Stella Dimoko Spontaneous Monday Post


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Spontaneous Monday Post

Ooops!...Rainy day today!
Boyfriends are off ...Are/is yours off too or crying and looking for excuses not to go?LOL.

Yesterday was lit and I indulged myself with Irish cream on the rocks and because I am not an alcohol person,I woke up with a small headache---Did somebody say the cure for this morning kinda feeling is to go back and take one more glass?NO THANK YOU!

Shout out to everyone,I had a great time on the blog this weekend.
Shout out to my personal person Jaymoore..OMG,thank you Man,I dont know what i did to deserve the Surprise you sent my way but just know that God will replace it all and overflow your store house.
You shall ask one person and a thousand shall respond to bless you...
God has got your back and he will never let you down.
People Jaymoore is an Angel,abeg make una help me thank am!.

Are you at work or still on the way?Did you have a great Weekend?

BV Married chick,I lost your account info cos i mistakenly deleted your email,please resend it this morning.

Intending faces of IHN please do not forget to send in lovely photos.
Birthday people if you send on same day,I might not receive it,so please consider a day or two days before cos some of you are accusing me of not posting and i shocked and then get the supposed mails like a week later with sent six days ago showing on the top right hand side.

What else?WOW!!!

Those of you (you know yourself) typing insults that you call comments directed at me,continue,this is a new week and i wanna ask you,isnt the hate too heavy for you to carry?come on choose love!

One up for love people!...Have a great day and spread some love or Jollof rice..LOL

Love to all and lots of Kisses...


  1. Funny but true
    When ur salary comes in time, u eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of chicken (eggs) and subsequently you begin to eat chicken's food, (maize and millet) and finally, when salary is finished, you become chicken itself, spending your time walking around just looking for what to eat!!

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Never Depend solely on your salary! If you Don't earn well

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Stella u dey provoke me o swear, why will u put Fan belt for president??? Which kind insult be that?

    You no see positions of cleaner, SLAVE, idiot, wash woman, toilet sit to give her? Even position of dustbin??? She is so rude!!!! Gosh!!! Please don't try such again biko

    We preach forgiveness but there is a reward for every sin biko. Be duly informed for the future.

    Concerned beevee

  3. Here comes the morning spontaneous

  4. A man was having problems with premature ejaculation so he decided to go to the doctor. He asked the doctor what could he do to cure his problem ...

    In response the doctor said, "When you feel like you are getting ready to ejaculate try startling yourself". That same day the man went to the store and bought himself a starter pistol. All excited to try this suggestion out he runs home to his wife.

    At home his wife is in bed, naked and waiting on her husband. As the two began, they found themselves in the '69' position. The man, moments later, feels the sudden urge to come and fires the starter pistol.

    The next day, the man went back to the doctor. The doctor asked,
    "How did it go?".

    The man answered, "Not that well ... when I fired the pistol my wife shit on my face, bite 3 inches off my penis and my neighbor came out of the closet with his hands in the air!"


  5. Movies and series to watch out for 2017-2019:

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2- July, 2017
    Logan (A little female wolverine with same genetics as Logan) - March,2017
    The Defenders (Daredevil, Luke Cage e.t.c) Series -2017
    Spider-Man (Homecoming) -February, 2018
    Justice League -2018
    Wonder Woman -2018
    Black Panther-2018
    The Avengers-2019
    The Months will be updated as soon as i receive Intel! 😝

    And oh! Don't watch Assasins Creed unless u want ur money to burn 😭

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Justice league, avengers,spiderman and Thor I can't wait to watch... Do u know when fast n furious would be released

    2. Thanks Kelvin.. notedπŸ™Œ

    3. Wonder woman is June 2017

    4. Nigeria movies nko? Someone should tell me good 9ja movies. Wanna go see a movie later today

  6. Hmnnn....i am still yet to recover from yesterday.

    My son! Oh my Sonshine.
    (...and one mind was telling me to put him down or let hubby carry him oh! Chai!
    the other mind be like "c'mon, carry him and strut in as a 'swagster' that you is".
    If only... I had listened to the voice of reason Mtchew.)

    Ok, so you know that minute you walk into a well air conditioned room half filled with guests and immediately ur wig is quietly yanked off your head? And then you can't quickly figure if there is an AC right above your head or the wig is actually off.
    That's what happened.

