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Friday, 27 January 2017


Have a wonderful weekend and dont forget to pass a smile and warmth across to the next person....I am hungry ooooooh.I have two options but i am trying to eat less ooooh *looks at ikebe and stomach*
Let me sip on Cappuccino in the Kitchen as i await una comments.
*side eyes at the pot of beef stew*


Stella of life, here are my pictures for face of In House News. My name is Paul Okah, a silent follower of "your ministry ". Keep of the good work of He who sent you. For any one interested in being friends with me, my BBM PIN is: D60BE28F or Prince Paul Okah on Facebook. To all the people bringing drama on this blog, don't take life too won't come out of it alive.

I don go check you out for facebook,not bad......

I am sure your profile will get traffic today on Facebook *Side eyes at BV's on their way to check*



Hello super Stella,you too much for better better gist .I heard your face of IHN folder is empty so I decided to send mine ( i too qualify ,if any BV think otherwise ,na him sabi lool) my name is obianuju ,a very low key BV though i read and judge every every .kindly post my picture as face of IHN.

God bless your Kind heart.kisses

Uju i swear your writeup cracked me up badly,one of the most honest composure read on this blog.Kisses Ojare,I love you


As yall know our love for stella will never die and I've decided to grace IHN with this photo, I've been an ardent reader and I've sent chronicles and will share my testimony on how y'all advice helped me a lot, shout out to all the bvs ,y'all are so sweet and good in dropping advice but when its time for yabbing I no dey o .

Bv waffymercyjohnson

Kisses to you can worry me sha..What will i do to be free small from your inbox wahala?..go and whisper it to me.
Meanwhile i raise Beyonce hand for your bun..heheheheheh



Please I am requesting the service of an affordable car hire (with driver) drop off on Monday Jan 30th from VI to Badagry.

Depending on your price, we can negotiate a pick up from same location few days later. Please contact 08024917630 thank you.



Hello madam Korkus,

I'm proud to be part of the SDK family. Thanks you for allowing God to use you.

Can you remember this:

That was my story in 2014 and shared in 2015. After the birth of Michelle, I wanted another baby so badly, pls note I wasn't trying to replace her but my arms were empty. On the 15th of march when we were supposed to fast and pray, I was in the theatre as my gynaecologists wanted to see if there was an issue with me. So therefore I couldn't fast.

 When the testimonies started rolling in, I lost faith and thought because I wasn't part of the fasting, I missed it. Then a lady gave her testimony about using some Novenas and it worked for her. 

Please bear in mind I'm not catholic but my husband is. So I told him to please look for the prayers online and he printed it. We prayed it everyday in the month of May and by the end of May after the prayers. I saw the two lines. Chai! I couldn't contain my joy. I was mega careful with things and I was monitored closely by specialists.

I couldn't share my pregnancy testimony when I tested positive because I asked God for a Child. Here she is. My princess.

I've been having sleepless night cos all I do is sit and look at her.

Please share my story to encourage to waiting or those who have been through miscarriage or stillbirth that God is still on the throne.

Pls hold on to him your testimony is very sure.

That's her pix shortly after birth. My p***y is still recovering as I had a 3rd degree tear.

GOD is so Faithful,look at how beautiful your baby is!!!...Thank you God.
third degree tear?OMG...pray you get better soon.

I want to kiss your babyyyyyyyyyy.



Hi Stella,
I'm Fr Tony, a Catholic priest BV in Australia who comments as 'Archer'.
I was complaining to a priest friend here how I can't cook jellof anymore and he directed me to the shop. I was really surprised to see jellof in packet oo.
It tastes good but can never compete with our Naija Jellof.
Na fried plantain I miss more.
Fr Tony just wake up my jollof rice hunger...ewwwwwwww,aaaaaaah,chaiiiiiii!


For us all to ponder on!!!


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Joblesshousewife said...

Freaky Friday IHn…
How I love weekends….
It’s about to be lit tonite*tongueout* Hey babyboo come home early o abeg! Cant shout :P

Ibukunoluwa said...


Bluntly blunt said...

In is bae

Anonymous said...

