Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 172


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Labour Room Drama 172

How far?...Have you popped yet?We wanna know!LOL

Stella nwuye korkus, greetings to you. You are doing a great job. Well done.
Straight to my labour drama.

My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and for the months that followed I can't say how annoyed I was whenever I saw my period. But God helped me and after about 7 months, I got pregnant again.

I experienced morning sickness that lasted beyond 3 months. I quickly made Google my companion and subscribe to different pregnancy websites that were sending me weekly updates on what to expect.

I didn't enjoy any food I cooked. Infact it's the one another person is cooking I'll be salivating after.
The sight and smell of fried chicken always made me throw up.

I have to wait for my husband to go to work before I secretly send for food from the road side bukas, as my husband was strongly against it, always complaining of poor hygiene on their part.
Fast food was always a turn off for me.

I was spotting in the middle of my trimester, went for scan and was told it was fibroid, that I should not stress myself.
I went home and just committed myself into Gods hands.

A month to my edd, the doctor has checked me and said that my baby had not turned, and that if she doesn't turn, I will be booked for CS.

I came back, told my husband, called my mum and also told her, we prayed and declared that the baby will turn.

My edd came and passed and I just grew tired of family and friends asking me if I have put to birth.

A day to my delivery, being a Saturday, I told my husband that I'm tired of staying in the house. I suggested that we go visit my sister in school in Imo, since it wasn't far from P.H.
The journey was a stressful one, we came back that same day.

In the night around 11pm, I started experiencing cramps.
I couldn't lie down, I was walking around the house. My husband asked if we should go to the hospital, I said no, that I want to be sure first before going. I didn't want to get to the hospital and they tell me its early labour.
I was busy asking Google the signs of true and false labour.

By 1am, my husband insisted that we go to the hospital.
The nurse checked me and said 6cm, that I for stay for house born.

When I saw other women and how they were screaming, l just told myself that my own has not started.

When the nurse came back to me she said ''you sef come let me check you, if you are not progressing, ill give you hot drip''.
I told God if I'm feeling this kind of pain now, how much more with hot drip. Pls don't let them give me hot drip.

When she checked me, she broke my water, and said see baby head.. push.

I pushed out my baby some minutes past six that Sunday morning.
I felt a big relief and was stitched up.
Glory to God, my daughter is 3yrs now.

Thank you.

*You didnt scream or anything or tell your hubby the story of his life?WOW


  1. God I pray for smooth pregancy and delivery in sha Allah

  2. Woow...nice Nd straight 2 d point son is 2yrs+ Nd any tym I look at him I ask myself "is he really mine" labour room experience wasnt dramatic BT d pain was outa dis word...I didn't even scream or cuss, was just anxious 2 get my baby out Nd hold him....

    Abeg God is wonderfull

  3. I am 18 week gone with my third baby and all I do is eat like a lokozuma. Upon say I be fitfam and gym addict bfr now. I v gained more than 10 kg and I xnt help it. I carve only carbs. I can eat rice from Monday till Sunday. Looking at Serena s pix I just laughed cos my tummy is twice as hers. I know I will get back to shape after birth cos I m addicted to d gym but I just want to stop eating too much. I hear pretty women do exercise but I m scared to try it. Pls help

  4. You are strong.....God bless and keep your daughter

  5. Congratulations dear. Whoever said that once u hv birth u forget d pain can lie ehee. I am carrying my fourth baby and d tot of favour room scares d hell out of me. . All my previous pregnacies, I v always been induced at 41 week cos labour no dey free come. I believe its cos I was a house wife then. I don't hv anywhere to go there and I hardly do house chores. Now I am working and refused going wt my car. I prefer to jump bus cos I want to experience supernatural childbirth. I pray it helps

  6. There's nothing I fear like Childbirth!!! #TeamCS! I would rather go through the pain of CS aftermath than that pain of pushing a human from my lady garden. Lol... My friend said she tore from front to back lol (I'd like to think she's exaggerating) ever since hearing that, my mind has been made up.

    I need to understand, why is there such a stigma in Nigeria against CS? It's so normal here in the UK. Two of my friends asked for elective CS and their scars are so so tiny... basically on the vagina so i'm lost as to why its seen as such a taboo? Maybe I'm silly lol

    1. Complications of CS might be after many years such as intestinal obstruction from bands and adhesions. Let's leave aside early issues such as prolonged pain after delivery.If you live in the UK, why not pay for an epidural and have vaginal delivery if there isno contraindication to it. Have had both Vaginal and CS.I stick with vaginal next time, if God wills.

  7. The God way dey do am for una make Him too do am for us oooooo.

  8. The God that did it for you will do it for others...Amen

  9. Congrats...u no shit for bed

  10. Wow congrats Ma, this anoda drama less LRD post. God is awesome

  11. Wow. Your lrd is drama less . You are lucky.

  12. Wow congrats, your child delivery is dramma free just like my 2nd child

  13. Very smooth labour. Congrats.

  14. Wow. No shouting n screaming? Congrats dear.I pray mine will be much pain free cos my threshold to pain is -1. Pls wen is the right time to register for ante natal? I am 7wks gone and this is my first tym. Thanks.

  15. Such a supernatural delivery.

  16. Wow.....oh la la.......thank God for you oh....

  17. I have but still very weak and tired to tell rhe process as i just remove the bandage to d today. Prayers 4 a fellow bv

    1. Very sweet one. God make it easier for me this time.


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