    Anyway, na so I re position the small Mr, only to see my wig dangling in his hand. My eyes quickly moved from the wig to the guests, some had locked their gaze as they stifled laugh and their eyes almost teary .

    Husboo who was in front turned back to look at me following the stares and giggles from the guest towards us, and oh dear! He just mumbled "NAME has turned you to the star of the moment" ; same time he pulled the wig from him, fixed it on my head (though not well positioned sha #sideye), and carried his sonnie

    Me sef come adjust the wig well, with a coyly smile forming I no send (but na die I de for there o! As per major fuck up)

    Na dem sabi jor.
    I lock up, maintain my signature smile and proceeded to a reserved seat.
    Wetin? Wetin happen? Lol

    Goodmorning guys! Wishing y'all a productive week.

    1. Hahahahah, kids! Oh dear....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. LMAO 😁
      Kids eeh!

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      But what happened? On a normal day he is a calm babyπŸ˜‚ Oh no! I can imagine how shocked u were. Ur mind stops functioning(even though it is) everything stops for a whole Minute(which seems like 1 hour) IkwakwakwakwaπŸ˜‚

      Oh wait! This was what u said happened to u that u were gonna Gist me last night? HahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Hahaha kids and thief touch touch...sorry about that but happy you just fixed it back and nor send

    5. Bwhahahahahahahahaha

      The only thing that came to mind is the cutest smile he will have on his face. Like momma,look!

  7. I've been laughing since I got this joke.....but are we really this bad?.. ANGELS: Father! We are tired of these Nigerians in heaven.
    GOD: What have they done this time? ANGEL: Everything! They don't listen to instructions. They don't obey traffic rules. They don't wait for their turn in anything. They are completely reckless!
    GOD: Then we better send them to hell! (Calls the Devil). Hello..
    SATAN: Hello my creator and master, pls call me later. There's an issue I'm trying to resolve. Ten (10) minutes later:
    God: Hello Lucifer.
    SATAN: Your Lordship my father! I'll call you back. The issue has turned into a crisis ooo! An hour later:
    SATAN: Hello?
    GOD: What's going on over there?
    SATAN: It's the Nigerians I have with me in hell oooo! (He stammers),they... they... they have quenched the fire in hell and installed air conditioner.

  8. Good morning everyone with a good heart.

    Off to appointment.
    Father remember me today.

  9. So excited for today


    On this day many years ago,a legend and king was born

    1. Happy birthday again

      Enjoy it is your day

    2. Happy birthday @ Isaacson.
      Live long and prosper..
      May God bless your new age.πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ
      Enjoy your day.

    3. Yes oo it shall certainly come to pass. Happy birthday loveπŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ’‹❤wish you many prosperous years ahead. Have a blast hun.

    4. Happy happy birthday Isaacson. May lines fall in present places for you sweetie, Amen!

    5. Happy Birthday Isaacson, God bless you always. Am sorry I haven't checked on you in a while.

      Hope you're good

    6. Happy birthday Isaacson

    7. Harpy birdπŸŽ‚day Eyezikson. May the Lord God blase yuo abondanly. Jos tail me wer the patty is at so Eye, mai Sheynnail Boo in the city an sum order vilegers can cum celebret wit yuo..

      Aff a blass BroπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†.

    8. Happi bdai! Wish u all d gud ur heart craves

  10. I pray we all get beautiful miracles from God this week!!!

  11. Happy spontaneous morning to you all

  12. There's no greater gift than waking up to a brand new blessed day and being in good heath. Thank God for life.
    Have a fruitful and blessed week y'all.

  13. Love and kissez to all and have a great week ahead!

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    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  15. Yaah!!!!
    I came early today!
    Good morning everyone!
    It's a brand new day,brand new opportunities
    God bless our endeavours
    Shout out to all my blog boos
    Stay blessed you all
    Kisses πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹

  16. Today is monday yet i aint feeling too mind is just so occupied..i wont be going to work jawe

  17. Good morning beautiful people, am at work. One human being almost ruined today for me but God big pass am. Imagine coming out early morning and see a man masturbating in front of his compound fully naked. This should be the second time am seeing this rubbish and my sister said it could be he is doing it for ritual purpose, I was so pissed even the Lord's chosen people that preach early morning in that area don't come to that compound side again and we thought maybe it's because of the man. Ritual or for pleasure that man is a time bomb ready to explode. I just told my sister that we should start taking another route from tomorrow. In as much as the rubbish, am in a happy mood.Thanking God for the gift of life and family.
    #am alive and grateful
    #2017 is awesome

    1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      The Lord's Chosen people scared of a could be ritualist?