Mine was my brother in law. Molesting me and got me pregnant several and arrange for the abortions ,I saw hell. And to think my sister new was heartbreaking , she confronted me and I told her every thing plus blackmailing from him. He took my blood as oath that I should not talk that’s it’s pure love. I was 13/14 years. Also I was the darkest among my sisters and get bullied by same sister who the husband molested me. She would call me darkee and would laugh at my leg full of spot. And was never proud of me infront of friend. The husband used it as an advantage to play better man to me and messed my life up. After the confrontation by my sis, I didn’t spare a word. I told her all and how he would come in the night and if I refused he will make everyone’s life a living hell the next morning by banging doors, quarreling my sis and not leaving money in the house. I knew I was d cause and will watch my sis sob or moody all day. He sleeps with his workers, other help in the house and my sis friends too. And he would forward the messages of these girls to me just to prove to me I’m lesser among all. Being the one supporting our family my sister refused to talk to our parents, I ran out the house severally, slept in a friend house and lied about why I ran away. But I learnt a lot. 1 never use what people lack to mock them. 2 be proud of your younger ones so as boost to lose their confidence. 3. Parents should be very close to their children, let love surpass money

Elastic said...

There was a guy riding through the desert on his camel. He had been travelling so long that he felt the need to have sex. Obviously there were no women in the desert so the man turned to his camel.

He tried to position himself to have sex with his camel but the camel ran away. The man ran to catch up to the camel and got back on and started to ride again. Soon he was feeling the urge to have sex again so once again he turned to his camel. The camel refused by running away. So he caught up to it again and go on it again.

Finally after riding the camel through the whole desert the man came to a road. There was a broken down car with three big chested beautiful blondes sitting in it.

He went up to them and asked the women if they needed any help.

The hottest girl said, "If you fix our car we will do anything you want."

The man luckily knew a thing or two about cars and fixed it in a flash.

When he finished, the three girls asked, "How could we ever repay you Mr."

After thinking for a short while he replied, "Could you hold my camel?"


Edyby said...


Bluntly blunt said...

Happy weekend to you stella

peace maker said...


Corper W said...

Welcome Ihn
Beautiful and handsome faces of IHN
Stella thanks for the advert. God bless you real good.
Fab Mum, how is ur baby boy? Kisses to him
Mother of twins@ XP, hope dey are bubbling?
Lovely weekend to all beevees

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. So show some kindness today

Gladys Chinyere said...


Corper W said...

Welcome Ihn
Beautiful and handsome faces of IHN
Stella thanks for the advert. God bless you real good.
Fab Mum, how is ur baby boy? Kisses to him
Mother of twins@ XP, hope dey are bubbling?
Lovely weekend to all beevees

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. So show some kindness today

Great charming said...

Welcome ihn Ayam coming fes


Am I first?!

Anonymous said...

My Biological dad was my own abuser . I can ’t speak about it . I get scared when I’m alone with him. He started abusing me when i was 12 . Right on the bed , next to his sleeping girlfriend . Then i told my mum.
I thought things would change . Instead she used it to extort money from him… . like hush money.
Then he said he wanted us to join him abroad . I expected my mum to say no , but she released my sister and I.
The abuse continued.
I ran away when I got to Europe . Please say I wanted to be wayward, that that was my reason for leaving .
I can ’t say why I left , so I talk all the insults.
I can ’t look at him.
We act like it never happened .
When ever I see him , I see him face, his mouth .
I remember him going down on me… .
it still hurts
I wonder when it will fade … .
Abuse is real in Naija


Anonymous said...

Abuse is real

white Berry said...

Welcome ihn

Teena said...

Wlcm IHN Last friday of the month. Baba God thankyou.

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

Container fell and killed pple at Cele Mile 2 expres! Na wa o๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (

Lagos shopper(for your personal shoppings and goods directly from the popular lagos markets to anywhere in naija,07030493148) said...

Just in time today................hi everyone!

calabar chick said...

I'm here to read comments...
'Dramarians' shld bring d drama on.

Empress Harlow said...

IHN welcome

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

THIS IS WHAT YOU DON'T DO. Don't let this world make you bitter. Don't let the actions of other people turn you cold on the inside. Certain things happen that hurt us,people come that leave us,and most of all there are moments when you're bound to fall. Don't let those things make you unkind. It's okay to cry. It's okay to be sad. But it's never okay to do other people wrong just because you were done wrong.. We are human. We break.We make mistakes. But don't let pain and sadness run your lives. Wake up in the morning and do what you think is right. There are moments in your life when you feel like giving up and you can't take it anymore. It's okay. Breathe.Inhale.Exhale. I know you are weak. But the things that show your weak side are also the same ones that makes you stronger in the long run. Its all about taking life throws at you and learning from it. -Heartfeltquotes

Makason said...

Lovely jollof rice,me want.

Faces of ihn,una welcome.

See lovely cutie๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†.

