Stella Dimoko London Tatafo Season 56


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Sunday, February 05, 2017

London Tatafo Season 56

Hello people. Tatafo is back again!! 

This is a follow up on last week's episode about the London based woman, Bukky Ajayi, who cried out after alleging that Mr Segun Adigun sexually harassed her on Facebook.

Mr Segun Adigun however contacted SDK London Tatafo during the week to say his own side of the story. Adigun narrated what really transpired between Bukky Ajayi, her sister Kemi Ajayi, and himself.

His story..

Adigun said that he met Bukky on Facebook in 2010. He said that he asked Bukky out and they started dating online. ‎Mr Adigun also narrated what he thinks may have enticed Bukky to want to date him back then. He said that he told Bukky how he met his ex wife online, Adigun said that his ex wife was a white American. He said that he was a naive young man living in Nigeria and that he had never been on a plane before, when suddenly he came across this white woman online.

He said that after a while this white lady who later became his wife asked to see his manhood, which he claimed that he showed to her and she was in awe as to how endowed he was. Adigun said that consequently, his huge manhood was what thrilled this oyibo lady to come all the way to Nigeria to take him to the U.S to marry him.


Mr Segun Adigun gloated that his being endowed is what actually earned him his American citizenship even though he later parted ways with the American lady that paved way for him. He said that it was during his divorce that he came across Bukky Ajayi on Facebook, and that he narrated all of these to her.


Adigun explained that it was after he told Bukky all his experience with his white wife, about how she liked his manhood etc, that Bukky also became interested and curious to see his endowed blokos. He said that Bukky insisted on seeing his manhood and he granted her wish by showing it to her online. Adigun said that after a while, he also asked to see Bukky's privates, after all according to him, they were now dating. He said that Bukky obliged him by showing hers and he enjoyed every bit of it.

Na wa!

This man continued his story... he said that around 2014, years after meeting Bukky online, that Bukky announced to him that she was getting married and he was truly happy for her. Note that these two never met themselves physically, they only dated themselves online and they exchanged lewd pictures. However, they remained cordial after she got married, while Adigun said that he continued his hot pursuit to find love again.

The story continues..

In 2015, Adigun said that he randomly sent a lady an inbox message on facebook to say that he liked her. He said that the lady's name is Kemi Ajayi. Adigun said he didn't know Kemi and Bukky Ajayi were sisters. He said that he was hitting on Kemi and he didn't see any crime in so doing. Adigun emphasised that every man has the right to hit on as many women as they wish.. wetin come cause katakata?‎

So In 2017, still in his pursuit to find love again, Adigun said that he again contacted a London based lady called Jummy Ariyo on Facebook. He said that he was attracted to this lady, hence he decided to chat her up. Adigun said that a few minutes after he put a Facebook call through to this lady, whom he spoke with for a while.. that she immediately went on her Facebook wall to embarrass him by calling him a Facebook troll. Adigun was utterly shocked.

‎This led to the first drama..

Ariyo's behaviour angered Adigun greatly because he didn't understand what he did wrong that warranted such expose. He said that Jummy accused him of being a serial stalker, that he was known to stalk London women asking them for a relationship.

‎After Jummy exposed Adigun on Facebook, Kemi Ajayi whom Adigun had also asked out in the past saw the post and she decided to join Jummy to publicly shame Adigun. Both ladies compared notes and realised they'd both been asked out by him. ‎

Now the twist to the whole drama..

Remember Bukky Ajayi who Adigun claimed he dated in 2010, she saw her sister Kemi Ajayi's Facebook post calling Adigun out. So she decided to mediate by speaking for Adigun. Asking that her sister take things easy with him because she knew him personally. But Bukky never told her sister she had any intimate friendship with Adigun in the past.

However, Bukky tried to ask her sister Kemi, and friend Jummy to let Adigun off, but they didn't listen. So Adigun onseeing all the embarrassment decided to call Kemi Ajayi privately to speak with her.. but she wasn't forth coming. Adigun said Kemi continued to insult him on Facebook, so he decided to call Bukky to officially report the situation to her after seeing that they were relatives. ‎

Adigun said that speaking to Bukky about what her sister was doing to him was futile, as they ended up exchanging uncharitable words to each other. It was this disagreement that led to the viral audio that they both exchanged via WhatsApp. Adigun claimed that it was Bukky who first cursed him by saying that he had a horse dick and was unlucky with women. And he in turn also decided to expose how her private part looked like in the viral audio.

Tit for tat..

Adigun then asked a pertinent question which he wanted people to ask Bukky. He asked that how did Bukky know that he has a horse blokos? And how did he know what Bukky's T*toh looked like?

*If you asked me, na who I go ask?*‎

He said all he wanted was for Bukky to make peace between him and her sister Kemi... but that Bukky ended up messing things up. Mr Adigun is so upset because Bukky also cursed his children in the viral audio, so he responded same to her only child. He said he's a man and has a right to ask any woman he likes out, and as such, he sees no reason why these group of London women decided to gang up against him to ‎disgrace him on Facebook.