  18. So happy for the wet day. On my way out, just pray the traffic will be light this morning.

  19. Rained this morning in lagos as well . Have a great week y'all.

  20. Hello bvs in the house, pls what business can I start up with 100k, pls I need business idea

  21. Chikito, u claim to be an HR personnel rite , got to knw dis from the TMI u hav been giving us on dis blog. See d kain of advice u gav dat yeye lady dat sent office brouhaha to Stella yesterday. I Jst went thru dat post ds morning. So u supported her dat it's a gud thng she talkd bac at her superior???? Jeez! Chikito u hav no manners and character from wat I hav bin able to gather from here and it's vry bad of u. Now listen attentively, I mean d person dat sent dat brouhaha, it will help u in future bcaus it's like u equally lack manners if nt, ur Oga wnt treat u anyhw up to d extent of threatening to slap u which I knw he mite jst hav issued a query instead and u opened ur dirty mouth to talk back. U neva can tel if dey wuld hav employed u in d future if u were of a good behaviour. Let me not waste my advice further jor, u wil knw beta in d future.

  22. Morning Stella and bvs.

    As for me, I don't any hate in me. I got love overflowing in me.

    This rain shld fall o. Everywhere is just too dusty.

  23. My Case Is Different30 January 2017 at 08:04

    A miracle that sound like a lie is all I asked for Oh Lord.

  24. Thank you @ Jaymoore, God bless you richly.
    Stella,God bless you too..

    God bless all the givers in da house..

  25. Another Monday! Wow, I'm looking forward to a productive week.

  26. Your ex or half bag of rice?

  27. Bv jaymoore thanks so much on behalf of Mrs SDK.may ur pocket never runs dry.

  28. My husband is a good man but his become sucidal because no job and no money to take care of me and the baby. His not lazy but his suffered so much that I keep asking where is my Awesome God. I see him cry and I can't help but cry to my God. Please God we need you so so much and now.

    1. God will send help to you in Jesus name Amen! A miracle that will look like a lie is what you will get soon. Keep praying to God and don't stop praising him.

  29. Saturday and Sunday was awesome Finally had the courage to do it.My driver is more endowed and treats a lady way better in bed than dh He ate my p like ice cream.Now I feel so shy can't even look him in the face like b4

    1. I can bet u look like Billy Blanks cuz if u r hot, u will never allow ur driver lash ur otele, so aunty no vex we ain't imaginig shit!😝

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    2. Congrats.
      Atlease we can now rest.

  30. Monday is here again, it's great to be alive.

    One of my nieces visited me yesterday and I didn't want it to end. I love my Oluwapamileriayo to bits. Missing her already... My Ayomide and Oluwaseunara are next, hehehe.

    Enjoy your week, folks and remain blessed. Always remember, behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining and behind every storm, there is a rainbow.

  31. Thank you @ Jaymoore, God bless you richly.
    Stella,God bless you too..

    God bless all the givers in da house..

    1. Jaymoore God bless you much!

      Glorious new week hubby is going in 2wks training sad much but plenty money!

  32. Rain oh, rain. This Kain rain, I no understand oh

  33. Good morning bv's
    Ok.. Last night on bbnaija was kinda fun... It was nice seeing the housemate on a tension mood.. Now they know it's just not about the food..
    The new housemate bassey be giving kemen a run for his money in the body department... His packs looks like it's God given(me likey)..can i switch team?.. No.. I kinda like Debbie-rise.. She looks like drama on her own..
    Anyways.. Uniport decided to resume today so m going to school.. Bv's.. I will be living through your gists.. Thanks in advance..
    Have a nice day everyone and remember to live d way you want to be remembered

  34. Good morning Stella

    Happy new week everyone, make somebody ask for my account details too now lol

    God bless you Jaymoore, Rhoda n Atheist good morning.

