Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 65


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 65

How long does it take to get to Taraba state from Lagos by road?

Hi ma'am, great work you're doing on here. Lemme share my service year
experience, I hope you find it interesting.

So I finally got mobilized in 2015 batch B (stream 1)after waiting
several months. Got my call up letter and found taraba state., actually
I wasn't surprised because i registered late and was left with only
northern states. Following day, I went to book a bus ticket at yaba and
met a couple of other prospectives like me. 

Tuesday, october 27th, I left home in the company of my dad and an uncle., we got to yaba,located the designated bus and waited for a couple of
friends/prospective corpers. we eventually took off around 9am, little
did we know we were in for a long thing. We stopped at ore for
refreshments then continued to asaba-onitsha-enugu-benue state.. twas
late in the night when we got to Katsina-ala (border between benue and
taraba). We all disembarked, got foods and drinks and slept till the early
hours of wednesday morning before continuing our journey. Many times
we missed our way, got redirected by immigration police and soldiers who
we spent time convincing that we weren't boko haram but prospective

 On and on we went till 7am when we got to the first town in
taraba. We started rejoicing, thinking we were almost at camp not
knowing we just started another journey. ha!! we started going
non-stop till we got to camp at 11a.m.! 

Taraba is far mehn.. 

we eventually got checked in, my big extension box was seized and I
documented it. Then we were greeted by the queue to get mattresses. I
and my tall friend eventually got our mattresses, found some aboki boys
to carry our luggages while we were being directed to our hostel. we
got our bunks close to the window and it had a socket (charging thingz).

We proceeded to mammy to buy buckets, fetched water and had a thorough
bathe. the bathrooms and toilets were good., then we went back to mammy
to eat, walk around the camp. registration queue was long so we
postponed it till the following day -Thursday. Thursday came, we got
dressed in our whites, went for registration early, then we proceeded
to collect our khaki. I was in platoon 5 while my friend got platoon
2. We took endless pictures, codedly charged our phones and lamps at
night when the camp's electricity came up, made friends, camp food was
ok, we ate and at times flexed at mammy. 

I and my friend were inseparable,a couple of camp officials were after her. I had a camp crush too but I wasn't after a relationship so we just hung out a few times and gisted. When news got out that we could relocate on the basis of
insecurity, many of us collected the form, my friend chose Oyo but
because I'd spent all my life in the s/w, I chose delta state!

 Final day of camp, we got our desired states, proceeded to jalingo to print
out our relocation letter then we (I and my bestie) went to book bus
tickets to onitsha. one of the camp officials who we've been friends
with took us in for the night and dropped us at the car park the
following day. Journey to onitsha was hectic because the unlearned
Hausa driver was taking everyone of us to Aba, not until someone who
knew the routes raised alarm at enugu. 

we eventually made it to onitsha tag 11pm, lodged in a hotel & slept. my friend left very early the following day to ibadan while I took my time and checked out 10am. I proceeded to federal secretariat for documentation, made enquiries and
got the directions to winner's chapel family house. At the
secretariat, we were told to go home for the hols and come back Jan 4th
2016. I went home after spending 2 days at the family house.

Jan 5th, I got my posting letter to a private secondary school
located in an oil exploration community. I went there and begged the
principal to reject me, I didnt like the community, twas dry and quiet.
only attraction was the oil fields, presence of soldiers and oil
workers. I proceeded to the local govt office and met the C.L.O.
handsome fair dude he was. we hit it off instantly.. he documented me
and promised to help with another ppa. 

following day, I came to the local govt office with my box (the capital is far from the lga and I was running low on cash) c.l.o had to take me in cos the community's corpers lodge was filled. I got a separate room tho. next day Thursday was general c.d.s., the L.I assigned the clo dude to do the reposting
the following week. that weekend and the remaining days before I got
reposted was spent with this dude.. 

