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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy Hearts Preschool

 Happy Hearts Preschool Streams All Their Activities Live For Parents To Watch Their Kids Throughout The Day...

Well, we will like to wish all our parents and toddlers a Prosperous New Year.
We have the best interest of toddlers and their parents in mind and have set up our activities to ensure this:

We stream all our activities live because we understand that parents would rather be involved in the day to day activities of their children. We encourage you to watch your little ones on any of your devices while our specially trained facilitators and child minders facilitate their learning and care for them.

You can drop your little ones as early as 5am. Yes! We have parents that do this. We are also open till the very last mama calls in the evenings. All at no extra fees.

We do not use the conventional teaching method where teachers teach.
We refer to our teachers as facilitators because we believe that learning is a collaborative effort. Our facilitators understand that to build tomorrow’s leaders that will demonstrate self-confidence and responsibility, we need to start the process early, so we facilitate learning where pupils and facilitators exchange ideas thereby passing knowledge to each other.

 We facilitate learning one on one for the pupils that cannot learn so much in a group

Our team of caring, enthusiastic and qualified facilitators were selected based on their educational background and experience in early childhood education. In addition to having the ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere in the classroom, they are well trained and passionate about facilitating learning. When you meet them you’ll understand… they simply love what they do.

We provide a bright and spacious environment in which your little ones can explore the world around them using a variety of age-appropriate toys and equipments. Our classrooms are well equipped with ALL Montessori materials required for children between the ages of 3months and 5 years

We offer
  • A clean, spacious, colourful and fun environment.
  • An excellent staff to baby ratio to ensure your baby gets all the special attention and care they require at this age.
  • Lots of fun interactive playtime.
  • A daily report with details of meals, naps and nappy changes so you can keep in touch with your baby’s routine.
  • A well-equipped nursery where your baby can nap
  • High chairs for feeding
In the older classes, we have 10 children in a class and we have a lead facilitator, an assistant facilitator and a child minder to 10 children per class. This ratio makes for an ideal personalized learning environment.


Holidays are optional in our preschool!
We realise that parents do not automatically go on holidays in their work places just because their kids have been asked to stay home. We also know that leaving your little ones with the care givers you never trusted in the first place is not so easy, especially when the kids are yet to speak.

At Happy Hearts Pre School, holidays are totally optional, we take care of your little ones by making sure they have enough nap time, tv time, outdoor activities, arts and crafts and just one hour of academic work. When school resumes, we go back to our usual routines.

Our fees are very affordable and we accommodate any special requests you may have for your baby, so please get in touch with us about your requirements and concerns.

Happy Hearts Preschool is now at Plot 15, Block 8, Oba Akinloye Street, Ikota ORAL Estate, beside Oando filling station very close to chevron toll gate, Lekki.
Our numbers are 09050505353, 09050505656


  1. colourful decoration for kiddies... it's lovely

    1. Beautiful, would love to set up something like this in ph ? What should I be looking at for a start and how do I go about it ?

    2. Perfect. Same estate I'm moving to after my baby is born. This will definitely be at the top of my list of creche. I need a school that's community based. Something that most of the children live in same area, go to same church kinda thing.

  2. Wow,i like this school.very classy.just that am nt in lagos.keep up the good work.i wish all preschool wld install cameras so that parents wld know what goes on in their absence..keep up the good wrk..

  3. I love the environment and the ambience
    lovely unique selling propositions

    bv charity

  4. Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!!

    For rich men's children.
    Money is a necessity not a luxury.

  5. nice one...thumbs up

  6. WOOOOW..This concept is simply amazing....School fees affordable?I wonder how much it will be....but then,this is beautiful

  7. I love love Montessori Schools.

    Nice initiative.

  8. Nice one👍
    I like the setting, nothing like getting a good pre school for one's lil one.

  9. Beautiful environment but I bet this people pay their workers peanut compared to what they collect as fees. They will keep their workers from 5am till when the last parent comes to pick their child,no holiday.una wan kill people cos of work abi? While the owner of the school will be flying from one country to another while the workers are deprived of holiday and sleep.

    1. Why not be your own boss then?

    2. So it hasn't occured to u dt they might have a structure, annual leaves and Co? Some people can jst use mouth spoil people hustle!!!

    3. Anonymous.. they might have day offs in a week,or some minders that do half days.
      Don't conclude.

    4. I get your point.. If the staff of tbis lovely cre he are underpaid they tend to take out their frustration on the little ones.. But I think you are also off point as that is not the essence of this post.

    5. Opening at 5am simply means the owner lives on the premises or very close by, it doesn't necessarily mean that the staff would resume that early.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Nice place
    Working mothers over to you

  12. Wow, I have always wondered what it would be like to watch my kids activities while in school.

    Very nice concept

  13. Beautiful. I hope they will keep this standard going. Many of them starts well but as usual, Start cutting corners. When you complain their response will be aiming at increasing charges like they didn't fraction everything into the initial agreed fees.


  14. It's a lovely concept! I have my LO in this creche and I can confirm first hand that what you see is what you get! I watch him whenever I feel the need to. #gohappyheart#

    1. Folu well done.. yes im famzing.. know the owner😎

  15. Can't wait to birth my baby. I love this place. That I if they have space. This one it's 10kids per class. Shiorr

  16. My niece attends happy hearts too. Wonderful facilitators...neat environs and the fees are affordable.

  17. Looks nice..I love the idea of watching your child activities wherever you are,thats how it is here in the US.But 280usd weekly no easy at all..

  18. Awwwww!
    Beautiful, comfy and spacious!
    Me likey!!
    Good one!!!!!!!!

  19. Nice. I bet it will be expensive

  20. Nice environment.

    I hope they pay their workers well?

  21. Nice! Luv my people!

  22. Nice one, great concept. Giving you child the best from the scratch is very important. God provide for parents. Me likey

  23. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, nice lovely environment..

  24. This is a very nice initiative. I just moved to that neighborhood, please how much is it for a child below 3?


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