Stella Dimoko Women Are Bad Drivers (?)


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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Women Are Bad Drivers (?)

When a woman sits behind the wheels of a car.....Guess what happens!


  1. Replies
    1. I don't think that women are bad drivers but Chinese people are!😜😎

  2. I cut cap for her. Maybe she was going through alot

  3. Hehehehe...reversing because of God. Lol...
    She figured out she didn't have a choice and was at a wrong side. Took her 25mins to realize that

  4. Women are real bad drivers, they feel you wanna oppress them and will never give way even if you were trafficking. They need to live and lets live and am a female.

  5. Torr!

    on the other hand;i dont know if its just me tho,but i find it kinda sexy when i see a beautiful lady driving.might sound weird sha!

    Reason why my future wifey must have a car for herself even if i dont own one..


    1. Hi Martin,

      I had it chip in my comment cos of what you typed.

      I'm with you on that!

      I love it when I see good-looking women driving sleek cars!

    2. Complex issues. Deal with it fuck boy

    3. You must be a romantic person...take kiss for your last statement

    4. Hello @Rubynnia,really been a while!! wow,really good to see your comment..**Waves Hand**

      @kerry okoye;you are a gorgeous lady and it would be soo cool to watch you drive

      @Kidjo,im smiling now and cant give a complete sentence as to why...#E-hugs


  6. oh our patient God ,i know you must be tired how we call your name on everything happening on earth,please keep being patient with us ..amen

    1. God knows us the work of his hand very well.

  7. Lmaooo @ am reversing because of God.
    But ermm...Not all women are bad drivers sha.
    I am a formula one driver. Reversing on point, stunt driving on point. Navigating and meandering oh boy!
    I am tested and trusted. Lol

    1. Oshey endtime Lewis Hamilton...kikikikiki

    2. I see you Hun!
      It takes one to know one baby!πŸ˜‰

    3. Hahahhahahaha Pipi!!! I need to give you a ride for your confirmation.

      TGBaibay! My boo 'ov laive'
      Yea baby

    4. Lol@ end time Lewis Hamilton. Hahahahah. I admire all you good drivers.
      Formula one driver, yes.(my feet is pedal happy)
      Reversing, yes.
      Parking, hmmmm.
      Navigating, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. (Not even with my satnav)

    5. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…. I try my best ooo

      Pedal happy ✔✔✔
      Reversing ✔✔✔
      Navigating ✔✔✔
      Parking hmmmmmmmm not too sure

  8. Some Men are like that too, the ish is that we Nigerians are always in a hurry Haba...Where are we ALWAYS late too.. It's better to get there alive than dead.

  9. Those people abusing her are frustrated people ooo. That is how most of them behave.

    Am sure she was provoked. Una too they look for our women trouble everytime.

    Una forget say women no dey hear abeg when driving.

  10. Women are not bad drivers.

    Women dey suffer for road sha. If you make any mistake while driving them go say "na woman na"

  11. Women aren't necessarily bad drivers. As a lady,I drive pretty well especially compared the the lots on kano roads...And when I say lots I mean men and women alike..

    Happy new year ...sdk fam...It's being a while

  12. Lol @ I am reversing bcos of God..
    That should be Nigeria's motto 'because of God'

    Well, some women are bad drivers, same as some men.

    Dum Spiro spero.

  13. Imagine the temerity.
    Wrong and stil stubborn and unapologetic about it.
    One sees sorts on the road. You just have to be patient,I mean real patient,if not Some drivers wil make u lose your cool with their very bad driving and foul language.

    Their fave cuss word for women,#ash***
    And for men,Idiot!

    1. Around here, it's, 'nwa Abakaliki, nwa Nsukka, aturu Awusa, onye iberiebe, negodu kabukabu o n'anya.'

      Oh Chim!

      And then, someone makes a wrong turn or a mistake driving, you hear the men saying, 'I'm sure it's a woman.' Meaning? Mtchewww!