we started off with massages first and before anyone could say "jack", I was riding him. he was so gentle and fragile, i liked him but I knew we wouldn't last. eventually, I got posted to a big private Catholic (boarding) secondary school in a nearby community. the school was receptive, I got a room in the
teacher's quarters, was entitled to food from the school kitchen. I
was the only person from Yoruba land there. I blended easily and got
paid handsomely every month. Sometime in march, I was by the roadside
waiting for a bike to my ppa after cds when this pickup van stopped in
front of me, behind the wheels was this good looking young man, we
got talking, exchanged contacts, became friends and when i eventually
paid him a visit in April, I discovered he worked in an oil coy
located in the first community I was posted to in January. we hung out
a couple of times, even attended the worker's day party his company

We eventually fell out when he went on a month holiday in August. I
wasn't disappointed because I wasn't interested in any relationship at

Cds in my community was great. we paid visits to orphanages, did community clean up,visited nearby schools and impacted knowledge.
P.O.P came, I donated some items to my ppa, the following day, the
reverend father (who was also the principal) organized a party for me.
I was the only female corper an we were just 3. the other two guys were
in stream 2. the children were wonderful all through. I got lots of
gifts from them as well as the staffs of the school. I got a letter of
recommendation and a slightly heavy brown envelope from the priest too.

October 9th, I said my final goodbyes. All in all, i enjoyed my
service year.

Thank you.

*This reminded me of Mariam Ba's so long a letter....That was even interesting,yours is the most boring SYB i have had to you are not just a good story teller.


  1. Replies
    1. Shuoo..but stellzs me I enjoyed this SYB oo.

      Poster no mind stellzs, she's one of d dramarians!

    2. Stella, that Is a rude joke. calm your titties

  2. All i saw is... before anyone could say Jack, I was riding him!! Osheeey barrest in Bobrisky's voice

  3. It's not boring. I've read boring stories here. You think it's boring because she didn't Fuck too much

  4. why na Stella, you just kill her morale. Nice story dear, it isnt easy to write

  5. So many holes in this story bhet ayam just tired, I never chop since yesterday...

  6. Oops! Madam Stella haba na. Poster it's not boring jare. Glad to know u enjoyed ur service year.

  7. How do people go about sleeping with strangers?

  8. This SYB is readable compared to yesterdays own

  9. Really long and b...

    * Paul planted, Appollos watered BUT #God GAVE the increase! *

  10. Yeah I read it to the end but I was lost along the line. Poster giving massages and riding since 1920s lol. I like your story though you said it as it is... I also did my NYSC in Delta State

  11. Stella, it wasn't boring. Glad you enjoyed your service year, lady.

  12. Stella u be real onieda

  13. Nice one. 'we' accommodated you o. Lol.

    U didn't go back to check on your fragile Bobo?

  14. She tried joor.. don't mind Stella.. @stella I would like to read your own someday..

  15. I was also a 2015 Taraba Corper but I redeployed to Ogun State and jalingo is like 3hrs to Taraba.What is your name poster?

  16. I don't know why Stella thinks this SYB is boring, but I don't agree with her on that.
    It was a fun read and I am glad she enjoyed her service year.

  17. I am a taraban and I live and work in jalingo,our state capital,we are a very warm set of people and are NEITHER HAUSA NOR MUSLIM AS WESTERNERS AND SOUTHEASTERNERS WRONGLY ASSUME.I have never gone down south but my Nigerian education has taught me that there are several ethnicities there,for example,Stella is not igbo..,Abi I lie?Auntie stella

    1. Pls tell them ohh. They are so current affairs deficient that they say things the lack knowledge of. Imagine the yeye Corper referencing the driver as unlearned hausa. If I may ask the olodo poster was the driver that brought them from sw learneth? That is his line of work which he does not need a formal education to achieve it. Beside who says that you are even well learned. Olodo lasan.(poster)

    2. Lol,too much bile @ anon18:42

  18. You gbenshed just once??? Choi.....The stories was good

  19. Nice one poster...
    Maybe one day I'll send mine in.

  20. I'm serving in Taraba now. It's about 25 hrs from Lagos.


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