Stella Dimoko Maradona Says Using Drugs Was His Biggest Mistake


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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Maradona Says Using Drugs Was His Biggest Mistake

Diego Maradona confesses taking drugs is the biggest mistake he has ever made as the Napoli legend counts himself lucky to still be alive.

Maradona is regarded to be one of the greatest players in football history, but his substance abuse is widely thought to have held him back from reaching even greater heights.
“I was 24 when I started doing drugs. I was at Barcelona. It’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” the mythical No 10 told Tuttonapoli.

“My daughter asked me to live for her when I was in a coma. I thank God because he woke me up and listened to my daughter.
“Women, money or drugs the biggest problem? The biggest problem is drugs. Drugs kill.
“I have the great fortune of being here talking to you. If I continued to take


peace maker said...

Good for him

Miss Ess said...

Thank God for him he stopped on time

Oluyomi Odukoya said...

If not for drugs, this man ought to be standing side by side with the legendary Pele. Glad he has learnt his lesson though.

TORIA said...

one must nt fall a victim of such substances

white Berry said...

Thank God he stopped it on time

missylynn said...

Now you know
Is so good that you stopped taking hard drugs

YINXS said...

I don't understand how u can be taking drugs without being detected by the appropriate authorities.

Single Mom said...

Say no to drugs.

Long live SDK

Anonymous said...

He said the biggest problem is drugs. I beg to differ. The biggest problem is women. Get a bad one and they'll send you to an early grave...ha ha.

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