Anonymous said...

Obianuju you ugly AF

Florence Dibs said...

Long live sdk
Our in the house news is getting shorter Stella what is the problem??
I love u all one family
Backward never forward ever

white Berry said...

BV FEHINTOLA your baby is so beautiful, very beautiful.congrats dear

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

Stellz Cousin)


Waooooo TGIF. Jumat Mubarak to all Muslims.

Make UP Wahala!!!

A man saw his wife just waking up and started applying makeup right on bed around 5:15am there in the bed without bathing.

Husband stared @her and asked "Have you lost your mind?" Why on earth are you making up this early?

She Replies: "I need to unlock my phone, it's on face recognition and it doesn't recognize my face"

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

This baby is cute for!!!

TV Addict said...

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9. Da vincci demons.‎

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Jasmine said...

Packaged jollof rice? Hmmm

That baby is so cute. Dash me pls

Anonymous said...

IHN came early. I have been matched few times on mmm but these guys have refused to pay. Tired much .

Bashiru Idowu said...

Waffyjohnson I sight u... ������


Our Stella our Stella. Lol eat small small ooo

TV Addict said...

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St.FranKooL.... said...

#Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make*


Fr Tony, thanks o. Pray for me

Rosemary Chidi said...

Awwww! Congrats on your bundle of joy. Our God is too faithful to fail. May she bring joy and happiness to your household IJN.

Cinnamon Apple said...

Those throwing themselves on Elastic, sorry he is taken. Amen to your sign out Stellicious

Becky Divine said...

Beautiful sign out quote

@waffymercy you IS beautiful mami
Bv i bless God for you and your baby.. so cute
All of una dooh ooo

DaRevolutionist said...

Yay last IHN. Coach Karen you are the best. Weightloss no be for here. You guys should try her out, she is really good

Blackberry said...

Bv okah, hope Henry okah is ot ya brother?

Waffi Bv looks like ufuoma ejenobor.
IHN very brief!

DOMINA said...


Today is just so fast!

Anonymous said...

Stella that your smile talk is not for me big amount of money is gone with MMM had I known

Just Glamour said...

Beautiful waffy Mercy Johnson,Congrats BV Fehintola,God is faithful.

Adanna Kristie said...

Congratulations poster, your baby is so beautiful. Choii Oluwa bless me with a hubby so I can start popping out beautiful babies. I love babies eeh

Makason said...

Prince Paul Okah,is your father,Chief Okah that owns one company at old road emene.
I know one Lilian Okah that schools at DDL are you related to her..


becky naka said...

I love that baby, madam dash me now.

Already prepared rice? I won't eat.

Beautiful faces, uju I like u jare, no time, anybody Wey think otherwise naim sabi.

white Berry said...

BV FEHINTOLA your baby is so beautiful, very beautiful.congrats dear

becky naka said...

I love that baby, madam dash me now.

Already prepared rice? I won't eat.

Beautiful faces, uju I like u jare, no time, anybody Wey think otherwise naim sabi.

Adanne said...

Fine fine faces.
Oga face of IHN, I hope you are not married oo, this one you are dating your pin 'upandan' no offense, because I don't want to hear story that touches tomorrow oo.

Fr Tony hhhmmm, you get time to read blog ni, meanwhile that packet rice is not healthy, please find time to cook your own jellof, since you have time to r read blog. I love love Aussie.

BLOGLORD said...

*Waffi Mercy Johnson ha fa na?
You make brain no be small.
Fine gerh!
Nothing do you, carry go.

*Ohhhh that baby up there!
Too too too cute.
I love love love you.
Congrats madam.
May your baby bring soooooo much blessings to you and your family.
Can I kiss her?

Rocky said...

*saves the sign out image*
These days, all I want to do is to get really close to God, but temptations keep coming on here and there. Today, I deleted some of my secular music, I don't know why but I just did it.

Today is still a very boring day for me. Want to see a movie (iMAX worthy) but to bring out the money is pinching me, I feel there are better things to do with the money plus I'm not sure I want to go alone and none of my friend is up for a movie right now. Might just branch at ozone later in the evening, and respect my bank balance..


Congrats to you BV Fehintola, the baby is so cute, very adorable, oluwaawoo

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

I need a man with stamina and big d in my life married as Virgin turned out he is one minute indomie noodle

Default Smile said...

Ohhhhh!! That babys picture just made my day. God is perfect!

BEEVEES in the US that want to send dollars. Holla@me. I will send the naira value to your family.