    1. Jaymoore God bless u real gud n enrich u beyond words! Rex no be onli u o, me 2 lol

  35. My mum isn't dead for a year and my dad is saying he wants to marry another wife after the one year is mum always said he will do so and he always denied it, women pls write your will, anything can happen at anytime

    1. That must hurt real bad. So sorry dear😒

    2. He had a side chick since I am saying this from experience, just allow him cis you can't change his mind.

  36. Uhmm... Angel Jaymoore, Hi!

    So, thanks to the absence of light here, my beautiful egusi soup spoilt yesterday.. I am just so grateful the stew didn't get spoilt. I just wonder why we aren't allowed to use gas cooker (the small one) or kerosene stove.

    I'm in class but the lecturer isn't here yet after I woke up by 5:30am today, did my fly makeup and wore a nice dress and it's most likely the class won't hold... Ahn, nobody should joke with me oo, the cloth, makeup and perfume can't be for nothing....

    Have a lovely day y'all

    1. Just walk round school and you'll be fine, Looool

      Enjoy your day

  37. New week
    New day
    We need your grace oh Lord... favour us this week in Jesus mighty name i pray... AMEN.

  38. Good morning and happy New week. That's how I craved badly for butter cream cake on Saturday. Had to go wait for Shoprite staff to open,Lee boo was like "Se iwo Loma koko loyun ni" This journey no be beans. #25weekspreggy# Baby dust to all GTC. At work already.

  39. Good morning people
    It's gonna be a great day over here... i can feel it
    God's blessings upon us all

    Tboss is definitely into that guy Miyonce!!! OH my God
    Did you guys see them last night? Cuddling, playing and acting like they've been lovers since forever! And she is jealous of Gifty lol.. stylishly telling him to go be with his other women like a jealous girlfriend lol
    That one was busy denying and laughing like a clown but they were definitely feeling each other mbok

    Let them hurry up and do the Do already, we the viewers need some entertainment jare hohoho

    1. Tboss likes Miyonce, but she's just playing smart
      Give Miyonce this thing do, she no gree
      OK let am go collect am from Gifty, she dey jealous.
      Tboss, Iga buru ogbehe buru amusu?

    2. Becky good morning..
      Heart you too❤️

  40. Thank God for a great day, i have a test todayi havent been able to read, just hope il still pass, anyway theres always a way...
    An angel should please locate me this week oo...

  41. Good morning peeps!
    It's a rainy Monday morning,thinking of having a warm bath and a hit coffee to go with,will be going to the store late(anonymous oya jump inside lagoon).
    Life is good!

  42. A new day has come!
    More than grateful for seeing this day....
    I'll bask in the sun and dance in the rain...
    Hoping to complete what is keeping me in this town and run home.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you God.

  43. My weekend was great!
    Thank you Jaymoore.
    It's raining on the island, not a funny thing. I'm at work now, feeling sooo sleepy, God help me today.
    A blessed New week to us all.

  44. Anyone that can supply me with moist but uniced red velvet cake around magodo should contact me today. That's all I crave, this flat tummy journey isn't easy jare. Rain please fall heavily for once.

  45. Lmao
    Father send me jollllllof rice ...I have washed my plates clean

    Oh I am preparing for lectures already but still looking for an excuse not to go
    They are having SUG elections today but a call from our HOD insists we are having lectures today.

    Can you imagine 23 candidates came out for SUG PRESIDENT but only 2 passed the screening exercise . Na them sabi

    Got to go
    8 AM lecture calling

    Have a lovely day all
    Cookie dear I hail o... I no go matric anf besides I was out of town before the D day.

    Loveme Jeje kee way
    I love you plenty
    It haff do o beloved. ..go to school others are wenting . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. My dear, I 'saw' and 'unsaw'.... Loooool

      Made the mistake of going to VCs office that day cos I had something to do there, was stuck inside school, decided to feed my eyes!!

  46. Good morning..
    It's a beautiful week.

    Is shonda rhimes havibg a problem with someone of the Greys Anatomy actors? I found it weird that a whole episode didn't show Meredith at all..

    Meanwhile I don't believe Frank killed Wes, could he? Could he have wanted to hurt Analise seeing that's her favorite ? Seeing that he is looking towards her for forgiveness.. I feel he was hurt by what Laura said or he just wanted Analise out of there.. Still can't believe shonda rhimes killed of Wes. What am I saying, I believe. She did it to Derek..

