Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 168


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Labour Room Drama 168

Are you kidding me?WOW

I was introduced to ketogenic lifestyle by my friend as I was always complaining of my weight gain. So I join Lchf with *****  on Facebook and I started the one month boothcamp.

While on the diet I took in and my life came to a standstill as I was too confused on how to face the world, especially my husband, after I have bragged that I'm done with childbearing and I had even given out all my Baby things.

Oh i forgot to mention that 2months before starting the Keto diet, I had to remove my IUD family planing because I was having severe waist pain and I was advised by my doc to take it out and try another method.Hubby kept reminding me to go back to the hospital to check for another method, but I kept postponing it because I was very busy then.

So after I told hubby that we were expecting our third child, bros was too happy that I started suspecting him,like say he plan am. Lolz.

All through my pregnancy, I enjoyed the pregnancy pangs, and I started glowing to the extent people started asking what cream I was using.lolz.

My number one pregnancy battle was haemorroid. This time around, not only did i have haemorroid, but it got bursted one day when I was sitting down. Mehn.. that stuff was so painful that I had to put my butt in warm water and salt (sitz bath)every time I take my bath to ease the pains.

A day to my Edd,I had to beg hubby to take me to the hospital for a membrane sweep as I wanted the baby to be born before he travels back to work.

We got to the hospital and the Doctor did the membrane sweep and asked I take 2tablespoonful of Castor oil with orange.

At midnight I started having contractions after the membrane sweep and I didn't bother timing it as I was avoiding being anxious,plus I decided to wait out and see how the contractions goes before I take the Castor oil.

By 7am the next day,I took the Castor oil, but I didn't start stooling immediately so I slept off so as to gather my strength to when i will be needing it. I was awaken by severe contractions and I started stooling immediately i woke up around 10:am.

About 12:30pm,I couldn't bear it again, I had to scream that my hubby take the kids to the car and put the car in reverse so I can use style to enter d car without drawing attention to myself.

Immediately we got to the hospital, I just screamed at d nurse at the reception that she should stand up and call the doctor, as I was screaming at her,the midwife just came and saw me sweating and asked her to take me to the delivery room.

Immediately I laid on the bed,I started shouting I want to poo poo,so the midwife just told me to hold on, when she checked me,she shouted at me for waiting so long before coming in...

At this point I asked that they allow my husband in(Because I wanted him to experience what its like to birth his kids,make he for dey give me my maximum respect. #Lolz)

So I was asked to push and na better hot shit comot first and the thing come they smell, i was just busy apologizing. I gave another push then came my baby's head and I was asked to give a very long push that the point that the baby is was too risky,so I gathered all my strength and gave a long and loud scream...... And pop came our Beautiful daughter,she weighed 3.3kg and looks so much like my mom. Immediately I turn to my hubby and said "Yes baby, I did it".

Guess what?

For the first time in my birthing years I will be having a baby without having a single Vagina tear. (My two other kids gave me big and bad tear)

And my labour pain was short and yes,I read #Supernatural Child birth and keyed my faith into it.

Now that our daughter is here,I feel so blessed and complete that she came when she did. She's 5days old today.


*And to think that all the time you vanished from the blog i never suspected you were on a nine months Journey!..Congrats,your baby is too didnt write for my eyes only..abi make i post am?lol


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats sparkles jewelry and welcome to the world baby.

  2. Sweet Story!
    God bless you guys

    1. Az in eh the story sweet die.
      Supernatural birth

  3. Congratulations ma'am, welcome Princess

  4. Who is the poster and what is membrane sweep

  5. Beautiful story, god bless you and your baby.

  6. Congrats ma'am... May you see your children's children ... Amen

  7. Awww!! So happy for you. God bless you, your baby and family.

    I key in to your testimony jare. Would be popping mine soon.

    I bought Supernatural Childbirth twice and gave the first one out to my friend who was almost due, and sold the other to a Preg woman at ANC. Now strength to enter market and buy for myself na war.

    Nawa oh. Even though I've not read the book, been keying into the promises jare.


    1. Download it.. google supernatural birth and download it free. Or drop your email address and I'll send it to you.

    2. @wendix safe popping in advance

  8. Like sey na me write this LRD...tho membrane sweep and castor oil dint wrk for me.

  9. Congrats ma.
    That name hemorrhoid, puts the fear of God in me anytime anyday. After the first push you need to see the way I shouted "doctor.. Idi Mi ti yo oooo. Lol

  10. Congrats dearie.I guessed it's you from '5 days'.May baby be a source of joy and maximum blessing to your family.

  11. Wow... Let me not talk about the tear pls... 😤😤😤😤😤

  12. Congratulations dear, , enjoy motherhood..

  13. Awwww this is the sweetest...can wait to have my second 💖💖💖

  14. I wish I can send in my own story but I can't type... O boy I don't wana remember the punani tear abeg..

    1. That tear dey fear me o. I witnessed a friend's own. A jigijigi I was just shaking all over.i nearly dropped the baby

  15. Congratulations. Welcome to the world baby.

  16. Wow! Congrats I love the story

  17. Congratulations dear. God bless and keep your baby and family. I enjoyed reading.

  18. Congrats sparkle jewelry. Welcome to the world beautiful baby

  19. Congrats wide- eyed, I have missed you a lot, God bless and keep your baby.

  20. Castor oil ke, haaaaaaa not advisable


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