#My case is different

Uniq Gem said...

That cutie up there is all I see. Big congrats Fehintola. May God bless and keep you both. Kisses to her for me.

Yeah, that sign out meme is for me. I trust in you Abba Father.

Positive Vibes Only๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Woman of faith said...

Our God is faithful,welcome all,last innh house for d week

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Today is beautiful.

Oga close mouth small, no let flies enter. You put your bb pin anyway goodluck to our ladies, make una run go to the facebook ooo. Oga you no fine sha. Because stella say make men no shame, you come run send bb for our ladies. Take your time oooo lol

Uju and mercy baby, una fine jare.

Fehintola congrats ooo. your baby is looking yori yori ooo even follow me answer princess hahahahaha.

who again, will come back jare. Let me pretend and work small

Adanne said...

That anon on SP that keeps bothering us with cheating because your hubby is out of the country, cheat already, it's becoming annoying. Before you said he was going away for a year, now it's 6months๐Ÿ˜•

Get a grip on yourself

Lady C said...


Congrats bv fehintola.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...

All the faces of IHN are beautiful and cute!

Congratulations on your bundle of jot Fehintola! Your baby is so cute. I keep screwing back to check the pic. May God bless your child and keep her safe under His tabernacle.

BV, buying already packaged jollof rice, be careful of such food. Most of them are overly processed. It may not affect people now, but when someone gets to their fifties, the side effects will start springing out.
Eat freshly homemade food.

Stella Dimoko, I like your sign out. You always get it right.

Justyswt said...

Ihn us here.

Brb. Baby calls.

Chinny Baby said...

Thank God for the arival of this beautiful princess. God still answers prayers

OLORI said...

That baby up there is so cute...congrats dear

Trey Mama said...

Awwww... beautiful baby! Thank God for a safe delivery.

Beautiful faces of IHN.

Where's BV Thelma?
Please i need a good baker who can make and deliver a cake to a friend in abuja.
Kindly send me a mail or drop your number under this comment. Thank you!

Happy weekend y'all.

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

A priest reads this blog? Hello father!!!!
Enjoy ur jellof rice.

I want that baby asap..... So cute.

Paul okah,ur ministry will move to the next level.

AbaMade said...

See that baby cheeks I want to kiss it too, soon adorable.congrats dear. Face of IHN no 1 that your glasses make u resemble blind person.
Na jollof get me on sunday cant wait to get home, i've being here in riv poly for 4days now working

Makason said...

@ Ujunwa,see as you bone
Please,don't judge this my own oooo.lolz.

Oluyomi Odukoya said...

Have a lovely weekend. That baby is super adorable. Me likey

President D'Royalty (Her Excellency) said...


This laughter is for that pained and bitter Fulani brown goat who goes about crying and littering the comment lamenting how my laughter is killing 'it'.
You cannot make me sad like you. This laughter will always be a part of my comments on this blog as long as it exists, inugo? Now go and do deliverance in MFM because those infections are still in your blood. Yes I know it's the same FBG littering everywhere with "The Royalty, droyalty, the royalty, Droyalty. D'Royalty go kill you for this blog.


Gbonju said...

Beautiful and chubby baby,God bless u

nnuku Sexy pant-like boxers. 08170506432 Order now said...

Please who have a browsing phone to sell for shikini money
somebody as done me strong thing this afternoon
i am so so unhappy .. oh no.. my contacts , my clients .. *sobs* ..

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ed said...

Beautiful faces we v gat,,Kai that baby looks edible,congrats to the mum....
Really not a fan of jollof rice dunno why....
Fr. please pray for me,I need an instant miracle... Bv Paul Okah,better don't come and complain o,you get what Implying....

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

IHN used to be exciting starting From the content, now the only interesting thing is the lies,fake life and fights between BVs

OmoBee said...

Lord, I trust you for all that concerns me, thanks for the meme Stella.
Rev Fr, be careful with all these packaged chemicals o, no replacement for naija jollof anywhere.
Congratulations to the new mum, your joy shall be permanent.

Aya Williams said...

I trust in him and I believe I shall be great,wow ur baby girl is big and beautiful,congrats dear.wonders ooh so packaged jollof dey too,party jollof is bae,any owanbe tomoorow make I tag along,happy weekend to u all.

Fluffy cake by Big Mamma Lagos 07056157039 said...

Congrats, Fehintola.

Bekee-Bekee said...

Yeahhh IHN is here.

Stellz i checked sharply tooo but nahhh!!!