    2. One lady tried it with me na.
      She even angrily drove with force and bashed me even with a baby in her back seat.
      I gave her a hot chase to her estate and her house.
      Our noise attracted the husband and their neighbours come see shout, the man started shouting at her coz she also bashed her car in the process.
      Man begin beg me. Am like hell no they got to repair this shit coz i didn't pursue her here for that.
      The man now said he must use his mechanic, am like no problem.
      He later then changed and said his mechanic is in zuba so that i would get discouraged.
      Am like no problem when are we going,tonight or when?

      When he saw that i was serious he was now like,okay get my number tmw i would be in apo so we can all settle it.

    3. The thing is, once you get behind the wheels and about to zoom, just keep re-echoing in your head "every other driver is not a good driver, I need to be alert" that way their madness will not surprise you.

      Hahahahahaha, German you for sorry for her because of the baby nau. Chai. Maybe she was tensed. But then again, It's their attitude afterwards that makes one go mad.

  14. "I am reversing because of God". lmao

  15. Loolz! Trouble makers everywhereπŸ™„smh!

  16. when driving,I try my best possible to be calm as I can but when u try me,my mouth is as sharp as a two edged sword. I can rake die when handling d steering . And I hate that word "na woman,I go drive myself"

    I sabi cause scene for road o,I remember a day one guy was trying to "use" me bcx I'm a woman and I had to turn off my ignition on a major road. A junction at that and I was causing serious traffic. Next person I saw was hubby driving from opposite side chai,I saw him telling d person inside his car dt,dts his wife lol,he looked at me with one Lind eye and I just drove off

    chai,I de kolo for road at times especially when u try
    intimidating me bcx I'm a WOMAN

    1. You too you have car??? Wonders would never end

  17. I don't agree that women are bad drivers,I just feel some let their emotions get the best of them.
    Let's blame it on the hormones.
    If you have 10 women driving on the road, 3 might be pregnant,2 on their period.
    This is not an excuse for bad behavior,but the only reason I have got for some I have seen acting up.

    People that have encountered female armed robbers have sworn that the males were more "pleasant"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Lmaooo @ 3 might be pregnant,2 on their period.
      Maybe another 2 man trouble

  18. Nigerians r terrible drivers.

    Sum1 said if u can drive very well in Lagos without bashing anybody's car, then u can drive anywhere in the world. Maybe it's true

  19. To say that women are bad drivers is to say that women can't operate machinery, whereas we have women in Space as top engineers and all around engineers. Check NASA's page. Anyone can be a bad driver. How many reputable driving schools do we have in Nigeria? Most people learned driving by merely watching others. So stop this gender specific remarks. Don't be a chauvinist.

  20. Women are naturally impatient and stubborn, so I just give dem space when I'm driving cos I can't just start arguing with a woman. In fact, d day a woman gave me space to go in front of her I was so surprised, I must ve waved her like 10times.

  21. I can drive mentality! I love women drivers always trying to prove a point dat they can drive. But let's say the truth there are some damn good female drivers dat know how to drive lol like my younger sister Lois she can drive from Lagos to Owerri no shaking

  22. It's a lie, I won't subscribe to women being bad drivers! Not all!!, I have been driving for 22 years now, I have NEVER had an accident, never hit someone's car, never broken somebody' s mirrow or light or but I have been hit from behind ooo! I drive like a man. People tell me. Men even admire me com wheels. Very fierce on steering, but one thing I maintain my lane unless there is absolute need to change lane. I maintain discipline on road, I hate people switching lane at the slightest hold up, it causes problems and arguments, if u maintain your lane ,u will have less problems on the road, I can compete with anyone on the road, Check me out on Lagos- Ibadan Express road with men cheering my skill, yet I have never been involved in accident. Clean car, don't come near me, I will blow your ear drum with my horn cos I don't want u d'Estaing my car. I only have minor okada and danfo brushes, cos they are never patient. If u drive a clean car ,u will appreciate the need to give amother clean car way if he trafficates, Lagosians don't give way, I don't know why, its not only women. But women don't like to give follow women way even if u beg. I respect clean cars and I always oblige anytime. Pls am using this medium to object that women are bad drivers.


