't influence my posting so I was prepared for the worst but fortunately I got Delta state. I was super excited I wasn't going to the north. That was how I became a 2014 corper.

As soon as we got to camp, wahala started. We were asked to carry our boxes on our heads, luckily for me, my elder sister who had served before me advised that I make my baggage as small as possible as I won't be needing alot of mufti in camp. My bag was tiny so it was easy. Registration was uneventful except that I quickly made friends with some girls that also went to Unilag and we discovered the name opened doors for us and we used it to our advantage, some girls couldn't stand us, lol.

 We finished registration that night and proceeded back to the rooms allocated to us only to notice that my bunk and sleeping socks had been stolen. I wept hot tears that night. I was always cold and I had to take the worst bunk at the entrance of the room, the entrance had no door. I hated every single moment of camp, camp was dirty, I got drenched in the rain more than I can count and I was homesick! 

I was always counting down to when I could go home. I was in OBS and that made it tolerable, I later made friends with a guy and he became my camp boo... We'll share stories of our loved ones at home but it was platonic, nothing silly happened between us. The seminars we were forced to take was the worst!
At the end of camp, I was posted to one village somewhere but because I was in OBS, posting was changed to Asaba. 

I didn't have anywhere to stay for a week that my posting was being posted so I stayed with a male 'senior' Corp member who was like an elder brother to me so I thought till he tried to rape me the day I told him I had settled my accommodation issue, he felt s3x should be payment for accommodating me even though during my stay, I was the one who was in charge of our feeding and even toiletries sometimes.

 I moved the next day to my new PPA's lodge with the help of my new found friend. The lodge was like fuji house of commotion, it was fun and crazy when my personal items were not being stolen. Almost every corper was paired up with another corper or worker in the ministry, it was fun to gossip about their 'waka' with my friend.

PPA is a story for another day, there was nothing to do, too much time on my hands so I learnt a trade. Asaba was pretty boring, I was always travelling to Lagos to spend the weekend and sometimes a whole week. I will fly into Lagos to see my siblings and boyfriend and fly back to mark register and do my clearance. My convenient arrangement got scattered when I was made an Exco at my CDS (editorial). I had to start 'taking care' of my coordinator to be able to travel, thank God for elections, i ran back to Lagos as fast as I could, i was too happy to be home.

 I wasn't even interested in dating anybody in the state because I hated the place and the men were randy (apologies for generalising but that was my experience) but towards the end of my service year, I got close to another corper and everybody thought we were dating, he was always doting over me and my relationship was on a rough patch then so it was sweet to have someone who thought he had struck a goldmine because I paid him attention. 

I discovered a s3x store in town and me being one never to pass an opportunity to explore and adventure, I dragged my friend to the place and got myself a bullet, the shop was mind blowing, lol. I still wonder how some things I saw there are meant to be used. It was all fun and games for me till bf asked me to try it out, lol. Safe to say the bullet became my best friend in Asaba.

I remember during clearance, people who knew me in camp always found it difficult to reconcile the person they knew in camp to the one in town, I hardly ever used make up in camp and always looked like I was brought to the camp against my will but was a babe in town. At the end of my service year, I couldn't even wait to leave, I left the morning after POP. I was always so homesick that I was more than happy to be out of Delta.
I never expected to miss anyone but found myself missing my CDS members, housemates and friends I made.

*Hmmmm@bullet.....that thing is addicted i hear..U still dey use am?
Hmmmmm,well done oh!


  1. Is bullet a dildo??

    1. Wetin be bullet abi how de thing dey work?

  2. Bv loveme jeje,where's ur church situated n what's d name of d church? Wud luc 2b dia for cross over 2nite. Pls kindly reply

  3. Hmmm, delta men are worse than yoruba men, so are the women. Birds of a feather.

  4. Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks Asaba is boring. And I agree, their men are randy

    1. Very boring. You can only enjoy the town if only you can do runs

    2. That's very true. I disliked the place to a fault.

  5. Has bullet from a gun turn to chidinma's cucumber?

  6. Aunty Stella, it's "that thing is addictive I hear". Cheers.

  7. Lovemejeje is a Living Faith member, but I don't know where

  8. Lovemejeje is a Living Faith member, but I don't know where

  9. Bullet is some cheap sex toy - a vibrator using batteries. You unscrew the bottom to turn it on or off. Ugh!

  10. Bullet is a dildo shaped like a bullet. Ppl that have used it, come and gist us

  11. Borinnnnnnng,your story is boring,plus you write like a child.A whole university graduate that you said university of Lagos opened doors for you and your friends,Helloooo did I read that right!!!na Oxford university you attend?not even Babcoock favourite segment on this blog is this nysc boulevard,follow by London tatafo.more ginger pls,make e take sweet wella but no lies

  12. Your story was dry joor. I will send mine latter. I served in delta state 2010 batch c. I met my wife first day of camp.infact everybody knew me and her in camp because she fair well well. Story loading..... Shines teeth

  13. Stella pls how can I send in mine, I met the love of my life during NYSC that's the only good thing I got from it


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