Stella Dimoko National Intelligence Agency Admits Ownership Of Seized N13bn,Says Jonathan Approved It..


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Saturday, April 15, 2017

National Intelligence Agency Admits Ownership Of Seized N13bn,Says Jonathan Approved It..

THE mystery surrounding the ownership of $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218, 000 recovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, from an Ikoyi apartment in Lagos was unraveled yesterday with the admittance of ownership by the National Intelligence Agency, NIA.

This revelation which came at a time the ownership of the funds was a subject of speculation, was the outcome of an investigation by an online platform, Premium Times.

It was stated that the funds were approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan for discreet security projects during the tenure of a former Director General of the agency, Mr. Olaniyi Oladeji.

The report detailing how the money was withdrawn from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, warehoused in Lagos and uncovered by the EFCC, said the sensitive nature of the projects demanded that the funds be withdrawn and kept in a secret place in the interest of national security.

The projects the funds were meant to finance were reported to have been spread across the country, while the prime project was planned to be executed in Lagos, a reason the funds were kept in the city.
The report quoted a source to have stated thus: “The spending on the projects cannot be subjected to the usual expenditure process, and that is why the funds are held in cash. If you like, you can call it illegal projects in the national interest.”

However, it was said that the projects were only known to some top government officials and the NIA.
The report, however, said the Director General of NIA, Mr. Ayodele Oke prevailed on EFCC Chairman, Mr.Ibrahim Magu not to carry out the operation when he learnt of it, but the latter disagreed.

Oke was reported to have rushed to EFCC headquarters in Abuja to advise Magu given that the funds belonged to the Federal Government.
As of when this was ongoing in Abuja, no fewer than 13 police officers, some soldiers, photographers, and videographers, were said to have forcefully gained entrance into the apartment.

Peeved by Magu’s insistence on going ahead with the operation, Oke was said to have gone to the National Security Adviser, Alhaji, Babagana Monguno, and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to inform them about the development.
Oke’s trip to the duo was noted to have been informed by his belief that the operation was an embarrassment to the security agency.

Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.): Former NSA and Goodluck Jonathan
Continuing, the Premium Times report stated that the NIA boss, on Thursday, had a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in company of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami on the matter.

Oke was reported to have been armed with two big envelopes assumed to contain paper and audio-visual records of the security projects.
President Buhari was said to have directed Magu to forward to him a detailed report on the operation even as the latter was asked to immediately deposit the funds with the CBN.

Oke was reportedly asked to document his complaints against the EFCC chairman and then reapply for the seized funds.
In addition, the report said the presidency might ask Malami to review reports submitted by the duo and make recommendations.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, was quoted to have said thus: “It’s a security issue, and not strictly a presidency issue.’’
Adesina was said to have directed further enquiries on the matter to the concerned security agencies.

However, the NIA boss was noted to have confirmed that the money belonged to the agency.
The spokesperson for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, said he had not been briefed on the matter.
Malami, it was said, later noted that his presence at the meeting with President Buhari was a coincidence.

He was quoted thus: “I had a lot to do at the villa, and coincidentally he (Mr. Oke) too was there. I initially did not know why he was there until much later.’’

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  1. Why do we have so many irresponsible people at every top level in this country? Why will an agent have such an amount of cash stack somewhere claiming to be hers? My take on this , Federal government should jst sized the money and use it for better things. However I am ashamed that we have these types of leaders governing us in this country.

    1. Every country have classify funds in security account and cash for classify national security activities... This shows how disconnected our agencies are

    2. Of course there is fund set aside for security but does it makes sense that the money is kept as cash in an unknown man house? Case like this makes me outrageous.

    3. Here goes the end of the mystery surrounding the trailer load of cash. No individual will ever be nailed for this. End of story 🙄

  2. This makes me believe that the thief of this money is in APC.
    That is why it is being covered with sand sand like this.

  3. National unintelligence agency you mean
    This people think our head is for carrying cement
    We don't have brains.
    What kind of warped story in a bid to cover more hidden embezzlement is this??
    So not buying the bullocks.

    Now EFCC pls don't accept this cabbage
    Holl up.
    I rephrase ::: EFCC has been infiltrated .. they are all corrupt to an extent . Hence not 100 percent transparency .

    Gosh nigeria!!