Congrats to the Lady on the birth of her child. God is faithful.

Why IHN come dry today nahhh.

Bee10 said...

padre enjoy your jollof

Faces of inh you all look good and to the new mum congrats!

Lululiscious said...

Bv fehintola, please can I just hold your baby for one minute? She's just too cute.
Dear Lord, when I begin to give birth please don't let my love for babies becloud my sense of reason please.
Ihn to short

Anonymous said...

My sharp guys, learn this trick when a girl you don't love or a side chick is disturbing you for money and you don't want to give her money. Don't use it on the main bad. When she keeps disturbing for you to send money to her. Act like a boss and accept. Ask her for amount. Let's say 10k. Just tell her that u will surprise her with 15k so that she will be happy. Resave a number you have available with the name of a bank like Diamond bank PLC. Copy and edit a debit alert message to the amount. Then send it with the nu!her you resaved. It will appear on your phone as a debit alert from your bank with the amount you wanted to send to her. Then call her and say you have sent the money. Ifnshe says that she hasn't gotten any alert, tell her to wait, that maybe the network is delaying it. If she continues to call that she hasn't gotten alert yet. Screenshot the debit alert you have and send to her. Then watch how she will be cursing the network and the bank. With that, you have escaped. She won't ask you for money that day again. If she eventually ask you for money again. Always be moody to remind her how the bank took your money the previous time without refunding you. It works. Lol. Be smart enough guys

Anonymous said...

am confused, av been dating Lee boo 4 5yrs new and I dnt enjoy sex wit him any more,cus for a while he don't make me wet before sex,and I feel pains wen he is inside BT I cnt tell him am hurt cus if d dryness,he just goes straight to insert without foreplay, and I just had sex wit my bff,even b4 sex he's touches made me release and soaked,and it made enjoy sex without pains,and his Jonny is big and tick wit red cap which is opposite of le boo own, should I tell le boo am not enjoying d sex anymore or should kip it to my self.

Maame Esi said...

Pretty faces of ihn, bv Fehintola awwww cingrats in your little princess, she's such a cutie, Jollof rice in a pack, hehe, na wa oo, Sign out meme on point. Y'all have a blessed day.

Kermit said...

Praise be to Jesus Fr Tony.

Hope you no dey pursue women for here oh. Just saying..

Cyndy Ifeajika said...

That baby is soooooo beautiful. Let's hook up and be inlaws. My son Jay is cute too. Side eyes at my "booked inlaws". Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

am confused, av been dating Lee boo 4 5yrs now and I dnt enjoy sex wit him any more,cus for a while he don't make me wet before sex,and I feel pains wen he is inside BT I cnt tell him am hurt cus of d dryness,he just goes straight to insert without foreplay, and I just had sex wit my bff,even b4 sex he's touches made me release and soaked,and it made enjoy sex without pains,and his Jonny is big and tick wit red cap which is opposite of le boo own, should I tell le boo am not enjoying d sex anymore or should kip it to my self.

ijedimma said...

I wont let go of Gods hands especially now that am trying to conceive. gonna look for the Novenas too, not A Catholic but i pray for Gods mercies and favour this 2017.i must carry my child this year in jesus name, amen

Laeffizy said...

IHN, short and straight to the point..
Rev. Father, I see you.
Those catholic novenas work o, my friend did and got answers two days later, God will help me do another one, as the last one I never get the testimony yet
Waffi MJ you are fine.

Stella haff trowey my RMD comment inside her WWF pot... But I love her still.

popeyes said...

Mmmmmm..... I hope this our father no dey participate for S&M o........
Stella, na orisirisi people dey come do aproko for this our mad house.

NiKi Posh said...

Congrats BV Fehintola

MMM Guider said...

Having this crazy headache since morning. Head pounding......

Adanne said...

DRoyalty and Choi choi...I'm still praying, let Rolex Chick know today that I've forgiven her but if she in anyway tries to come for my ID again, let her be rest assured that the next song she'll hear will be that of her loved ones as they are being lowered into the grave. Do not fight people you do not know how they serve their GOD. 

Xp, this was part of what you wrote on SP, the part you mentioned her siblings got me, nawa nwanyi ibem, it's too much naa, unu werekwanu ya nwayo, nothing dey this world oo.

World People said...

Someone started a thead on the SP post about the comemnt yu don't like reading .. here's mine.

Chai xp reading your epistle always gives me a headache . Don't you think you try way too hard? Dragging road with small girls of blog. Na wa o.

