Stella Dimoko US Retailer Nordstrom To Stop Selling Ivanka Trump Brand


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Saturday, February 04, 2017

US Retailer Nordstrom To Stop Selling Ivanka Trump Brand

Luxury US retailer Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump's brand after a slump in sales. Trump brand names have been under a boycott by some shoppers.

Nordstrom said Thursday it will not sell Ivanka Trump's line of clothing and shoes this season.
The retailer said the decision was based on sluggish sales of the Ivanka Trump brand.The announcement comes after a weeks-long boycott of all Trump brands by the "Grab Your Wallet" campaign.

The campaign calls for customers to speak with their wallets against US President Donald Trump and his families sprawling business empire. 

Nordstrom did not mention the boycott as a factor in the decision.

The luxury retailer said it cuts about 10 percent of its brands and refreshes them with new items every year based on sales performance.

Nordstrom will continue to sell existing inventory from the Ivanka Trump brand.



  1. Oya, trump is gonna tweet them nasty lol

  2. The way some people reason is mind blowing.
    Boycott all you want
    The Trumps are here to stay.

    1. I love Donald Trump. Americans don't know that he loves them more than Obama

    2. I'm American you dingbat. Naija's like to follow or like shit they have no clue about awon ode. Come stay and see if you like him them. Naija been falling hand since 19gbogboro. Mchew

  3. They don't care.
    Trump is here to stay.
    They should deal with it.

  4. They should swap their presidio with ours of they don't want him. They should go and rest biko he is come to stay

  5. Selling her brand or not,Trump is going no where

  6. They should continue till mid 2018 , when they will have another election, hopefully the senate and reps will not be dominated by the Republicans!

  7. Trump has not even been in power for that long and his policies are failing before they even start! Impeachment, here we come!!

  8. Nordstrum with their ugly over priced fashion items.

    1. I disagree with u...their shoes r very beautiful, I shop there most times

    2. Popeyes what do u know? They have nice stuff. Stop bn stupid

  9. Make them send the shoes and cloths to Nigeria we go buy at reduce prices
    They should get it to their head ,trump was put there by God ,he will stay and rule
    Nothing do trump and his family


  10. Hahahaha. I was in Nordstrom last weekend, looking for a belt. I saw one I liked, picked it up, saw "Ivanka Trump" and hastily put it back. 😂 If that was the last brand on earth, I'd rather walk out of that store than spend my hard-earned coins on it. #sorrynotsorry

  11. Its appalling seeinģ Nigerians supporting trump


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