    On a lighter note, can people stop touching my nose πŸ˜„πŸ˜…. I know it's pointed. I know it's like fulanis peoples nose .πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

    1. Madam u talk too much fab mum.

    2. Madam u talk too much fab mum.

    3. Always hated that laurel... I never liked her with wes.. Bonnie might have killed wes... But not frank...

    4. Fab mum pls can I have that medium sized waist trainer you no longer use? Pretty pls

    5. Leave her alone someone cannot type in peace again if you don't like her comments scroll pass.

  47. Replies
    1. Good morning everyone!
      So a friend came from d east n brought agbalumo for me OMG! It was d sweetest agbalumo I have ever tasted in ma life!
      Funny thing is, I read here DAT agbalumo from d east is a force to be associated with!

      Now,I'm keeping tab of everyone coming n going to d east!
      Just wanna taste dat agbalumo again.

    2. Oh yea! I'm so loving this weather. Though I hate rain but the cool breeze sends some shivers down my spine. Good morning beevees.

  48. Good morning y'all. More blessings to you Jaymoore.
    Chineke, I opened a pack of good morning cornflakes after deciding to switch brands. Chei! What my eyes have seen, my mouth cannot talk. Goodmorning cornflakes, negodu! Big pack, long inner nylon and yet the smallest of contents, just negodu!

    1. Not only that o

      The price has doubled

  49. I dinnor see Linda's picture in any of the wedding photos. She snubbed them?

    1. So?
      must she take pictures with them?
      Are the couple complaining?

    2. Madam this is too early, leave lindaikeji and her family alone.if you must know she was there, it was Laura's marriage and not Linda's.

  50. Thank you Jesus for all you are doing in my life .no matter what I face I know all things working for my good,its intentional ,never failing
    This is my week the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it
    Hello people ,how was your weekend .wish you all blissful week


  51. Our personal person jaymore thank you so much o! Good morning dear BVS am already in class dis morning o! To learn new language no dey easy o! Shout out to sandy necky,villager, blackberry, Lucille coconut oil, doppelganger, wishing you a wonderful week ahead kisses

    1. Hello dear! Tankio and have a fab day!

    2. Gud moaning.
      Whishing yuo a grate wick.

      May God dey wit yuo all thru.

  52. Na wa oo so gifty of BlackBerry naija married her husband in 2014, I saw it on nairaland David Sorochukwu Akumah is her husband

    1. That girl is so fake and dumb.

    2. Lol...she say she be virgin na

    3. Big Brother Naija abi Android anon?

    4. Very very fake, daft,slow and dumb!shs got no strategy at all! Using fake phoney wey person no de even understand!someone wey neva reach Togo before! I can't wait for her to be evicted abeg! Mk she carry her fairness go! So shs even married?i pity her husband!smh!

  53. Happy birthday Isaacson, May God Almighty bless your new age Amen. Make you shine more among your mates Amen and be the shinning Armour in your father's house.

    Good morning great people. Already in the office and taking my cup of tea this morning. The rain self na wa, see road.

    Big boss is already up to the office, let me be the good babe that he knows.

    hahahhahaha. My lovelies how are you all. Enjoy this beautiful day God has made for everyone of us Amen

    1. Amen.....thanks for your birthday wish,it means alot to me❤❤❤❤❤

    2. Hey Princess 😘😘😘😘

  54. I come from a troubled home. Financial problems and instability has been our neighbor for as long as I can remember. Now am dating a young boy who I really like, mind you I have never had a stable relationship @23 and I want so much for this to last. Now my friend wants to hook me up with her uncle. Very rich ,single and old. Mid fifties and in need of a loyal wife. Do I go ahead or just stick to my 24yr old good bf?

    1. Never date a broke ass nigga, coz dey ain't loyal. Mid fifties isn't he too old? If you like him and you see yourself being happy with him, NNE go ahead life is too short mbok, your children deserve the best.

  55. I was so horny last night that i couldn't sleep.. Anybody like that or na only me waka come?

    BV NkT

    1. Lol
      I can relate oh
      We plenty wey Waka come.

    2. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

      Its well with our soul,loooooool

    3. Me sef follow dey that boat. Being horny in the early hours of the day ain't funny at all.iiiiiiiiish let me do and go and marry joooor.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. Chi fine girl like u!wetin happen to d S/M guys na?u no see d one wey u like? If u don't have any bobo mk I introduce u to my big uncle wey de single o!d guy go take vry gd cr of u wella! I like u!