Chikito last last you will change your profile name.lmao ! BV's would continue to bully you with your over personalization. They will use your stories against you - and when you think they have forgotten , they will ridicule you with it . I'm almost sorry for you. These people don't deserve to know about your private life. Let them earn it .

Atheist didn't Stella warn u about the GOT whatever . You don start again ba?

Where is money makes the world go round...?

Sandy Neky I thought you really old (like 40) and married ... you come off as very elderly .๐Ÿค”

I also don't like doppelgangers comment - she tries to hard to be self righteous, she sits on a high stool judging , and finds it difficult to emphatize - i always jump and pass.

This lesbian girl (what's her name ) - haven't seen her comment in a while.

Lots of people reigned on this blog o.. we have been entertained . Definitely!

Asa nwa said...

I made it here early yeepee!!!!!! Welcome ihn.
Obianuju na wa o, see as you fair for here, you done join bleaching club? You know I know very well. Ok bye

Shantelle's Empire said...

Cutest baby i'v seen on this blog. Both from celebs and bvs.


Gladys Chinyere said...

I was paid 8k out of 116k on mmm today... Thank God o... There is still hope

KIDJO said...

IHN, Waoh...Fehintola's baby is all I see..Seeing that beautiful baby up there makes me wanna ve my cute.๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒRuns back to kiss baby's pictures.

Adanne said...

I dey tell you, lol.

missylynn said...

IHN welcome
Congrats madam and your baby is cute.
Faces of IHN una fine jare ooo

Chichi said...

Did Two (2) Interviews last week. Haven't heard anything from them..

Lord God, do not let me be put to shame. Amen!
Still anticipating

MrsB said...

Your baby is beautiful! I remember your story and I'm so glad I just read a testimony from You. Please kiss her chubby cheeks for me. Soo adorable!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

hahahahah Gladys you said there is hope. Mogbe 8,000 out of 116 chai.

Abeg go and pay your tithe of N800 may be another 8,000 will be paid. hahahahaha abeg make una no make me laugh jare.

Shantelle's Empire said...

What is fada fada(in my niece voice) doing on a blog where curses,quarelling and sex talk is flying around like kite?

And i'v never seen that ID tell waring bvs to sheath their swords oh...abi yu are under anon?

Adanne said...

Baby is cute for days.
How 'is' you?

No a** licking

Anonymous said...

Stop fornicating. This is your last warning. Next time your veejay will dissapear

Emeka Chukwurah said...

Awesome sign out. Very true

Manna Bee said...

Congrats Bv Fehintola. I double tap into your blessing. Kisses to your angel.๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

Stella, your signout picture is for me at the moment.

Happy weekend to you all

Ed said...

*what I'm implying*

Adanne said...

Giid day Ma'am, what is your exchange rate?

Adanne said...


Mrz Gbagaun (aka pidgin arena) said...

IHN is bar. ..cute baby. ..
My fellow bvz nd ask God has done it for me o.. I don born my Lil princess, my mini me is here.

To God be the glory I gave birth on Monday morning. ..myself nd daughter ar doing fine..
My labour room drama loading. ....enough drama*smile* while omugwo is currently going on now. ...Mom nd mom in law ar around. . nah enjoy I dey so.....wish all the pregnant women a safe nd normal delivery ijn. ...

Corper W said...

Awwwwww your baby is cute for days. I likey.

Fr Tony, take it easy on the jollof rice cos of chemicals.

favourite girlfriend said...

Baby so cute

Anonymous said...

Contact Cynhams cake. She's in Abuja

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...


Ed said...

Buy ky jelly or any other sex lubricant madam...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Hahahahaha you guys wont kill our Father Priest that showed us jollof rice. hahahahaha

Father you don enter one chance ooo.

Anon 14:19 dont behave like the cat on Wednesday or THursday laugh abeg tell your le boo jare. why should i enjoy sex in pain.

Lol sorry ooo

Makason said...


Omotee said...

Please who can teach me how to make small chops and cocktail drinks for a token. I have watched videos from YouTube but I need hands-on practical. I stay at Ajegunle Alagbado.

Makason said...

Me too.
It shall come to pass soon.

Anonymous said...

Just shut up girl

Anonymous said...

Another coded begging, jeez!

Aya Williams said...

Lol @ red cap,shey no be all prick dey red?

Pipi Lee said...

Nice one TV Adict.

Adanne said...

Oya na kill yourself, the way you guys use this word eehh.

Your miracle is on the way, though it will tarry... hug in there.

Pipi Lee said...

