Stella Dimoko RE - AISHA BUHARI’s Linkage To An Alleged Bleeding Of Nigerian High Commission in London: A Travesty of Investigative Journalism .


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Friday, January 06, 2017

RE - AISHA BUHARI’s Linkage To An Alleged Bleeding Of Nigerian High Commission in London: A Travesty of Investigative Journalism .

The attention of the Wife of the President, Hajia Aisha Buhari has been drawn to a report in Sahara Reporters where, she was amongst other things accused of abuse of privileges at Nigerian High Commission in London. 

It is not in her interest to join issues with anyone or defend others mentioned in the report, it is however paramount to put the record in proper perspectives as its concern her trips to UK vis-à-vis the Nigerian High Commission in London.

Aisha Buhari has never traveled to London with a large entourage as was carried in the report. The highest number of people on a trip involves her three kids, ADC, and her personal physician.

The Nigerian Commission in London has never offered any favor either monetarily or materially to her or her so called entourage on any of her trips to London.

The state house in Abuja caters for her meal when necessary, and other healthy food or variety needed by her children are her personal responsibility.

It is on record that the Nigerian Commission in London does not receive Aisha Buhari at the airport with any official distinction or privileges as was accorded other first ladies before her

Her drivers are privately arranged without any recourse to the embassy for staff.

She has never complained or raised dust about any of these acts by the High Commission because of the understanding, as clearly spelt out and practiced by her husband, that public office must be separated from the private lives of the occupants.

She has always been an advocate of good governance where officials of government are responsive and appealing to their constituents, it therefore baffles the imagination that one could believe she would corroborate with any government official however highly placed either at home or abroad to shortchange the Nigerian people.

These records are not hidden for a non-mischievous reporter who really intends to inform the people and not to disparage the family of the President just to add weight to a report.

Aisha Buhari would have ignored this, like all of such baseless accusations, but the angle to which the report was presented has a corruption and abuse of privileges connotation which negates the fundamental principle upon which this administration thrives.

Consequently, Sahara reporter or any of the embassy staff is hereby challenged to provide any concrete evidence either in hard or soft copy to contradict Aisha’s Buhari’s position as it concerns her trips to London. 

Sahara reporter should take the challenge and come out with the true version in relation to Aisha Buhari if not for her reputation and that of her family, but for the sake of good Nigerians who deserve to know the truth at all times.

Adebisi Olumide Ajayi
S A Media
Wife of the President

*Hmmmm Sahara reporters!


  1. Sahara report is correct abeg!

    Stella, av u forgotten that pix that was everywhere when she traveled with a long entourage?

    Abeg leave matter.

  2. Okooooo, in other words it's all a lie.

    Anyi anugonu, nsogbu adiro. #side eyes

  3. "wife of the President" but has all the privileges of the first lady from S.A to physician to ADC...... We dey watch

  4. "The highest number of people on a trip involves her three kids, ADC, and her personal physician"

    3 Kids, ADC, Personal Physician and she's just the first lady.

    Tax payers see where your money is going to

  5. Hahahaha the hen is coming to roost. Hahahaha Sahara reporters abi Na desert una be.

    Oya make una close them down

    1. Matharoo sisters are learners when it comes to Sahara reporters who dem be. That entity is Nigeria's # 1 blackmail organization in the world. Their leader, sowore is Satan's disciple. Their agents are embedded everywhere unbelievable!

  6. Their cup of zobo abeg make them shift one side. We don hear.

  7. Liar like her, no be she go beg that Indimi of a guy to marry her daughter while the guy was already engaged to another person. She can pretend for Africa. She started the move when the guy was coming for the crude oil bid that the list was released two days ago. Na for their she give the guy condition and him leave hin formal babe to marry Zara plenty talk dey about this woman make I just keep quiet. She no dey listen to her husband o, some travel dey wey she dey do Buhari no dey no. That is why he said she belongs to the other rooms. My cousin dey work for villa o, all this things are not hidden. They said she talks to domestic staff anyhow. Who she eep abeg make she waka comot.

    1. Godbless u Anon.I thought I was d only one who knows dis story.she practically forced dat indimi guy 2 marry her daughter wit d Oil bid thing.and d Indimi's being greedy fell 4 it. But what Aisha does not know is dat she can not force luv. D guy will still go back and marry his true luv,once his 6months obsession ova Zahra is over.dat was how mohammed babangida was forced 2 marry Rahma indimi,just to seal business contract,but he later went back 2 marry his True luv.2 day him and Rahama are divorced.that scenario is abt.2 replay itself once again in d Indimi household.I just pity dat Zahra,cos she appears 2 be as desperate and greedy as her mum.

  8. Aisha's other room must be hell because she is tellinmg lies from the pit of hell. Nigeria embassy meet her at airport wherever she goes. Her entourafe gets the 7000 dollars per day, she gets more than that herself.

  9. Chai Aisha wan fall pesin hand. Which kain lie be dis? Aisha wey get 5 kids come tell lie say na 3 pikin she get. Nigeria looted funds wey she dey chop don scatter Aisha sotay she tell lie say na 3 pikin she don born

  10. Aisha Buhari is lieing


  11. Where is she? Kai, I hope they really haven't tied her down as alleged. She hasn't said a word in recent times.

    Always denying allegations and stories. Worse cannonball than Madam Patience. The way EFCC must hunt this woman....She strikes me like wayo.

  12. Once it has to do with Aisha buhari is baseless cos she is a saint. Aren't you people tired of lying or ashamed of certain things. Why traveling with your whole 3 children, of what economic value will they add to that? Madam find better lie to tell. Nonsense

  13. It's funny how y'all decided to believe Sahara reporters cos they aren't attacking your "heroes" or his friends... double standards


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