  56. At home. Believing God that i will get a job this week, and start going to the office like you guys. SDK rocks.

    1. Amen will join my faith with yours.
      Just remember to send shoki when time for testimony reach coz I see it happening soon.

  57. I want to thank God for sparing the life of my kid sister last night from a horrible motor accident. Traveled all d way from Oturpko only for their vehicle to crash some few kilometers after Keffi, when they were almost in Abuja fah. God thank YOU. Please let the x-ray report come back with nothing IJN.

    1. Oh wow!
      God got her. She will be fine as the report will be clean.

    2. May God be praised.
      Thank God for her life..

  58. Beautiful morning..
    Wishing every Beevees a blessed week ahead.
    Jaymore wishing may God's showers of blessings over you never ceased.
    SDK, nwayioma continue your good work, you're indeed a blessing to this generation. I pray to touch lives like you when am made.

  59. @Jaymoore, thank you and God bless

  60. God bless you JAYmoore

  61. Jaymore, God bless you.
    I woke up so late ... I'm so late to work and I can't be bothered. It's just January and I'm already feeling tired.

    Can't I just sleep in bed all day!!! Sigh
    Adam and Eve ... well done oooo. Ya'all responsible for me tilling the soil.
    Have a lovely week everyone.

    1. Lol@ Adam and Eve. More like Eve, the shit stirrer! Adam was only trying to please his wife, lol. In other news, Saboooooooo πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  62. I dnt enjoy sex anymore wit le boo,he' started being rough doin sex and my nipples suffers d most, i always pray 4 him to cum fast cus am Always sad wen we having sex,we gtin married DIZ year,should I tell him or kip pretending,DIZ our 5th year in DIZ relationship.

  63. I saw this and tbought i should share with BVs

    Abeg make una come see fight ooo.

    A man was in a public transport wanted to see the reaction of others.

    So he took his phone, dialed a number, placed the phone to his ear and said in a low tone:
    "Baby, I can't come to you today because I'm in the same public transport with your husband. I'll call you later okay? I love you!" 😳

    All the men in that bus demanded, "Excuse me mister man, I want to see the number you just called?😧

    As I am writing to you, it's hot and heated in the bus even the driver wants to know the last number the man just dialed!.


    BV NkT

  64. Debie rise entrance into the house was scary, bisola and her group can gossip about their fellow housemates, they spoke about how gift is truly mixed bt her mama no wan tell her to embarrass her. And they also gosspi abt miyonse and tboss's high school love. I think bisola is envying the new housemates and our drama queen uriel Don calm down,no confidence again.

    1. Don't mind that Debbie.
      Her prank was too extreme.
      Epileptic prank was really in bad taste reasons HHmates didn't welcome her properly afterwards.

    2. For a moment,I thought it was real,she's a really good actress. Bisola is becoming annoying with her big mouth,I like Bassey,he's confident and I love the conversation between him ans Debbie.

    3. What is Debbie rise even doing there?
      She was in Nigerian idol with that her thick voice now BBN.
      Her quest for fame is real
      Silly silly prank
      If she did that prank without being asked to by BBN, then she's really sick in the head.

    4. So u mean gifty doesn't know her biological dad? Thank God for bbnaija o. At least if she wins now,the papa go show

    5. Hahahhaha dis cracked me up
      @ her mama no wan tell herπŸ˜‚

      Abeg Bisola should go and rest. We all throw expensive pranks. Granted,she was scared but afterwards nko? So let's assume it was Tboss her paddy that threw that prank? We all know the answer right? She was sad Tboss left and took it out on Debbie.
      I like Debbie. And the new guy.

      That Miyonce is disloyal. Shuo! Imagine humming body with Debbie and even giving her Tboss's locker while Tboss' exit was stil freshπŸ˜‚
      I now officially "un-fan" him. He was pulling at his non-existent beard last night and I felt soo irritated.

      Still don't understand that Cocoice chick.I don't think a chick like her suffer from self-esteem. And after watching her last night,it didn't make sense. There is something else.