  23. I was driving out of my estate with my friend, and her friend a waffi babe.
    The estate has a shorter root but kind of untied so people dont use that root.
    Its like a one way thing.

    We were all singing along with rekado banks (oluwani) having fun until one Highlander came and blocked me from no where.
    Oga move your car let me pasa na,
    Oga no gree o,the madam inside was clearly telling him not to move.
    Surprised! I just off my engine park jejely.
    My friend asked me babe, you get where you dey rush go? Am like me ke am even sleeping here self.
    The other one was like me no kuku get pickin way i keep for house lol.

    The woman ordered the man to also park.Clearly they were wrong, even passerby came along pleading with me to just allow them they are trouble makers.
    But for where we no gree.
    The lady came down an started speaking English.

    We came down too,and attacked her as soon as the husband came down we faced him.
    My waffi friend was like,see am useless man, na woman dey control am and e say e get pen**s hahahah.
    I was like so a woman would just b controlling a man like this.

    My friend was like yes na, na nyash na them no go give am do tonight if he no obey.
    All BC of nyash oga all BC of nyash.
    Then the lady stated making calls, we were like call whoever you want to call general,governor anybody we are here going no where.
    Then after 5mts nobody came she entered a cab and left making calls saying am coming to the office myself.
    Then we started insulting the husband again.
    Useless man,womanwrapper don go marry πŸ… way go kill you.
    Am sure your steady bp na 180/140
    This man continuously told us to keep calm and wait for his wife.
    Oga you are a fool, no problem wait for wife.
    Abi na your wife dey feed you? No problem wait for my wife.

    Usless man,so na your wife Marry you?.....he would repeat no problem wait for my wife.
    After another 15mintues a cab stopped.My friend sighted this lady with armed men like SARS 4 of them coming with this lady hahahaha.
    My waffi friend was like babe delete,delete and I just zoomed pass the husband threw bottle of coke at him splash over his face.
    We drove pass the woman and her armed men we were like shameeee, no get shameee mumu from the window
    She shouted see them, see them,
    They said hey stop there forwhere we didn't stop na 140 we take leave there.
    We left her to settle them there.

    Some women get serious issues I tell you.
    This man no lie.

    1. Hahahaahahahahahhaha anon you've cracked my ribs hahahhaha@yansh oga all because if yansh

    2. Lol really funny it should be a stand alone post lmao.

    3. Really funny!!!!!!! Loool!

  24. I am a terrible driver!!
    I know that.πŸ˜„

    1. Same here. Battery baad but have never gotten into accident and never will.

  25. It is not a gender issue.we also have some men as bad drivers. It is individual issue.

  26. It is not a gender issue.we also have some men as bad drivers. It is individual issue.

    1. Very true.

      Some men do drive like sissies that you will be so pissed when you overtake them and find out that it's a man behind the wheel.

      I have this car sticker that says "you never really learn to cuss until you learn how to drive"

      Its about how experienced an individual is and not necessarily a gender ish

  27. Because of God indeed.
    Some people can be so silly when driving ,its not only women
    Like on Tue I wanted to buy fuel in my jerrycans, a Honda has finished buying but had an arguement with the attended I horned for him to move his car forward so the second attender can sell for me ,but he refued ,he pretended he didn't hear or see my car ,I was so angry I had to say this is how they behave to their wives at home. Very nonchalant attitude and rude
    Some people will be claiming the lane that is not theirs
    Nigerian drivers generally are very aggressive and always in a hurry


  28. I'm a very good driver,my driving is on point.most men too are very bad drivers but women are worse and like dey say"them no dey ever gree"they can claim right for africa even when it's glaring that they are at fault.

  29. She must have been going through something that made her act that way

  30. When a woman is behind d wheel you need to cut cap, women are good drivers hhahhahhha...... I knw ukwu is a bad ridder.

  31. Nothing happens joorrr


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