Stella Dimoko Former Gov James Ibori Makes 'Tumultuous' Entry Into His Hometown Oghara


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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Former Gov James Ibori Makes 'Tumultuous' Entry Into His Hometown Oghara

Jailbird and Former Gov of Delta state James Onanefe Ibori who is currently in his hometown of Oghara in Delta State was received amidst celebration and joy when he arrived the town which had been decorated and cleaned up awaiting his arrival.

According to inside reports,Ibori who was recently released from UK Jail for laundering billions of money out of Nigeria is the toast of his people in Oghara because according to un-named Sources,his wealth was for all and under him Delta state and its indigenes did not know what suffering was.....

The Southwark Crown Court, UK, sentenced him to 13 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to a 10-count charge of money laundering on Aril 17,2012.

Following his conviction and subsequent release,his properties including the stolen monies,houses, cars were confiscated.
The former governor was picked up and questioned by the DSS yesterday when his flight landed in Abuja.


  1. Good man, he worked in delta , he helped people, he has pity on the masses and yes he once helped me when I had no one to help me

    1. He was a good thief...

      Akpabio is a good thief too

    2. I know one widow in kano that he helped and changed her life.

  2. Welcome home Ibori. I never forget his campaign song for his second tenure then, 'Ibori you are our man, you are our choice again...'

    1. I can't stop singing it though nothing concerns me with delta,i love that song,some times I switch his name with hubby's to sing

    2. I can't stop singing it though nothing concerns me with delta,i love that song,some times I switch his name with hubby's to sing

  3. Nigeria we hail thee!!

    Happy Sunday Everyone

  4. We celebrate criminals yet we want our country to move forward..CHAII!!

  5. Let's stop celebrating criminals. He looted the funds meant for his people and we all are here celebrating him. He is one of the reasons why things are this way in this country. A thief is a thief, most of you celebrating him condemned Seun Egbegbe for commiting the same crime James committed

    1. I hate you James hater cos you are full of hate,how can you hate james

  6. Nigerians! The things and people we celebrate! These are the people who want to go and protest against the federal government tomorrow. We've got a long way to go in this country.

  7. How will we grow? When we celebrate criminals, there is nothing like a good thief, if you steal you are a criminal, why is seun not celebrated? After all he lavish es the money on women, he may see himself as a philanthropist.

    Let us all stand firm and say no to corrupt leaders.

  8. Grand reception for a thief that stole billions of naira. Ignorant set of people, may God save us in this country.

  9. Welcome back,Welcome back,Wel......come backkk.😆😆😆

  10. Urohbo wah doh, isoko wah doh....ibori has arrived.... Welcome ooo

  11. I do not support stealing or corruption, but for those screaming jailbird and insults, would a UK govt pfficial b jailed in Nigeria if he commits any offence?

    1. Thanks for the question
      I'm wondering too

    2. What kind of silly ass question is tho? Nigeria did not have the political will and competence to jail him, he commuted money laundry in the UK. A thief stole and your question is which police arrested him....mtcheeew #thereasonNigeriawontgrow

    3. Yes my dear, I'm concerned about d money he stole and also thinking about our slave attitude despite 'independence' as Africans.
      To me its a precarious situation, but i do not think if it was my call to make I would have allowed a present or past governor of the FRN languish in any jail abroad.
      How does that potray us as a nation? These people (UK) are also not free of sins, corruption and all.To me allowing that means we are still under subjugation because you and I know even a riff raff uk citizen would never b jailed in Nigeria.

    4. ....and I do not mean those that acquired citizenship by marriage and d likes, I mean a white, albino looking uk citizen. If your child steals your last savings would you say because his mother did not punish, you will give him over to your rich military neighbour to punish? I know some pple are Cray, but most times the answer is no. This world is complicated, its not just right or wrong, black or white...let us think.

  12. yea, i heard he was arrested again on arriving Naija.

    they only confiscated what they can see, money still dey boku for this man to enjoy his life.

  13. We celebrate the real criminals that steal our future and burn to death people that steal yams to eat

  14. Only in Nigeria do we celebrate thieves, just because of money. I fear for this country...

  15. Very soon na, he will contest for Senate...mscheeew

  16. Very soon now, he will contest for Senate...mscheeew

  17. A good thief they say.. Am shocked if the can do this to ibori then I wouldn't be surprised if 100,000 youth goes to welcome Buhari. He still billion of dollars and gives peanut to a few and the call him a good country and backwardness..

  18. What is the difference between this criminal and Seun Egbegbe?

    The poverty of ignorance and hunger and greed. Lethal combo I tell you.

    The funny thing? His'staunch supporters' will proffer him as their candidate for the next presidential elections! Anyone up for a bet?

  19. We shud not conclude, is he the only one that stole? Its just pure witch hunting.

  20. God forbid that I celebrate a proven thief! Nigeria is sick.

  21. A thief like Ibori who knows how not to chop alone is way better than Buhari and Osibanjo.
    Osibanjo is like a statue in Aso Rock. Silence means consent and mumuism.

  22. I think his people are rejoicing because he is alive,some went but couldn't come out and I believe he might have repentedvand learnt his lesson.

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    "They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget
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    the first place."
    Breath taking, isn't it ?
    Now! Take a look at all the people some Nigerians are
    busy defending on social media.
    Take a look at those they call their heroes. They are
    the same people who plunged Nigeria into the situation
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    for their predicament.
    #Could this be the delta citizens situation
    presently?# In ma noble Opinion, i think it is.

  24. Only in Nigeria that we celebrate criminals,and we wonder why they white man still calls us black monkeys. We are our own problem. I am sure they are as confused as I am, they should just come back and colonise us again.


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