Before Mr Adigun ended his narrative, he asked Tatafo some other questions.

He said... "Tatafo, what did I do wrong? Please tell me, Is it a crime to approach any woman I like on Facebook? Sebi if the woman no wan do she go carry her face comot. So why these women dey scream my name upandan? I love women a lot and will continue to chase any woman I like o. In fact they've made me popular because a lot of women have been sending me friendship requests because they now want to see the man with the horse blokos. So thank you to Bukky Ajayi'" ...Adigun ended.

Na so Mr Segun take finish the conversation with Tatafo. So how una see am? Who is to blame here? Bukky or her sister Kemi Ajayi? Or do we blame Jummy for calling him out unnecessarily simply because he asked her out? What is Adigun's crime here? Over to the house

Tatafo will be back

*Chei see sweet gist!..London women are too full of Scandal meeeen,cant deal abeg!!!!


  1. In fact they've made me popular because a lot of women have been sending me friendship requests because they now want to see the man with the horse blokos. So thank you to Bukky Ajayi'" ...Adigun ended.

    This line made me burst out in laughter seriously hahaha. All of una dey crase, me sef wan follow see the horse blokos mbok looool

    1. I'm telling u
      All of them no get sense

    2. Hahahahahahaha dis gist sweet me. Mr adigun oloko esin. U get shame so?

    3. True u attract what you got. All sem get no brain

    4. Waoo interesting. This man needs help. That's all I can tell from the whole gist abeg.

      OK bye

  2. All of them don't have sense
    Bulky should have acted maturely
    Kemi and her friend no get brain
    The guy did no wrong in my eyes
    A man is free to ask any lady out,it is left for the lady to use ur head.
    The man even made an attempt to talk to bulky and that one begin insult am ,kon add him pikin them
    Bulky Ajayi-63% blame
    Kemi Ajayi and her frnd-28%
    The man-9% blame

    1. Dats d thing, d women will always take d blame cos he dint force nobody. Init Mr horse power? Kikikiki

  3. See as Shame leave Adigun dey catch me. So what you do for a living is to troll women on Facebook and send them photos of your nonsense, gosh,your children must be ashamed of you, irresponsible lowlife. How would you even bring up your children since you are so irresponsible?? Don't infect them with your stupidity please.

    1. Ibukun, you juvenile dissappear. What is negative about this comment? Isn't it worrisome that this man is a father? Look at the way he reasons and processes issues, very worrisome.A father sharing is manhood all over social media? Hian!!!

  4. Same here Stella am just tired of their stories everywhere.

  5. Yoruba people be disgracing us up and down. Jobless lots! They aren't busy hence the time for all these rubbish.

    God, may men like Adigun never cross my path. WTH! Dude has a diarrhea mouth.

    1. My Yoruba sisters ehn..
      OK let me come and be going first😂

  6. This Adigun man is just a useless man.

    1. Was thinking same eh. Look at what he's showing off, like that's the only thing he's got to offer women. Smh

  7. On an unrelated note, this is my response to the chronicles writer who wants to know if his fiancee is dating her boss, whom she cooks for.

    Hmmmmm . . .
    Interesting. OK let's make this simpler for you to understand.

    Boss picks phone and calls his staff to come cook for him. How does this happen? Cooking for a boss is not an official assignment, so that means it's a private arrangement. OK.

    Sharp married men who have side chic's don't eat out anyhow. Infact they don't eat at their side chic's house, instead they take the lady out and eat at restaurants (to avoid sorry story). So for him to allow her cook for him the following things had happened :
    1. He has come to trust her
    2. They have been 'close' friends for awhile (like for a minimum of 8-12 months) before the man can feel comfortable enough to allow the cooking.
    3. He has some sort of influence over her.

    OK now, she is at the boss house to cook. Of course she is not going to cook one dish, she will have to cook varieties and store up for the boss to microwave later. So we are talking about a minimum of about 3hours of cooking.

    Usually women don't dress up while cooking, because of the heat they will want to be comfortable. She will have to change into comfortable clothing, and what clothing would be available to change into?. . . . Now she has changed in to the comfortable clothing (which will reveal her legs) and she is cooking. Women don't spend all their time in the kitchen, only at the beginning and later on they just go and check what they are cooking.... In between those checks what will your fiancé be doing ? Reading the Bible? OK.

    And what will the man of the house be doing? Reading newspapers right, when a presentable lady is moving round the house in shirt top and shorts and if the shirt is long there won't be need for the short. Anyway, let's assume the man is does not have blood running in his veins and him and your fiancé are discussing sports.

