Stella Dimoko Complaint About Police Officer On Infringement Of Human Rights


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Friday, January 27, 2017

Complaint About Police Officer On Infringement Of Human Rights

Imagine an encounter with a Policeman who has gun?
Now Imagine that the Policeman with the gun is DRUNK and lands
 a hot slap on your face!

Dear Stella,
 Anytime I read about illegal activities and Nigerian police brutality to the citizens, I use to think that people exaggerate these incidents until i experienced it yesterday.

It happened in Obajana in Kogi state, there is a Divisional police headquarters very close to the factory where I work. I boarded a bike which I was expecting to convey me to my destination, on getting to the police check point, we were stopped, after which the police officer descended on the innocent bike man by issuing him a dirty slap despite the fact that the guy stopped.

 It is imperative to note that these bikemen are just innocent Hausa guys that don't have any formal education that take us for just a token of 50naira all around the town. Immediately the guy started pleading with the police officer who promptly seized his bike, the officer proceeded to search my bag which I gently obliged after which he searched my pockets. 

On a closer examination I realized that he was drunk yet wielding a gun. After the search I demanded that he allow me to continue my journey, by releasing the bike man because he had not committed any offence.

I never knew that I had made the greatest mistake of my life o, he pounced on me and landed on my pupalicious cheek a resounding slap. It was on a closer look that I realized that there was no name on his uniform, he wore a hand protector on his left hand, but he was not putting on any on his right hand which made the slap more deafening and harsh.

 The activities of these police officers should be checkmated as they extort innocent motorists without caution. Pls find attached a picture of him and the bike he seized and had towed into the station.

Please these innocent motorists are trying to make ends meet, I am not even concerned about the treatment dished out to me, but at least, they should stop extorting those poor souls, it is so disheartening and wicked. This is wickedness at its peak. I reported the case to the DPO who did not leave his office to access the situation. 

This is so unfair as a drunkard was given a gun which he started using as a tool for manipulation. #Stoppolicebrutality #Stopwickedness #Makenigeriasafe

By Adebiyi Ayorinde.

*You are even Lucky to be alive.I saw your shadow snapping these photos,you are lucky he didnt turn to see you.I have included your email in case anyone wants to contact you regarding to this.

I hope someone recognises him and does the needful before someone is killed innocently.


  1. hahahahaha police people and to think my uncle was a police officer who retired when the going in Police was good.

    May God help them. Next time dont argue with them. I dont argue with Police because if they stop me, Fine Madam anything for your boys... I will just give them N200.00 to carry waka go.

    They are just yeye policemen everywhere.

    1. Loveme jeje I don't get why u are laughing, this is not a funny thing, I don't just get some of u here

  2. I really wish Nigerians had easy access to firearms. All these police for don know how far. Mscheew!

    1. You're uniquely deluded...countries like the US with constitutional backing of rights to bear arms are scampering on how to reduce fun violence & you're looking to acquire them for what? So you can shoot back at the police or what?

  3. Majority of policemen are always drunk. Poster, you took a very big risk by snapping his pics... You are lucky to be alive

  4. This is now an everyday thing in Nigeria, I don't know what our useless president is doing about this in Nigeria, the IG of police in Nigeria should be removed,so many things going on, so many innocent people brutalised and killed by the police, they rob at nights with guns, alot just going on

  5. When criminals are employed and given guns legally,the poor masses suffer and even when you report them,their "oga at the top",who is supposed to be sane, is a bloody liar,and will cover their tracks.
    God help Nigeria and rid it of bad eggs.

  6. Hmmmm..Nigerian police are becoming deadlier as the day goes by,always maltreating innocent citizens like animals.
    I watched one on fb yesterday, gosh, it was pathetic. Nigerian govt don't give a freaking rat ass about the lives of her citizens, so its better every one protect themselves.
    God help us.
    SDK, there's a breaking news on AIT that buhari has passed on to glory.
    Abeeg go fetch the news fast for your fans.

  7. To think you went to the DPO and he refused to leave his office or do anything about wa o. Thank God for your life. My brother had a similar experience, he was strolling to his apartment outside campus and a police officer was walking towards him,he kept on going on his own o and the police man just blocked him. My brother said immediately he brought out his student Id card and showed the police man and the man said "if i slap you now what will you do?" He said @ first he wanted to ask him why he will slap him but on a closer look,he noticed the man was drunk and he had a gun. He just said sir if you slap me there is nothing i will do and the police man told him he is free to go. Stupid police men everywhere, harassing and killing the innocent.

  8. I stand with you my brother.

    Say NO to police brutality!!!

    But next time be careful with the snapping if not na frog jump you go take reach house.

  9. I stand with you my brother.

    Say NO to police brutality!!!

    But next time be careful with the snapping if not na frog jump you go take reach house.

  10. Naaawaaoo!
    He sure looks drunk even from the picture. So pathetic honestly.


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