Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 47


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 47


Hello Stella,
So i thought should send in my story about my service year(still on it though but will be done in two months time). Pardon my typos and the length of my gist. Hopefully i won't bore you guys. Now to the main gist.


After waiting for close to 9months, I was finally posted to Abia state although I wanted to go to the west, Ibadan precisely but as that didn't happen I didn't make any fuss about it.

I arrived at the camp a day before the expected day being that i was coming from the north and i wanted to escape the whole stress of queuing up. luckily for me, I wasn't thoroughly searched. I just took my tiny bag and headed straight to the dorm. i got a good mattress and the perfect corner. I made friends immediately with a girl I met in the dorm. She assisted me in getting food and a bucket from the mammy market that evening. the following day, i started my registration process with her which didn't take more than two hours. I was handed my kit all of which were like three times my size( I'm petite). During the course of my registration, I made another friend, this time a guy. he was very chatty and at first, he thought I was from the north cos of my dressing and intonation (he said my english sounded like that of a well educated northerner *YIMU*)

After collecting my kit, I didn't bother to change, I still wore my long gown and red turban that made me look like a "malo chique" and I headed straight for the OBS studio(trust me to have done my research properly), I auditioned for the post of a newscaster but I ended up as the editor.

 That evening, I finally decided to go to the parade ground, I had not even marched for long before a soldier man(who I later got to find out was the camp commandant) asked me to come with him to the gate. I wondered what my offense was as I followed him with a confused look on my face. At the gate I saw about two other corps members. So technically, we had been hand picked to be Quarter Guards. I was made a quarter guard commander cos according to the commandant I had a sharp voice. I however quietly begged the soldier in charge of the QG to use a guy as the commander which he agreed to after much pleading.

The quarter guard gig made me get close with most of the soldier men and also because I could speak a little bit of hausa(almost all of them wanted to have something to do with me. i guess its cos i have this naive look). I didn't bulge but then I wasted no time in using the familiarity to my advantage at all times.

 I had alot of admirers in camp who would buy me food almost all the time cos I barely left the OBS studio(I ate the camp food just twice) . Infact it got worse after I CO-MC'd the Mr Macho event one evening, guys were literally coming to look for me at all times in the studio(I am very sure I'll be decoded with this line.hehe). OBS was my safe haven as I had a bed to sleep on in the studio and my tag gave me a free pass when ever I met any strong head soldier.

 At some point my legs got swollen and that meant I didnt have to wear my boots. My soldier friend made it a point of duty to massage my legs everyday until it reduced. I was nominated to contest for miss hotlegs for my platoon but I ended up not doing it thankfully(I'm sort of shy when it comes to stuff like that).


Camp finally came to an end and I was posted to the capital with my OBS family. A church(Streams of Joy) took care of our accommodation for a week until we completed our registration. I was posted to teach in a private primary school. The name of the school sounded so posh that i expected so much but my expectations were dashed when I found out it was a very low class school with a poor environment.

 I was going to ask the owner to reject me when I saw two girls been wheeled in to the class and a part of me just went out to them so I decided to stay. my class was a combination of primary 4,5 and 6 all of which were not up to ten, the children however made me forget that I didn't really like it there. I finally got a house(flat) which i rented with friends turned family. My Cds is a fun CDS, it gave me room to express my self as a presenter on radio(shoutout to Publicity and Editorial Cds).

After some months, I quietly changed my PPA to a government school because the owner of the private school became hard to work with. I have a lot of toasters both married and unmarried but I don't really pay much mind to them. 

However, God uses them to help me when things get hard for me once in a while. Serving in Umuahia has opened me up to opportunities I didn't think would come my way. looking back now, I'll say its been worth the ride.

I'm currently pushing a project tagged:One Voice One Abia Girl(personal cds). the project hopes to create an awareness on child molestation amongst young girls.the target audience are a 100 young girls within the ages of 11-18 from ten different schools. it is expected to kick off from the 16th of January 2017.

 So my dear blogvisitors, I wouldn't mind your support in terms of finance and resource persons because I am hoping to feed these girls not just with knowledge but their physical being even if its just snacks. I have my proposal readily available for anyone who wants to join me in curbing this menace called child molestation.
*Mrs Korkus I'll finally let you breath after this *shinesteeth*

*This is not a forum for advert or asking for money,you didnt discuss this with me so i am sorry it is not approved becos i cannot ask people to donat monies to what i have not verified,I fear being called out for anything concerning money....Before i know it now everyone will tow this line....


  1. Now that MMM is back,what are you waiting for? Join the moving train

    1. Na only you waka come

  2. I follow you do hmnnn
    The story ain't bad tho

  3. ...not a platform to beg young woman.
    Soldier massage your legs, nne inokwa n'ehi.
    Nice story.

    1. Yay my story got posted. Mrs korkud

    2. Jubilee corper!!!
      I miss my church (SOJ) like kilode, my Pastor Jerry, Mummy E...

  4. I like you and I don't know why.

  5. Nice boulevard.. na wa o. This your corner corner begging are you related to Whiteberry or follyrealwoman

  6. Congrats i see my State. Poster I am in Umuahia you can holla me, I will like to contribute but not financially ooo c'mon there are several ways nau. I just like this kind of thing. I will be a volunteer

  7. Hello BV
    I am an International student(one West African country like that)
    I will be serving this year[ if things work out) but I don't have student permit.
    Will it be a problem, can I sort my way out when I get to camp?
    Stella, what do you suggest?

  8. Stella biko nu post my SYB nau. Abi i nor qualify? 😿😿

  9. #Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you*

  10. Mrs Korkus thanks for posting my boulevard.
    Concerning the project, I'm sorry if I overstepped my boundaries but if you would kindly check your mail/facebook, you would see that I sent numerous messages with everything in it needed to verify my authenticity. Thanks again for posting.
    PS : I have no intention of doing anyone of their hard earned money. All I want to do is make a difference. I still need resource persons who would educate These girls. I'm not just about the finance. Hehehe

  11. Poster you only told us about you beauty, with all the men asking you out, you cannot get anyone to single handedly give you all the cash that you need?


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