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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Word For Today -Living A Worry Free Life.

I love Philippians 4:6-7. Hmmmm! I worry at-times. Who doesn't?! It's part of human nature. But the Lord who always knows best says that we should not worry. 

Why? Because He is in control. In other words, worrying when God has instructed us not to is an act of faithlessness.

It is difficult to live a worry-free life but it is very possible to do so because with God all things are possible.

Please note: When God tells us to do something, He doesn't expect us to do it on our own. He wants you to get Him involved. Doing God's Word with God is a sure way that keeps you from struggling to do that thing.

The reason why most Christians still struggle with sin (eg sexual immorality)is because they are still trying to obey God with their feeble strength. At the end of the day when they fail, they see the life of righteousness as an impossible feat.It is impossible to obey God's Word on your own. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. It is not your ability but His ability in you.

Sorry I digressed.Lol. Back to what I was saying-

In this period of recession for example, we worry about money, where will our next meal come from, no jobs, no children, no one to marry, no many things, but does it make sense that we worry over things that we have absolutely no power to bring to pass?

Okay, you agree that worry brings sadness and depression to your spirit and that worrying from now till forever achieves nothing, right? Good.

When I start getting worried, I deliberately take these steps and they help get rid of my worry-bout and I know if you apply it, it will get rid of yours too.

1. Defocus

The more you focus on those problems, the heavier your worries become. So why don't you stop thinking on them and do the next thing I'm about to show you,

2. Rewind and remember

Focus rather on what God has done for you. This has helped me a lot really.

I go back in time and start recounting God's goodness to me up until that moment. Believe me, it's refreshing.

Cast your mind back to how God had led you through each stage of your life; remember how you were at the point of death and God delivered you, how He saved you from that accident, healed that sickness, gave you that admission, you can inhale and exhale, abi?

Do you know how much it would have cost you to be able to do that with aid in the hospital? Woah! Right now God is saving you millions of naira just because you are strong and healthy!

Just remember His goodness and don't forget them, then step up and do this next thing,

3. Thank God

Yes! Thank God for everything He has done for you. Burst out in praises to Him and thank your heart out for those little little things He did for you plus the big big ones.

You are where you now because He made it possible. Thank Him for even those seemingly unanswered prayers. Lol. Yeah, I do that.

My people say "Etoo dike na nke o mere eme omekwa ozo" (When you praise a warrior for what he had done he will do another).

Put on the lifestyle of thanksgiving and thank God for every single blessing. Chai, human beings forget so easily! Don't you think that God who took you through your past is faithful to take you through now? 

4. Pray about everything

Do not worry about anything but pray about everything!(Philippians 4:6) Pray about that situation. Yes, you have been praying but it's seems not be be working? Keep praying. Keep PUSHing.

Now that's work. This is where our faith is tried but the trial of our faith makes you a better Christian after you have passed through it and stood (James 1:3-4).

God wants us to live, not by the weakness of our human fallen nature but by the grace He has given us through Jesus.So when next tiny bits of worry steal into your heart, CHOOSE to stay worry free by doing the needful.

'Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.'

Philippians 4:6-7 



  1. Replies
    1. Very powerful and inspiring. Thanks alot.

    2. Very powerful and inspiring. Thanks alot.

  2. Great word and indeed inspires to my soul, Lord God am sorry for the times i feel i cant move on again, here i am, you have done great and mighty things for me, i cant recount them all, for a wonderful family, i say thank you God, for my husband i say thank you, for my siblings and my inlaws am grateful, for always seeing me through i am grateful, so many times you have stood for me, infact you have always stood for me, so things i feel cant happen they happens in a twink of an eyes, Lord you still no my sorrows and my request Father please grant me the graces i need in my life and marriage, bless me with children and bless my husband too, you know his struggles and worries, i feel them too, help us to be happy and help us to always thank you.


  3. Thanks for this wonderful piece bv anon, really needed at this period.
    But I think it's human nature to worry, I just pray for grace not to be consumed by it.

  4. Speechless!!!
    Lying on my bed with a million and one tots in my head. I worry a lot because I can't help it. Have I tried your method? Yes! Did it work? Not really. At times when I try to defocus or stay hopeful,i have my inner mind laughing and telling me how i am running from fears!!!!
    Thanks for sharing d post!
    The verse I keep reading and meditating on is luk18:1-5
    I try not to give up but as I said that's running from my fears.

  5. Thank you for anno BV that post these, because you are talking to me, thank you lord for your word, grace and understanding

  6. My dear.
    Guess I need the injunction more than every other person.

    Here is my prayer "May God give us the Serenity to accept things we can't change and the will to change the things we can. And for the Grace for us to know the difference between the two'

  7. I nd my household have decided not to worry,,it doesn't change anything,,we thank God for d much we have,so now as economy say make person no chop rice, we didnt kill ourself or complain,my mother just jejely go buy yam, we no go starve,, on christmas day wen people dey chop,, me I go dey chop too. everything na jeje,add am wit thanksgiving,ur life go better. Amen

  8. This is just what I needed. This is indeed my word for today. Thank anon bv.

  9. I decided not to worry over things again.
    I hand them to God to take control..

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. "Do not worry about anything but pray about everything" One of my best scriptures. It takes grace to live a life without worry... Thank God his love for us is unconditional.

  11. Focus rather on what God has done for you.
    God knows the way so follow Him.

  12. Human beings think a lot even when they try not to, with your word, one might be able to adjust his worries to the bearest minimum if not absolutely.Thanks for sharing. May your wisdom never fade

  13. Thank you for this words of inspiration

  14. Great word, I am inspired. I worry for africa most especially when it has to do with the welfare of my siblings,I know its not good and I am curbing it gradually.

  15. Me i don worry sorry,I begin have palpitations, checked my bp,doc says its anxiety, did ECG, chest ex ray, nothing was found,am always having constant headache bcos of of loneliness, hurting, worrying, so many things, but I forgot some 12months ago,I was homeless, squatting from church to members house to friends et all,now I have a small place to the Glory of God,am still worrying about how to put things there,Father pls forgive me,thank u for my health,even though what d devil n ex hubby threw at me was heavier than my heart,u made sure I didn't eventually have hypertension. Thank you Jesus,pls grant me the grace to stop worrying in Jesus name Amen.

  16. I won't lie though because I am going through some difficult times in my life right now, I know and I have faith that it's only God Almighty that can see me through. One thing that has been keeping me going is that I haven't lost my faith in God.

  17. When we Nigerian understand it's not prayer biut sustain hard work, training and focus that make one win

  18. Thank you for the word, may God bless you richly


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