    After your lady finish cooking, she will need to take her bath, who's sponge and towel will she use even though she took her bath in the guest room?... Anyway, she is fully dressed now and going home, of course her boss will need to appreciate her with transportation or a token, then she goes home and send SMS; 'I miss you' .

    Truly nothing happened. Your fiancé is tell you the truth. I also know a man like that, his name is Jesus.

    1. 😉😂😂😂😉😃

    2. Pharaoh keep analyzing o. Your adventurous mind, you should be a screenwriter

    3. You're a comedian

    4. Quite an analysis!
      Thanks for the laugh,Pharaoh.


  8. Tatafo international..
    I've never being to London but from tatafo amebo I think know most notorious people in London now

  9. All of them dey craze adigun,bukky,kemi,jummy. But Broda adigun e lo wa ise se(go find better work do). Who has time to dey exchange word online. Mtseeeeeew

  10. Bunch of shameless people roaming d streets of London. Mr Adigun so ur job is go parade facebook in search of women? U nor dey see women 4 where u dey? If u were/are fb friends with d mumu Bukky didn't u notice d mutual friend notification? I put it to u that u know wat ure doing? U go soon end up where u nor ever wish 2 b.

    That being said at this point na who go shame? Bukky n sisters please calm down n let tins like this slide. One right thing he said is if he toast u, u nor want pack ur face. Shikina. London women n facebook rants tho.

    1. You just asked the question on my mind, why parading you something in London when you live in America?

  11. The number of "he said that" ,in this write up is migraine Inducing! He said that, he said that, nawa, tatafo wetin happen now? Did u see a picture of the blokos as well? Na why u write like this today?

    1. I was just going to write oexactly what you just did, I abandoned the post halfway, tatafo you wrote this in a hurry or someone else did cause you were busy?

  12. So all what Adigun does is to show any woman he meets on facebook is horse dick. It is an irresponsible act from a an adult, a father for that matter,how does he explain this act to his children.

  13. When she showed you her V,you enjoyed every bit of it but now that things as gone sour you said its wide....i don't really blame you,i blame the shameless women that associated with you. You are a disgrace to your kind.

  14. Mscheew..... irresponsible people. Who dem epp?

  15. #Determination is doing what needs to be done, even when you don't feel like doing it*

  16. London Tatafo, this guy has successfully used you to do free online advert of his blockhorse which might not be big in reality cos he fit dey use zoom to magnify the pinky finger sized kini to gala size
    Girls don't fall for this cheap publicity. I mean, what type of man has time to even start explaining drama between himself and women. Mcheeew!
    I can picture one ugly, short bald head, pot bellied, bad breath, local Ibadan Yahoo boy who hit pay dirty after his maga don fall (marry oyibo arugbo).
    My friend will you keep kwayet and runaway from here... Olodo rabata ojueja lomo jeh

    1. Hmmm true oh, he prolly wanted to advertise himself some more. Trust some women will still fall for him. Eheheh

  17. Hahahaha 🐴 dick. Abeg I need to see it too. Tatafo where will I see the picture

  18. Funny story by London amebo. Useless man fighting women on Facebook. The man should be ashamed of himself mbok

  19. This is exactly some people are cursed & destiny destroyed forever. Just because of going abroad or to get American paper this fool1sh man had to prostitute himself, get used as a gigolo showing his private part & nakedness to the whole world. Meanwhile now the cougar or sugar mummy white woman have moved on & continued with her own reckless lifestyle ways....
    While this cursed gigolo yoroba man is still continued exposing his nakedNess for the whole world after so many of becoming an American citizen. His mates are busy building empires & highly successful in meaningful things, but n his own case he's still acting as a toyboy, sex object & online erotic gratification for the old desperate woman across the world. Thinking that he's fast guy or a wwiseman.
    Tufiakwa!!! Eternal curses.
    Who ever did this kain juju na real babalawo.

  20. Adigun (kabiru ) na fine boy o

    i have his picture and that of Bukky

    How do i put the pictures here?

  21. Abeg Tatafo, bring better gist. See all the things Wey dey happen na this dry gist you come bring. Next stop Ladypolodee and Tope aka vintagechikito.
    Again you fit confirm if Abike was given removal notice truly?
    So much is going on in London o, leave Adigun horsedick to continue his fuckery abeg. Bring correct gist. It's high time someone breaks the ice about the Adetoros too! I mean they pretend like they are not part of the hullabaloo going on but they are actually low key instigating some parties!

    Given you something to work with some Tatafo make it worthwhile next week. More tips to come for you if you cooperate hon! X

  22. Stella, Adigun di meji, one is Adigun oloko nla(Adigun with big farm), and the other one is Adigun oloko nla(Adigun with big blokos). May the almighty bless and enlarge the two Adiguns accordingly.

  23. this man is crazy, he's coursing kemis child just because you want to date a woman. He said kemi ll buried her child with her own hand. I heard the audio on watssap honestly adigun is a mad man


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