I want that baby, gosh! She is super cute! Congrats poster.

IJAY said...

Yes my trust is always in you Lord, handsome and beautiful faces of IHN waoo, congratulations on the arrival of that beautiful baby she look good. Do have a good afternoon all

Gladys Chinyere said...

There is still hope dear anon.. I was paid 8k out of 116k today.. I have clicked GH again to see if I'll be lucky.. Thanks for paying me.. Half bread better pass nothing.

popeyes said...

Stingy idiot!

Uriel (Freshdew) said...

Congrats bv Fehin...

Pipi Lee said...

My God!
Don't tell me you've seen all these. Pipi bow down! Yes, I am bowing down.

SANDY NEKY said...

Peacemaker @Adanne!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜› I am late. That cutie pie baby is all i see๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹ congrats! Una doooh!

Anonymous said...

Location? I married a virgin who doesn't like sex. One round and she is tired and me first and second round is for procreation, sex starts for me from third round, if you live in Ikoyi area let meet up am game. You find out the size yourself. *Winks*
Stella enable this comment a beg

Pipi Lee said...

Oh yes!
WaffyMercyJohnson, you too fine and that your bun over make sense.


Awwwww Fehintola, your princess is cute ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

xhlrted p said... me anywhere in this blog you cautioned or pleaded on Rolex Chick to stop screaming that Xp will die, her family will be wiped or her imaginary kids will die in the 104 times she yelled my name. Then I will give you a reply.

For now, you need to face front and don't ever fan the embers of acrimony it messes up your personality. I know where you belong. Stick around there.
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Babe that anon finished you,I shame for you who no know u,na Mrs Dimoko I blame.

Makason said...

Amen dear.
Yours is loading.

Anonymous said...

Adanne he's bin away for six months. If you see one year own no bi me oo

Yvonne said...

All I see is Fehintola's cute bambino, kisses to you sugar....i had a 3rd degree tear when I had my 1st baby & I healed up in less than a month....don't worry, wa wa alright.

xhlrted p said...

Small girls right? You hailed small girls while they rained abuses on ADULTS. 104 times, who did you scold?
Thank you "ome mma fรนchara รณt* aja".

Munch Mee party foods and small chops. 08033833239,08189706279. said...

Cute baby. Congrats dear

Anonymous said...

Would love to join, contact pls?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm we ladies have learnt this, if I don't see my alert with my bank name and balance I no dey believe anything, got no time for broke asses anyway, have always dated mature guys that know whats up.

Olusweets said...

God will do it for us.

Pipi Lee said...


Cinnamon Apple said...

Carry your cross dear

Mao Akuh said...

Fr Tony take easy with the packed food o.

Fine in house faces...una fine.

God bless the givers.

KIDJO said...


Mao Akuh said...

Easy on the package jollof rice n others

Anonymous said...

Sore throat is a sign of infection so u habe gorten infection fot free d royalty, be careful what u wish ler me laugh for u ikwakwakwakwakwakwa you have gotten a bad infection

KIDJO said...


Anonymous said...

Spended? No wonder u can't get a job yimu

Mao Akuh said...

I didn't see
Papa Ajasco
Super Story
Jenifa diary, etc

You dey miss o.

Anonymous said...

When you have helped in crashing MMM with the curses following you, y won't your head ache

Smallz said...

That Cutie pie is all I see, babies of now are so pretty, saw a baby at yaba yesterday, she's so cute! I felt like going to carry her. I just said a lil prayer to God. Oluwa answer my prayers, pick up my call. Twin girls.

Cinnamon Apple said...

Weldon o

Eka Joy said...

Family drama nko or comedy drama

Mao Akuh said...

Very cute baby...congrats Fehin

Priceless Jewel said...

Nice one...
Lol @ respect my bank balance.

Fan Emmanuel said...

Ideato you have to be very careful,now that we know Rv father is on this blog.
Am surprised a Rv father has been reading your comments

KIDJO said...

Spended is all I see...biko don't kill yourself o.We all must face this reception together...

I know it's recession, oya oversabi come and flog me.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

Anonymous said...

Is he an albino this 1 penis cap is red, it's normally pink

Villager said...

Wey deed yuo hide? I was mecking a shadout to yuo the oda day ontil i lust my voise an i was laik; the tinz I do for my frends, its onli Hairven can reword me. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Bess Whishes!!!!

KIDJO said...

Did you say edible?....Ewo๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎI cover that Baby with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Pipi Lee said...


Priceless Jewel said...

