Stella Dimoko Police Service Commission Reinstate 95 Officers


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Friday, 13 January 2017

Police Service Commission Reinstate 95 Officers

The officers who where sacked 5 months after they were employed without pay have be called back.

The sack was said to be as a result of their irregular employment. 

The judgement was passed by the national industrial court yesterday after some of the sacked officers sued the police service commission.

*Ah suing your employer and going back to the same job isnt always advisable.


peace maker said...

Good for them

Adeniji Bisi said...

You are right stella, not advisable at all cuz its gona be a dangerous tin to do

Goodmorning my good bevees in here and i pray the Lord grant the anons here whose lives are filled with odium good life

Mc pinky

Villager said...

Wool dey aff bin colled bak if dey had north sewed the komishion? I tink 'know'

Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness...There uniforms were sown by them.They might use them for havoc.thanks I.G.

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