      TTT,I tried to. I really did try. But it ain't working. And errrr I tot they said his something was something something but I saw some "loaded Something" last night LMAO

      Who else? I know someone is gonna blast me for this but hey! I don't dig that Uriel geh. *RME*
      *waves @ You,Iphie my dearie and blows u beautiful kisses* LMAO

      Efe! I like u dude. U remind me of my youngest brother. But tone it down a bit. Don't be too confident. We voters don't like over-confident peeps. Don't get me wrong. Be confident and all. But don't make it seem like u know the Game too well. You know the Players and they aren't good enough or u can see through them and counter-play their game plans. Don't be cynical. Relax and have fun. No one likes a very proud person.
      Asides this,u are a natural,most peep's fave.u are doing fine.

      Tboss baibay! My love for u baby! My love for u knows no horizon.😘

    6. Ohhhhh!how I love Uriel and coco

    7. Kemen can now be evicted since Bassey is in da house! Whoop! Whoop!

      Tboss is such a prude! Use to love her but now! I mean, how can one person keep so much people in mind!
      She thought Gifty, Bisola n so much others didn't like her! Like WADAF..!
      I need her to come clean n say she really really isn't dating DAT Mayonnaise for real!
      Having 'emotional undergrowth' isn't d best!

  65. It's a slightly wet Monday. Thank God for another opportunity to be alive, thank you Jesus. A million thanks to jaymoore for surprising the queen of hearts; God bless you bro, all hail the president of sdkb. May the Lord bless our week.

    1. Hows your mum Sis??? Amen to your prayer!!

  66. Wow..... Pls mothers in house, how do you do it? Pls I need advice on how to manage my baby without any help or baby gadgets and other chores cos I can't back him for health reasons and he is quite weighty. Secondly the house isn't condusive for him to crawl around without being monitored so I can hardly do anything when he isn't asleep which is often.

  67. Talking about Jaymoore, one anonymous posted this on yesterday's bvs for President and I'm still laughing. Wait, how many people can do this to those who insult them? Despite Eka joy's rudeness and all the insults she heaped on Jay, he credited her account in December and as a result, Eka joy screamed Jaymoore for President yesterday. Uwa nka!

    Anonymous29 January 2017 at 21:17
    Money good ohhh, remember when jay said 50k for anybody that will bring forth Eka joy pixx, she cuss him 20drums, now you are singing his praise, jay sure know his way around, anybody insult you, slap the idiot with some clean notes and the table will turn around, chaaai! Money you will be my slave.

  68. At home today, chicken pox got me. Expecting good news today as regards something important and I hope to share my testimony on 'our' blog to the glory of God.

    1. Chicken pox? Where did you get it from? Eyaaah,Pele . Hope you're applying calamine lotion?

  69. Jay jay thantuuuu

    Anti ne ekele GI welu welu

  70. Yaaaaayyyy!
    I hope I met spontaneous post early enough, Shout out to everyone that makes SDKB worth visiting and lively.
    My special shout out goes to our beloved President Buhari as his 10 days vacation ends today. Dear sir, I hope you got enough rest for the remaining part of 2017? We really need you to fix up the country and give us the promised and long awaited change. Safe trip able President, I know you can do it.


  71. anonymous husband30 January 2017 at 08:43

    Ladies, wives, please, what you preach, practice! What is good for cock is good for busu!

    You say we should 'eat' you but when guys get together to hangout similar complains, not clean enough, not fresh enough, yet these babes are always on fleek abi flick o! But house keeping of busu and environs, mba! Please. We love giving you pleasure, but encourage us!

    Also, many of my guys also discovered we initiate sex more than you wives. Why nah?? Una Wey wan use d tin kii us when dating, now if we don't initiate for a month you're cool with it!

    Some will come now and say ots becos d men don't do them right, etc., aunty Na lie! That can't be the case in every home!

    Please o, that place Una dey meet discuss tell each other: Keep busu clean & fresh & try to initiate love making at least 5 times a month! Na beg we dey o, help us remain faithful!


    1. What is good for the cock is good for the busu? Kwakwakwakwakwa I can't stop laughing.

  72. It's a rainy lovely monday morning in Lagos too. We're hooded and headed to the office premises, my twinnies be blinking like no other. Hahaha. This weather I don't trust, it can still get hot later in the day. We thank God anyway.
    Traffic is snake-like, whatagwan?

