Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 48


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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 48


Good day Stella,please try and hide my identity as plenty people for this blog know me...

So,I Was in my house one beautiful day when I received a call that my call up letter was out...I ran to school...And collected it and saw rivers state...No surprise there!!! ,as I worked my NYSC to Rivers state,got home and told folks about it,and my neighbor exclaimed_"wuuuhhhhhhh!!!! Rivers state???

Babe go and get your shyting bucket oooo...Na pit toilet them get o!!!!...At first I didn't believe it until I heard it from 3 other people.

I was scared because I hate dirty toilets...I sha bought little bucket as well as other Nysc things...Took a cab straight to camp the next day,since I stay in Port Harcourt I reached in record time.Entered camp and faced a long line for registration,I queued up and started checking around immediately for my fellow uniport girls,didn't see any one at first,but later saw some after registration and we immediately hooked up and got a bed space,time to bath oya nau,they said it was only one bathroom for over 500 girls!!!!


Me and uniport babes being the sharp babes,went outside the hostel premises to go and bath, unfortunately for us soldiers sighted us *hides face*...We Sha ran away and escaped their punishment and off course recognition ,ever since then we vowed not to try that again,so moving forward we had to obey rules and regulations.

The next day the beagle was blown and soldiers stormed our room to get us to the parade ground,I was so angry because the ashewo soldiers did that purposely,knowing some girls will be naked...Anyways no be me Dem catch...I was prepared,anyways camp life now started fully...

We started the morning parades and I wasn't interested,they started the March past,I wasn't interested in it,always tried to dodge it,they started the lectures,hated that one even the more,slept through out the lectures..The sports was a no go area for me,I hated all their games and shows,the worst was when they brought their kits, and the shoe was twice my size,the trousers triple my size,the white t-shirt was torn,don't even mention the transparent shorts they brought!!!...*Kai!...

The only part I enjoyed In camp was mammy,because I love food mehn... Loooool...

Anyways now the scary part comes in,in camp I was known for being a snob because I didn't interact with any guy Infact all my crews were all uniport babes mehn,I had chykers dont get me wrong,but I couldn't care less mehn,they weren't a priority to me,I don't know if in biology science if you aren't interested in guys it naturally means you are interested in girls????

Anyways this 'friend'of mine took interest in me,and was always buying things for me or picking up the bills when we ate in mammy,I didn't see anything wrong in it,until one day she picked up a fight with me because I decided to respond to one boys incessant chyking(shebi that English correct???),Infact I still refused to see anything in her being angry at me taking my time to rebuff a boys advances,I sha refused to believe a fellow babe like me is dying for a human being with the same anatomy with her!!!...hian ooo!!!

To cut the long story short,she came to my house one day and Because I refused to do her bidding, almost strangled me to death!!!!Mehn that was the end of the friendship (Omo,no matter how modern or civilized we are,say no to lesbianism Biko!!!)...

Oya back to my tale,I hated NYsc and I feel it was a waste of my time,did I forget to write that I scrubbed pit toilet 3 times as punishment...Loooool,my skin was black as a result of sun burn,I had rashes(Infact Stella I'll attach before and after pictures for your eyes only)....

After camp I was posted to a hospital,my chief medical director there was arrogant,refused paying me and expected me to work 24/7...I sha didn't work anything,he refused to sign for me....Hahahahaha...That was easily remedied by me...*winks*.I passed out and I was relieved that one yr of hell was over....

My personal opinion is that NYsc should be scrapped,it's a waste of one's time...*clears throat*abeg Stella nwanne m...It won't be bad if you write your own NYsc boulevard....*winks*

I started the Intro of the service year boulevard with a little bit of my story.
Are you a new BV?
I didnt see any photos attached for my eyes only abeg you.

''That was easily remedied by me...*winks*''......what exactly did you mean by this oh?This your story sef get as e be Saint?


  1. Replies
    1. Finally, I've seen someone who hated NYSC as much as I did.

    2. Like seriously, those were the longest 3 weeks of my life. I kept counting down to the end. No time for boys cos I was going through a breakup. Only good thing was that I was posted to Zenith H/O, I didn't work it, I just prayed for a good place and being a fine girl didn't hurt either.

  2. Lol@ your story sef get as e be .... you be Saint? Stella you funny

  3. Stella just leave all dis uniport gurls, there own no b hia oo, even from her story u go know say her eye no reach ground, anyways just saying

    1. Liar, you were straffing anything that moves.

  4. Uniport, hmmmm. I know any 20 different uniport graduates n undergraduates n they really all lesbians. Fear d girls in that school abeg. Marrying a uniport girl is like opening ur house to lesbianism. Let me not generalise this but from d ones I know n d stories hv heard, mba

  5. Lwkmd!

    My sides hurt.

    Both the story and Stellz's reply are hilarious.


  6. That means she signed the documents by herself!
    She forged the signature!

  7. Warrisdis. This is trash. abeg go read Service Year Boulevard 28 and see what that lady wrote. You be learner. Blockhead. Yea, by the way, i know u. Bob

  8. Warrisdis. This is trash. abeg go read Service Year Boulevard 28 and see what that lady wrote. You be learner. Blockhead. Yea, by the way, i know u. Bob

  9. So upon all your 'snob' u still scrub toilet shioor.

  10. I feel like I wrote this. I hated NYSC with my whole heart and strength. I can't think of anything good about it. Oh, maybe the Allowie. It was a total waste of my precious time

  11. Ok nah, pls can someone help me with the address to send in my SYB

    1. Scroll down u will see her email address..make sure u include gbenshing for stella to like it

  12. Disjointed story.....can't deal abeg.

  13. Stella u said u narrated little of your syb..Pls narrate all,y little??abi u gbenshed? Y hiding it..c'mon give us your tale in full biko..and moreover also send ur LRD,WNB and ur meeting point...stella nwa mma do it for us nah..tnx in advance jare.

  14. Does anyone know when batch B stream 2 start? I'm tired of this people

    1. 24th just be prepared ok

  15. A medical practitioner?
    Well, make the most of every opportunity!

    *Paul planted, Appollos watered BUT #God GAVE the increase! *

  16. Sorry,but what's the "sha" "sha" for? You are a graduate,remember..

  17. What is mehn? A graduate.. Anyway yu be uniport


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