Stella Dimoko Walter Wagbatsoma Under House Arrest In The UK For Money Laundering Convicted For Fraud In Nigeria


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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Walter Wagbatsoma Under House Arrest In The UK For Money Laundering Convicted For Fraud In Nigeria

A Nigerian billionaire, Walter Wagbatsoma, has been convicted of fraud by a Lagos court.

Adaoha Ugo-Nnadi, convicted alongside Mr. Wagbatsoma for fuel subsidy fraud, fainted in the dock Friday as the judge began to read the sentence for her conviction forcing the proceedings to be rescheduled to Monday.

Mrs. Ugo-Nnadi, Mr. Wagbatsoma, and their company, Ontario Oil and Gas, were convicted on an eight-count amended charge of fuel subsidy fraud before the Ikeja Division of the Lagos High Court.

The minimum sentence for the crime is seven years while the maximum is 20 years.

Mr. Wagbatsoma, the first convict, is currently under house arrest in the United Kingdom where he is accused of money laundering.

The judge directed that a medical doctor be summoned and announced she would read her final judgment on Monday.

The convict, crying and retching on the floor inside the dock, was carried into her waiting Sports Utility Vehicle, and rushed to a hospital.

It was a dramatic end to a day that began with the suspects strolling around the courtroom in an ebullient mood before the judge’s arrival around 9.20 a.m. Mrs. Ugo-Nnadi, decked in an immaculate blue attire, slapped the arm of a friend telling her to “cheer up,” and a few moments later laughed at a seemingly hilarious joke shared by her lawyer.
The defendants were first arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in 2012 for fraud, forgery, and conspiracy amounting to N1.9 billion in the fuel subsidy scheme.

They were later re-arraigned in 2013 after the trial judge was elevated to the Court of Appeal, and then again in 2016 on an eight-count amended charge.

They had pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

A prosecution witness gave evidence that, in the first transaction, Ontario Oil paid N37 million for 12 million litres of fuel in a throughput agreement with Integrated oil and Gas, but later collected subsidy for 19 million litres.

In the second transaction, the company collected subsidy for 19 million litres while they paid a throughput agreement with Obat Oil worth N28 million for 10 million litres of fuel.

“Both the first and second defendants signed the cheque for the throughput agreement,” the judge quoted the witness as saying.

Another prosecution witness, Obinna Ukonu, a store officer at Integrated Oil and Gas, gave evidence that Ontario brought in 12 million litres of fuel via a mother vessel, MT Pacific, and then a daughter vessel, MT Union Brave. The same quantity was “trucked out” by the company.

“I find that there is credible, concrete evidence that the quantity of petrol discharged was 12 million litres,” said the judge.

“Evidence by the prosecution is that the product was discharged into one tank which cannot contain more than 16.5 million litres because of an inbuilt floating roof that takes about two million litres.”

An exhibit that the judge described as “very damaging” to the defendants’ case was Exhibit D1, a calibrated report which showed that the tank in question cannot contain more than 18 million litres of fuel.


In 2012, when the convicts were first arraigned, Mr. Wagbatsoma was absent.

Rotimi Jacobs, the EFCC counsel, told the then judge, Habeeb Abiru, that he had fled to the U.S. to avoid trial.

When he eventually returned to face trial, the judge imposed a N450 million bail on him.

In July last year, despite the court holding his international passport and other travel documents, Mr. Wagbatsoma was arrested in Germany and extradited to the UK to face money laundering charges.

He is currently under house arrest in the UK.

On Friday, the judge said Mr. Wagbatsoma during his testimony tried to distance himself from the running of Ontario Oil and Gas.

“The first defendant while testifying laboured to convince the court that he was not involved in the day to day running of the fourth defendant, but he signs the cheques,” Mrs. Okunnu said.

“He is of sound, literate mind. Over and over again, he informed the court he sits on the board of 27 companies. He knew what he was doing when he signed those cheques, and there is evidence that he used the money from the subsidy payment.”

For Mrs. Ugo-Nnadi, the judge described her as the “operating mind and the alter ego” of the company.

“She had full knowledge of the entire exercise.”

The judge also said she had no doubt that the company forged shore tank certificate, used for the subsidy payment.

“I find the first, second, and fourth defendants guilty of forgery. All three of them conspired as there was a meeting of minds,” she said.
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  1. When they were sucking Nigeria and Nigerians dry, through their crooks way; they didn't thought about the consequences of their thievery acts.

    They should all rot in jail, I'm surprised that angry youths did not go to the court with placards, to shame these rogues and pushed for more jail term.

    There shall be no peace for anyone involved in the dwindling economic situation of Nigeria.

  2. When shall they start convicting some northerns of corruption also?

    1. Sometimes when I read ur comments I feel like coming through the internet just to give u head butt that will bust ur head. What an animal in human kingdom u re. Why don't u go after the northerners local fowl? How many northerners are being prosecuted today? Use ur time wasted online to better ur life. Ode

    2. Lol @ 9.26, he deserves the head butt.

    3. Enter your reply... We have so many educated illiterates in this country. No wonder those baba's say they can't hand over power to the youths. We are only good at sex. Dance. Crime & senseless comments.

    4. It was Jonathan that took these fuel subsidy scammers to court. Buhari is a toothless bulldog nobody will be convicted.

  3. Na wah oh! Which way naija?

  4. Hmmm this conviction thing sef I tireoooo Mey dem bring down dollar na my main issue no be to dey do all these jor mtchew

  5. Wicked and greedy people...even with all this arrest and fainting,more people will still indulge in all this scam and not give a hoot...if death penalty is introduced as the punishment for scamming or money laundering they all will think twice before being greedy nonsense

  6. #Everything you need will come at the perfect time*

  7. Nigeria on a long thing.......nna go hear am.....

  8. I thought there was a list of companies indicted in the subsidy scam. Where are they please? Or are they delivering judgment batch by batch?

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