Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 147


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Labour Room Drama 147

Hmmm this story get as e be.....

Good day Stella, I look forward to labour room drama everyday. My best was the Nollywood script. Make I share my own small drama. 

 Got married and didnt take in till after 3 years.I told God on my birthday it's either you bless me with a child or take me away...

I was frustrated,depressed,tired of seeing my monthly period that would always delay giving me hope and just when I decide to go and do pregnancy test it would show up.

God is indeed merciful as I conceived that month. Pregnancy wasn't so bad only for the first trimester when I had malaria .Didnt vomit or spit just craved for "swallow" at odd times. My craving was so bad because I will cry one full bucket if my demand for swallow no quick show.

 38 weeks 5 days,my Gyn called me that why didnt I come for ante natal. I should start coming that he is waiting for me.I was about going to the market first before ante natal.I just respected myself enter motor straight to hospital. During ante natal I mentioned that I noticed little water flow out earlier that day ,he did a test and said my water broke partially and it's dangerous if I don't birth my baby soon because of infection. 


 Oya o what can be done. You have to be induced right away madam. Call your hubby to bring your bag o,you are not leaving here till you birth your baby.I didnt know whether to be happy or sad at that point. I still needed to get a few more things in place. I wanted to cook and store in the fridge,buy a few more baby things,be prepared. Mother inlaw who was supposed to come for omugwo was sick. Fear gripped me. Sharp sharp he inserted something inside me and took me to a room to lie down.

Injections followed.

I called hubby,Oga e be like say time don reach o.

''Are you kidding me? Please wait o dont birth him now o i am on my way''.

 It didnt take him up to 40 mins from VI his place of work to Ajah with all the traffic. Whether him fly,me I no no. I called my brother too as I no get sister or mama or papa ....please be here for me o. After 7 hours still 2 cm.

 Another dose was administered .The pain was now intense.I opted for epidural. The doctor kept trying to chook the needle inside my spine,e no gree o .Devil na bastard. I kept bending to grab pillow with my big belle.Up to eight attempts.... no show. I was in serious pain and bleeding slightly.

 I could see my hubby peeping from the door and my brother was shouting if you don't know how to do it call someone else o don't kill my sister for me.

The Gyn is actually the owner of the hospital and a well known one. After awhile my brother started praying aloud that God should take control and that it will all end in praise. Hubby was still peeping.

 The Gyn finally got the spot and I felt relieved. Little did I know it won't last .After like 30 mins pain started again ...I screamed come and increase the dose.They did...still I was in pains.I endured till around 5 am.I forgot to mention I wore jeans to hospital now I wish I could even remove the hospital gown and be naked .

The Gyn came and said madam after this last dose and your labour doesn't progress we have to take you to the theatre.We can't give you more than three doses and the epidural isn't working for you. 

'' What are you waiting for ,I don't want the last dose just take me in now now''. 

A nurse came in immediately shaved me.I was wheeled in,20 mins later I heard his cry.I screamed, "Is that my baby crying? Finally !!! you dis boy eh.why na. I started shivering and I dozed off.

 Everytime I look at the CS scar , I smile and thank God for his mercies.I have the cutest son ever ....I won't send pix for your eyes only * tongue out* .

*Madam keep your pictures i dont need to see it
Your story gave me a few worries and i dont know if i should say you are Lucky you survived that hospital,but please do not go back there if my thinking is correct.

This is the first time i am hearing from all the stories sent in that a doctor forces one into labour because she said her water broke...

And then he couldnt find the spot to inject?
And then he called to ask why you didnt come in for Ante natal?He wanted to make sure you didnt go into labour somewhere else...hmmmmm

My dear,please do not use that Hospital again when you get pregnant again.


  1. hahahahaha stella ntoor ooo, no for your eyes alone ooo. you dont know we too like to see pictures too.

    hahahaha very beautiful story. congrats

  2. All is well.... just can't wait

  3. Stella the doctor was right to induce labour if she was leaking amniotic fluid. I agree with you though, about the fact that he called her to come for her ante natal check up and then could not properly administer an epidural. Thank God for His mercies upon Nigerian women in the labour room!

  4. Hmm thank God for your life and that of ur baby.

  5. I agree with Stella,that doctor na wayo doctor, you only leaked a little anionic fluid and he should only have told you to come to the hospital if it got more. And these private hospitals, they so like CS cos it fetches them more money. What type of epidural wears off after 30 mins? Congrats madam,but don't go back there please.

    1. There is a term 'hind water memebrane' rupture. Once water breaks it's a virus for infection of the baby and mother, the Dr was right to induce labour with premature rupture of membranes.
      Some people's anatomy make it difficult for epidural to be administered e.g obese, bony defects, uncooperative patients etc

  6. Oh my God, give me my own BFP as my birthday gift! I want to experience triplet babies movements in my womb this month Lord!

  7. Enter your comment...Yes stella is right... you shouldn't use that hospital again, which one is to call a patient to ask y she didn't come for antenatal? abi u be d only patient using the hospital... endtime recession hospital now he got what he wanted cs money.

    1. That part tire me too. But I want to believe the poster and the doc have a personal relationships outside the hospital. Maybe they are family friends.

      Congrats poster. Why u no show Stella Ya baby nau?

  8. Oh God destroy this yoke of secondary infertility in my life and family this month, give me rewards for serving you, or am I asking for too much after one child when some are begging to have one. I need answers lord.

    1. God will answer you has he answered me this month..... AMEN

  9. thank God you you came out alive and that I'm 36weeks old I think I Need to stop reading scaring lrd... God please na only you I know oo ....

  10. Congrats madam. Pls dnt use dat hospital anymore o,ah! @anon 12:22,i say amen for u.

  11. Thank God for your life o.
    Change hospital

  12. I can't wait oooooo

  13. My own no wan show, y na?

  14. Congrats dear..give me my own new year gift oh God!my pregnancy test come friday shall BFP in Jesus name..Amen

  15. Stella the doctor may be wrong for calling her to come for antenatal but maybe they have a personal relationship though but the doctor is not exactly wrong for telling her to be induced cos she started draining liquor (amniotic fluid), the danger of saying she should come back later if there's more leakage of fluid is that the woman might not take it serious and she can get Chorioamniotis or any other infection. My major problem is why is it the gynecologist giving the epidural!! That's not his job!! It should be the anaesthetist... also many private hospitals are quick to rush to CS no doubt

  16. Your Gynecologist doesn't have any business giving you those epidural shots.
    It's for another medical prsonnel entirely..

  17. Stella go and read up jo. Once your water breaks and you are not in active labor, you have to be induced within 24 hours to prevent the risk of infection. Same happened to me.

  18. Once your water breaks, you have to be induced if you are not already in labor.


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