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Friday, January 06, 2017

Remaining Positive, No Matter What!.

This is the word for today according to Proverb 23:8

Let not thine heart envy sinners: But be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long. For surely there is an end. AND THINE EXPECTATIONS SHALL NOT BE CUT OFF.

What an assurance! Imagine having a wealthy and influencial father who loves you so much and assures you that whatsoever you so desire will never be brushed aside. Wouldn't that stir up a feeling of excitment and confindence in you? Fortunately, that is the same situation we find in the bible text we just read, and God(Your Father) expects you to be confident about that promise He made to you!

Oftentimes, we get so overwhelmed by the blizzard of life's situation that we forget to revert to our manual(the bible) which holds the ultimate truth about our lives. So, repeatedly, due to ignorance, we remain in pain, not knowing the truth about your position in Christ. See, A Prince remains a Prince irrespective of the hard times he may face at some point in his life. It may only take time, but he will get what is his rightful inheritance. Why? Because HARD TIMES DO NOT CHANGE THE REALITY THAT A PRINCE REMAINS THE OFFSPRING OF A KING!

Friend, You have an Inheritance in Christ Jesus and as long as you are expectant of what is rightfully yours, IT WILL NEVER BE CUT OFF! All hell may break loose against you, the world may turn it's back on you, it doesnt change anything, your expectation will still come at the appointed time! Why? Because IT IS YOUR INHERITANCE , AS LONG AS YOU ARE A BELIEVER IN CHRIST JESUS!

But the problem with so many of us is that we don't even want anything!
See, It doesn't matter how well you cook, you cannot feed a person that is not hungry! So how can God give you when you are not even expectant? You will likely devalue the gift

Now note this, there can only be expectation where there is an investment. So God is assuring you that when you have invested your ideas, your time, your energy, your attention on that dream of your yours, your expectation of a harvest(which is His own part to play) WILL NEVER BE CUT OFF, as long as you acknowledge Him as the giver of true success!

But in all of these, be very careful of your expectations. Your wishes are just as powerful as prayers. Don't let the circumstances of life to change your expectations. Always keep a positive mind. In spite of how your feel always confess the right things. For ye shall have the desires of your heart.



  1. Replies
    1. Decisions made in consolation should not be changed in desolation

  2. Yes ooo. My expectations will not be cut off Amen

  3. Thank you very much Amos.

    Help me lord to always hold unto your word.

  4. Nice one. We should always acknowledge God.

  5. Wow... Thanks for the reminder.

  6. A great and inspirational teaching....dear lord give me the grace and strength to always remain faithful to your word and promises regarding my life

  7. Amen! Although Jehovah is always there for us whether we acknowledge that or not! Thanks BV Amos.

  8. This word is for me!!!!
    My expectation will not be cut short,Amen!!!!
    My month and year of restoration!!!

  9. Amos I am really inspired. Thanks a bunch

    1. I am too. Timely message

      Chichi O.

  10. I just realized that in 2017 ......I need more of the Holy Spirit in my life. I am actually gonna do away with my old Swag. Lord i need more of you and less of me.

  11. I love today's message. Thank you Amos

  12. Thank you Amos. Timely message


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