Stella Dimoko Crocodile Bites French Tourist Posing For Selfie


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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Crocodile Bites French Tourist Posing For Selfie

A French woman was injured by a wild crocodile while visiting a national park in Thailand. The tourist, who had been hoping to take a snapshot of herself with the animal, allegedly squatted next it.

The visitor went off the trail despite warning signs, local media reported on Monday.

"She wanted to take selfie with the crocodile who was lying down near a stream," a park official told the AFP news agency.

The incident took place in Khao Yai, the national park known for its dense jungle areas and waterfalls, located some 160 kilometers (100 miles) northeast of Bangkok. The staff knew that two Siamese crocodiles were living near one of the trails prompting the officials to lay out the warning signs in English and Thai.

According to a report by Bangkok Post, the woman squatted next to the crocodile for a picture, but tipped over and alerted the animal.

"It was startled and bit her on her on the leg," said the park employee, who wished to stay anonymous.

Thai outlets also published pictures of the 47-year-old woman being carried out on the stretcher, with a thick bandage around her knee.

She was transported to a hospital and expected to make a full recovery. Siamese crocodiles are listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conversation of Nature, with national parks providing safe haven for few remaining populations in the wild.

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  1. Hahhahaha, not funny though.
    What self will cause ehh.
    Sorry oo

  2. The crocodile no try at all, he for cut the leg into two. Nonsense

  3. anonymous gangster3 January 2017 at 13:37

    Lucky her, the crocs weren't hungry! Dem for finish am before help arrived!

  4. Replies
    1. Na really end time selfie, lolzzz

    2. lol.... real end time.
      I pray she recovers quickly and fully.


  5. Kikikiki.

    It's not funny but...

  6. Lol she is lucky to still be alive sef...all this oyibo and anyhw risk just for few likes on social media smh

    1. Explain the difference between Nigerians who stop in the middle of the highway to take pics and gaze at accident victims & this woman

  7. Oyibo can mumu for state eeeeee, next time she no go even near dat place again.

  8. despite the number of deaths due to selfie addiction recorded...thank God you will learn your lesson.

  9. The crocodile was chilling and minding his own business. But nooooo humans(expecially the whites) can never leave the wild animals alone!

  10. Selfie be causing problems since 1919.

  11. Good for her....people no dey hear word.....the only time I tried that shit was at the crocodile place in Gambia. Can't remember the name now. Na my husband sef force me to snap the picture....

  12. Lolzz.she wanted to show off that she took a selfie with a crocodile. She was lucky

  13. Chronicle of crock visitor.. Oya make she send am in ....

  14. See wetin selfie dey cause o! Crocodiles are so fast and Swift. So sorry for the victim she looks like bait to the crocodile lol

  15. Why do you use frog?


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