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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mariah Carey's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Vandalized

Mariah Carey's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been defaced, ET has learned.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a WE TIP (LAPD TIP LINE) was received on Sunday at 1:39 p.m., indicating that the star was vandalized.

"Hollywood detectives went out to the scene and discovered it had been vandalized," LAPD officials told ET on Tuesday. "The star had a 'question mark' that had been written on it."

"Hollywood Detectives advised the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce about the incident and advised them to file a report, which they did, and detectives are investigating where the tip came from," they added.

Carey originally received the prestigious accolade from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 5, 2015. It's located in front of the W Hollywood Hotel at 6270 Hollywood Boulevard.

The news comes just two days after the "#Beautiful" singer announced she was taking a break from social media following her troubling live performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest.

"I'm going to take a break from media moments, social media moments," she exclaimed in a video. "Although I'm going to fulfill my professional obligations, this is an important time for me to finally take a moment for myself and to be with my loved ones and prepare for my upcoming tour in March."

"I just want to thank everyone for their support, thank you to all my industry friends and thank you to my Lambs, you're always there for me," she continued. "I can't imagine life without you and you'll always be a part of me. I can't wait to sing for you again."

Less than three months ago, Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was vandalized shortly before it was announced he'd be taking office as the 45th President of the United States. His star suffered far worse damage, however. According to several reports, a man dressed as a construction worker used a sledgehammer and a pickax to smash the star, which Trump received in January 2007.

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  1. Replies
    1. Maybe her ex fiance us behind it. He looks like a petty someborri

  2. Enter your comment...finally some goodnews

  3. Mariah it shall be well. Everybad thing just want happen at the same time . She should take a break from everything. She should just go out of the radar, refocus, rebrand, repackage, reset and revamp her profile, voice, music & business. She should command all the elemental force to work for her favor.

  4. Na wah o!
    This "sudden" ganging up against Mariah.
    And to think she used to be America's darling.
    Dunno what happened.
    Me sef I used to dig her. Really dig her.
    But that her reality show may have kinda cooled things a bit. Lol

    Don't get me wrong,Anyone has a right to be who they wanna be. As long as he or she isn't hurting anyone. But watching her(okwa 2 days ago or so abi last night sef) the way she was looking at one Obssesed fan that was in awe of her and was just soo emotional and telling her how she saved him. And how he learnt English cos of her so he can recite her songs. And he offered her his Diamond chain. Mariah just stood there. Soo aloof! Soo cold!

    But it was funny cos when the man walked away,she was kinda tearing she was touched sobered up. Touched? But u showed the man little or no love while he was there.

    And oh by the way I Am a Lamb! Lol


    1. Oh no, TGW you are an ex-lamb, you must not be a present lamb, this isn't 2001...hehehe

    2. But, America should take it easy with her biko, her mental health is at stake here.

    3. Madam epistle

    4. My Dearest Pipi,

      How are u?
      How is the sun where you are?
      You wil agree We have agreed on virtually everything on this blog. So u can imagine my "shock and sadness" when I saw u all over the last Mariah post. Pipi for once,u were on the "other side" Lol

      Please be a fan.
      Try and like Mariah.
      The way I have tried to like all those you and Iphie's artists. *rolls eyes*
      (She is the best person to tell u how I have tried. How I have really tried)
      *waves @ Nwa baby m*

      So pls be kind wit ur words to Mariah.
      Thank you!

      Yours In Lamb,
      The General's Wife.

    5. Hahahahahaha...
      Nne, the sun is hot enough, thinking about Mariah and her constant feuds(which she practically starts in her head) with people who see her as an idol and a great influence to their musical career Is appalling. Almost every female singer out there credits her for being an influence, she knows this yet she keeps dragging out every little ish with them creating unnecessary controversy. Why? For goodness sake??? These people are not in your class vocally, professionally, career wise and they know that and they respect that but she won't respect herself. I like her still but not a Lamb.

    6. I'm sure I was very kind, will be 'kinder' if she respects herself and stay out of controversy while the ovation is still loud( is it still loud sef).

      My dearest TGW, i'm sorry but I came with a shear...*brings it out* *starts cutting off all the 'Mariah wool' on TGW* *runs away*

      Mariah's music is still Bae anyway.

  5. Good for her.I don't just like her jor.Nothing like Beyonce.

  6. Mariah what is happening to you now!

  7. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    They will do another one....

  8. Hmmmmm, what is the significant of it?

  9. Eyah they should let her be

  10. dat is becos she refused to leave wen d ovation was loudest. wat she will keep getting is ridicule and embarassement. let her just maintain d little honor she has now n retire.

  11. Her ex
    Her ex
    Her ex
    Maybe her billionaire ex is behind it all

  12. Don't like her

  13. She should wash her head in osun river, cos I don't understand why everything's not working out for her this new year o.....Mariah You know i love you right?


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