Packaged foods are not good for the health.
Dear Father, please eat freshly prepared meals.
They are the best.

Anonymous said...

Drop your contact

Gladys Chinyere said...

Never give up... I was paid today although 8k, wasn't expecting it cos I thought she won't pay.. I'LL click on GH again to know if I'll be lucky to get all my money. So Help Me God.lolz

Pipi Lee said...

The desert sun has burnt his brain.

Anonymous said...

Or is he related to the okah guy dat bombed Abj in 2010

Single Mom said...

Beautiful faces of IHN, Paul is also handsome.

Long live SDK

Smiles said...


You be really TV addict

All I have seen in this your list is just game of thrones

Pipi Lee said...

God forbid!

Fan Emmanuel said...

Lol.. I never knew a Reverend father is on this blog ooo

Father I hope you don't understand Igbo? If you do,please forgive me my sins ooo

Anonymous said...

Have hope, Jesus is coming soon to judge them

Villager said...

Oya teck moni, ๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ๐Ÿ’ธ. That moni is enof to bye the sinema if yuo want. Dun tank mee, aftrol whot ah frens for.

Pliss chair up.

Smiles said...

Carry your cross

Attention seeker

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

Lolz..easy with the tearing ooo


How the hell do I keep missing ihn? Damn can't wait to finish this job and get my groove on SDK back.
My beloved dramarians how market na?
Any latest gist? Shout out to my boo, how your side na?
Am having "jollop" rice and chicken for lunch but e come be like say na leg dem carry cook the food. Choi food is crap but am hungry so I gatta keep swallowing the thing like that.
Eka joy how are you honey? Hope you are good?
Eeeeermm who else do I like sef?
Can't remember but I hope y'all are doing well?

Biko whenever you are going out ALWAYS be on the look out. I got robbed yesterday bcoz i helped someone.he or should i say they ( the amputee and his gangs)stole my phone, my old school ipad and money while trying to help a man who missed his step as one of his legs was done being a good person
This is the fourth time I have been robbed bcoz I tried to help or sympathize with someone.
AM DONE if you like fall inside well I will just look and pass.
This world is full of evil people every where.

Anastacia Grey said...

Bv Fehintola, your baby is really cute; kisses to her

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...


Smiles said...

HE will grant you your heart desires


Me said...

Thank you Stella for the sign out meme. My mind was just wobbling...

Anonymous said...

First of all,what is 'release'?

Priceless Jewel said...

Novenas work. When it is done with great faith and a pure heart.
Novena to St Jude and Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
Novena to St Gerald Majella for childless couples and pregnant women.

xhlrted p said...

Congrats bv on your beautiful baby. God bless your family.

Beautiful Waffy Mercy J...nice facial features. Lips in line with nose tip? have you considered modelling household items or lady wears? Think about it.

Stella Kork...easy with the chopping o. To lose weight hard. Me ma my skirts no grew zip, coming down small small. O dirokwa easy.

Waiting for 3pm ma i go pick my kids then take them to an exclusive lounge somewhere for Mummy's treat. They need to feel GOOD today. For now, it's a me-time and I just want to se-le se-le

IRE by Tunde and Wunmi Obe(T.W.O LEGIT)
Ire ire oo, ire ire ayo..ase
I no go dieeee, my star must shineeee, before I go.
I no go dieeee, before my time, I go just dey se-le se-le

Ninu aye Mi o, asรฉ
Owo aye Mi o, asรฉ
Alafia aye Mi o, asรฉ
Omo aye Mi o, asรฉ
Ninu isรฉ Mi o, asรฉ

Smiles said...

Good luck

Be hopeful and if nothing comes up, keep applying.

Don't give up

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

Lolz...he actually fixed the car to take it


TV addict you are a blessing this afternoon atleast one of this will help me forget yesterdays incident.
I love you,God bless you plenty.

Single Mom said...

Beautiful baby, congratulations.

Long live SDK

xhlrted p said...

Yes o ajuwaya (Corper). We are cool.
Happy weekend

Anonymous said...

IHN is here, madam congrats on the arrival of your baby it could only be God, i claim this blessing ijn

xhlrted p said...

Thanks Tv Addict. Let me see if some will go down this weekend.
I'm watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly this night.

I am king EZE said...

TV addict wow!!


I have seen some but can I get the likes of guilt,mad men and good behavior in O2tvseries? If not where can i down load from? Stella better post this comment oooh. Coz I no no wetin you dey carry my comments do sometimes.

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

@anon how the he help mmm to crash ?

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