    The weekend was bam and my Bestie made me take something and I got knocked out, woke up late into the night but it worked wonders for my system. That's how I missed some fun posts last night, to everyone who chose me. E-hugs and kisses. We know ourselves. (#Team---No pretence, no ass licking, no famzing. We straight like that).

    To the Busus I offer una E-milk, "meooooowwww" come and lick it. This is just a blog, keep your poison under your cupboard you no fit see me. I dieth not. I was bathed with mmili ogbaa salasala from Abannaa when I was entering Sec level. No shaking inugo.
    Highness are coming up gradually. I see you going into a Busu. Kikiki. Enjoy the new position. E-hugs.

    Nma...keep keeping up and watch your back. NDAA woke up and voted o. Hahaha. She's very much around. Ogbujekwe! strong. No leles.
    King XOXO...the weekend has finished, back to blog biko.
    Martins aboy...okwulora 1 of SDK. Were ya nwayo nnaa,dem tell you wetin to type ko? abi we dey fight before? Shuoooo.

    My greatest accomplishment in life is BEING ME in a World constantly trying to CHANGE ME.

    Stella you no fit spell my name after half a decade, receive E-slap "twaiiii".
    Your name has changed too.
    For those insulting you, use one paragraph review the insult or paste am make we help you beg and address them. Why allow them spoil your lovely day?

    Be strong woman and hold your seat tight. "A na abrought gi up, I na abrought onwe gi down". Hian!
    Nigerians are embittered, everyone wan bite everyone.

    Top of the week to you all. My table is FULL. Too much to 'vend'. Arrrrrh. I go hear nwiii today but by end if week Na free styling.
    Be good. You, you and you.

    My music on full blast and repeat mode...
    "Miss Independent that's why I love her...(NEYO)..."
    \over and out/

  73. Happy new week to every body in the house I heart you all.choi-choi how far?

  74. Good morning Stella and my lovely bvs
    I just want to appreciate God for the covenant of life and safety he had granted us all

    Jay Moore God bless you more and more.
    I wish everyone a joyous day and week.

  75. Happy birthday Issacson
    May God bless your new age

  76. God bless you massive, Jaymoore...
    Goodmorning beautiful people...
    Have you said "thank you Jesus" today?
    #Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!

    1. "Thank you Jesus". Morning beautiful woman, God bless you always.

  77. good morning beautiful people!!! thanking God for a beautiful day and week... couldn't sleep all through last night cos i had and still having diarrhea...feeling weak and hugging my pillow tight... Jesus loves you...

  78. Thank God I made it here....

    My night was somehow, couldn't sleep well..... Pheeeeew!!

    My lovelies, I love y'all muchos 😘😘😘😘

    Presido Jaymoore, thank You ooooo!!

    What else?? Errrrrrm, May we all have a fruitful week, Amen!!

  79. Where are those people that were trekking up and down for BUHARI in 2015?
    We need u people now to trek to London nd confirm something important for us! πŸƒ πŸƒ

    Good morning all

  80. Good morning to all my amebo friends, hope you all slept well? Last night was rough for me nd I didn't sleep at all not even a blink!

    Went to visit mum yesterday and a mother of five came to beg for what To eat from rice to Maggi and I ask her 'if u eat this now ,what're u going to eat tomorrow (today) THEN she burst into tears with long explanation dat her husband left her to care for the kids alone😒😒 My mind is really mense up big time ,some people are really suffering in this buhari regime...... Are there really kids who aren't going to school because of the fee, ?

  81. Back to ma base, all thanks to the Almighty God for protecting,keeping and preserving my life from all ills....
    Favor me today Lord as I step out today in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Good morning pipo!

  82. Goodmorning beautiful people
    Wishing us all a fruitful week.......I'm new here

  83. Am heading to mama joys buka to eat rice and beans and plantian. That woman can cook for Africa I don't know what makes her food different abi na the firewood ni? Thinking out it sef makes me salivate.

  84. Morning my lovelies. Been up all night reviewing hair on YouTube that I want to buy (woman problems, lol)
    About to have a power nap and then get back on the grind. Bought 30% of my cousins growing jewellery business and about to review contracts. It's been back and forth, really wanted 50% but I guess she wants some sense of ownership, fine by me. Nothing like your money working for you!
    TGW, waiting for my recipe. I'm curious and really want to try it now.
    Fantastic day y'all...


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