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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Use Of Social Media Gone Wrong - To Him Who Has Ears.....

It is no longer news how social media can make or mar individuals these days. This virtual platform wields enormous power and information, posts, spread more than wild fire these days.

It has in recent times aided greatly in bringing to fore injustices meted out to individuals even in the remotest part of countries.

Again, it has also made way for people to express themselves in clear, some in unclear terms. People who could hardly talk in public have practically become vocal on this virtual community.

Social media offers its users variety of ways to express themselves - through pictures, videos, write ups which can be as lengthy as a textbook.

It has become an all comers affair; both sane and insane minds converge here as long one can lay hands on internet enabled phones and laptops.

People tend to post whatever it is that crosses their minds without having a second thought.

I've fallen victim of facebook strict policies and have been blocked thrice, currently serving one. These were as a result of posts I made innocently and unconscious of the fact that it might contradict public view. Mind you, not explicit contents. As baffling as it seemed, some persons published same posts and weren't blocked. Different strokes for different folks. Even when I tried as much as possible to be careful with my posts, yet I was blocked.

Your case might be different from mine, it's a known fact that girls and 'pictures' are inseparable Siamese twins. Most of them upload pictures with innocent mindset oblivious of the fact that a particular picture could cause their ruin. Most nude, semi-nude, seemingly nude pictures that has gone viral today were innocently posted by the owners. I bet if they had known the pictures would go viral, they would have had a rethink.

Same thing goes to posts and comments people make online. Sister, brother, we all know you can talk, in fact you always have something to say about a particular issue whether your opinion is sought or not, you must always shine, it is good but kindly have a rethink, weigh the pros and cons of whatever you may want to say before posting or commenting.

Some guys and girls can be raw in their gists with friends, now taking this kind of attitude to the social media is my concern. In your youthful exuberance, you are carried away not thinking about tomorrow. Most employers of labour now visit social media accounts of prospective employees in the course of interviews. This has denied many chances of being employed because of posts which were probably made with innocent minds.

Some person are highly temperamental in their relationship with people. O daily basis, you see people hauling insults on one another on the social media. Who says you can't make a decent argument devoid of insults and name-calling? Who says you can't make your point without consisting public nuisance with your wrong choice of words? Many have resorted to threatening people of opposing thoughts on issues of discourse on social media. Maybe you think, legal action can not be Institute against you? Ever thought of having threatened the live of a person and coincidentally the person dies mysteriously ? Trust me, you'd be the prime suspect. Before you land yourself into such a terrible situation, retrace your steps and learn to have a decent argument.

Again, some jokes have really gone bad and has gone a long way in tarnishing people's images. Some jokes which were innocently made could offend sensibilities of some set of people. Making jokes out of trivial issues can boomerang and trust me the intent of the writer or the "copier and paster" might be entirely misinterpreted. You may not have the luxury of time to explain yourself by the time the harm is done.

My point, before you make that post, comment on a post thread, post a picture or video, weigh it, please view microscopically. You might not know who would lift it and share on a larger platform where people of divergent views would read it.

I am Franklin Onwubiko, I am an advocate of good and positive use of the social media.

Facebook: Franklin Onwubiko


Miss Ess said...

True talk and well said bro

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...


danny fisiye said...

no wahala employers of labour now go through ur social media account

if I tell them I don't have kwanu



BLOGLORD said...

Well written, truly spoken.

Young Escobar said...

Thank you bro ... Well said

Chinny Baby said...

Nice piece.

Justyswt said...

Nice write up.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with a uniform(not police) guy I meant here on snm

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with a uniform(not police) guy I meant here on snm

jelly said...

Nice 👍

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