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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Unusual First Names Of Zimbabweans ....

Around the middle of the 20th century many Zimbabwe (at the time the country was an English colony called Rhodesia) African parents began to give their new born babies very unusual English first names, a tradition that still continues today.

The list of names below is real and belongs to mostly well known personalities in Zimbabwe (politicians, soccer players, artists, as well as ordinary people).

Today in Africa, the first and most famous name that comes to my mind that would fit really nicely into the relatively short list below, would be of Goodluck Jonathan, the President of Nigeria

Marvellous Mhlanga-Nyahuye
Lovemore Matombo

Saviour Kasukuwere
Sixpence Dlamini
Evidence Manyere

Fortune Mpofu
Blade Nzimande

Biggie Chitoro
Admire Mukorera
Trymore Simango
Smile Dabengwa
Surprise Moriri
Trust Mudzuri
Learnmore Jongwe
Jealousy Mawarire
Canaan Banana
Silence Chihuri
Kindness Paradza

Memory Shiriinorira
Hopewell Chinono
Talent Mabika
Prosper Mutseyami
Witness Masunda
Precious Chidhuku
Brilliant Dube
Clever Bere
Shepherd Mutamba
Passionate Chiedza
Godknows Dzoro Mtshakazi
Okay Mabhena
Moreblessing Tirivangani
Settlement Chikwinya
Choice Ndoro
Fashion Phiri
Perseverance Rufaro
Prosper Ncube
Praisegod Sibongile
Givemore Manuella

Method Mwanyazi
Limited Chicafa
Danger Fourpence
Have-a-look Dube
Clever Muzuva

Heavens Chinyama
Heavy Weight Utaunashe
Democracy Muguti
Released Results Matongo
Runoff Vuyani
Polling Station Nhamoinesu
Ballot Box Makhosi

The last 5 names were from a Zimbabwe maternity records list showing some strange names given to new born babies during and after an election period.

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Serendipity said...

Lol @ sixpence

Pipi Lee said...

The last 4 tho...lmaoooooo
Then, have-a-look, danger, six pence, 4 pence, memory...Lord have mercy.

Madam Thomas the talk talk Aka the big mouth said...

One of my babies name is Allmyhaters must die Chidiebube

Serendipity said...

Jealousy, settlement and danger too? Hahaha

missylynn said...

Omo see names ooo

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

very funny

Monkeynofine said...


Zitel Coconut oil Onitsha 08081725441 said...

See names... Hilarious

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...


Amaka Hundeyin said...


Blackberry said...

I've seen Drinkwater.

MrsB said...

Lmao @ Trymore and Settlement
Nigeria is on the way here though cause some names I hear just make me roll. Once met someone named 'Appleyard'. I weak

HummingBird said...

O mehn see names o

Intelligentsia princess said...

I love heavens, its a nice name.
Others are something else

Moncoeur's behbeh said...

Mbok nsido Danger Fourpence? Lol
Heineken Akpoboriye
Firstname Lastname
Given-Braide Joseph etc

SUNSHINE said...

I have heard Starlight, Rescue, Stranger, Stonecold, Citizen.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ have a look dube
Ballot box makhosi
Choi lwkmd

Minnie Rexpect said...

These names though. Were their parents high on cheap drugs when they gave their kids these names?
Trust Nigeria schools the kids won't hear the last of it.Since it's the norm there I'm sure there'll be no bullying.

Empress Harlow said...

Someone in my church bears mustard seed and he's Nigerian.

Rosemary Chidi said...

Lmao @ jealousy and ballot box

Onyi Ekeh said...

lol.. Nigerians are learning too. like, wonderful , crusade , revival, jubilee

Default Smile said...


#My case is different

becky naka said...

Very funny, inukwa danger, hahahahahaha

Na me talk am (after 3year) said...

Naija own is Gone be resession Buhari, subsidy Jonathan and more..

Blossom said...

Lmao @Jealousy and Canaan.

ninuola said...

Jealousy 😂😂😂😂 learnmore (omg),"have a look " (hilarious )released results (kuku kee mee), runoff (oya come and be going )

Esther Mgbolu said...

I have seen sitdown

queen hadassah said...

Trymore, givemore, lovemore, memory,

MrsB said...

Stonecold 😂😂😂
People are cray

MISSFIT said...

Memory is true. The protagonist in the book I am reading is Memory by name too.. Coincidence much.

checkout jane said...

I've seen college, information,boy. All are male

Classic Chic! said...

Had a classmate whose name was 'breakthrough'

Queeneth said...

Choi! Memory, Silence kwa???

Janelle said...

But prosper,precious and choice are regular names. I love the name "Prosper" don't know why.

Yemi7up said...

Some of those names sha, jealous, fashion olorun maje, its better to name a child ones language that comes with beautiful meanings.

Zee ka said...


oba said...


Anonymous said...

I have seen knowledge,christmas and surprise.i wondered how d woman could name her child surprise.

Becky Divine said...

Hahaha na wah

Anonymous said...

That's nothing., I have relatives named PlayStation and Nintendo...

Pipi Lee said...

Really! Who are their parents?

Anonymous said...

Heineken Lokpobiri
Clever Ikisikpo
Drinkmore Ovuori
Godsday Orubebe
Rockwell Sokombi
Wellwater Sunday

Uriel (Freshdew) said...

"Released results" 😵
It is well 😁

Anonymous said...

Naija Nko,,,rivers and bayelsa people that name their children Government, general, christmas, heineken, shell, America, chevron mobil etc nko? Seriously. I have heard and seen people with those names. Tompolo sef na Government Ekpemuopolo. Heineken dey house of senate dey guzzle beer. Na so!

Anonymous said...

Drink water and keep cup. That one na my grandmama lines.

Anonymous said...

Sweetpussy sunday

Anonymous said...

One of my co worker name is poverty is from zibambue,another one is called badluck they bear funny names

Anonymous said...

I see have-a-look what about take-a-seat or have-a-dance or takemore banana?
Namez of life.


Anonymous said...

I would not doubt it. I had a classmate from Zimbabwe with his first name being Welcome

Anonymous said...

Please its Heineken Lokpebiri

My D said...

Pussy Pipi
Dick Sassy
Suck Sandy
Lick Blackberry
Eat Eka joy

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