  4. Fayose was probably right
    The Thief is in the ruling party and they do not want to embarrass themselves.

  5. Congrats to every one that took part in fabricating this lie

    1. Wtf is all this rubbish? Even rivers state government is claiming ownership...

      Your comment will be visible after approval.

    2. Jonathan is alive he should tell us if he gave approval to such money and what security secrecy that they didn't brief this administration with. The agency claiming the money should tell us why that room is safer than CBN where they claimed the money was withdrawn from.
      Jona should speak again like he is been talking about Malabu money.

    3. Jonathan approved too many things that he wont remember this one in isolation.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. So this country has some "illegal projects"?
    How can the law enforcement be breaking the laws on money laundering?
    So a residential house is now a bank?
    Why shouldn't they release all those prosecuted for money laundering?
    Why wasn't such an amount kept in the banks to create credit facilities and create jobs?
    Who is fooling who here; could it be that this money is owned by someone in the present government?
    Isn't this a cover up scheme/strategy?
    How many people will lose their jobs because of this?

  8. Must they mention Jonathan's name in this their lies?..
    Liars from the pit of hell!...
    APC thieves!...

    1. Yes the have to mention Jonathan's name in his handy work so that ediots like you screaming recession and hardship should see what your mentor did to this country. Why am I even surprised at your comment when you had to use a whole paragraph to coin a blog ID. Shows how shallow your sense of reasoning is.

    2. Yes the have to mention Jonathan's name in his handy work so that ediots like you screaming recession and hardship should see what your mentor did to this country. Why am I even surprised at your comment when you had to use a whole paragraph to coin a blog ID. Shows how shallow your sense of reasoning is.

    3. Ode. Calm your dry tits

  9. Jona Jona really destroyed dis Country

    1. I am sure many that rode on his weakness will still be caught with more money.

  10. And God will deal with these people if all this is a lie..!!
    Imagine , the grammar they r writing up n down..
    They have turn us to mumu ooo..
    So its inside d house you keep that kinda money abi..?
    I don't even know what to say..
    God will judge u people ooo

  11. ...and they expect us to believe this? They must think we are as clueless as they are!

  12. Anyone that believe this cock and bull story should hv his head checked. So it's possible for the NIA to keep $50M in a private 4 bedroom apartment without any guard. The money belongs to a very well known top APC politician,an ex Governor of an oil producing state.

    1. So the NIA will just sit back and take responsibility for what they didn't do?? Is Jonathan dead? Why will they lie on a man who is alive and well enough to defend his name?

    2. Anons belive this story then you can believe any bullshit on planet earth

  13. Huh??? This makes no sense whatsoever.. we are not gullible people for God's sake..

  14. NIA needs to go back to the drawing board and frame another lie. Jonathan approved the money 2 years ago and it had to be kept in a private house or is 7A Osborne a bank? They stacked that money away and still draw up budget yearly and collect allocation without touching this money, and even FG is not aware that its agency is in custody of such? ...haba, we all can't be fool now... I believe the story that this money belongs to Amaechi..please Wike sue them and collect Rivers money jare

    1. This is the only intelligent comment on this thread so far

    2. They don't even need to carry such amount of cash around. What happen to fx transfer, if the money is genuinely for NIA. It will not be well with all those leaders looting this country!

    3. Hmmmm. And nobody declared monies missing or the project for which it was approved, undone.. ehehe

  15. Apc don come o. Return the money to rivers state.

  16. With the above story, I now believe this money belong to Amaechi but this Government is trying to use NIA stories to cover it up. NIA stories don't add up. Our leaders really know we are daft, I think we the citizens are daft. Just imagine the stories flying around the past days.
    If Amaechi is out as minister this year, then know, its because of this issue as his matters are dragging the government back.
    Amaechi will convince the president that he kept the money for 2019 election. Matter closed.

  17. Some of these amount make my dear spin

  18. This case will just go the way of the case 21 (abi 22) suitcases in the 1980s. Guess who was in power then?

    From top to bottom, the whole thing doesn't make sense. The more they talk, the more moronic they sound.

    The best explanation that comes to my mind is that this money actually belongs to the NIA, but somehow (don't ask me how) managed to slip through the system. Some present and former NIA topshots then colluded to keep everything hush hush until they were 100% sure that no one will ask for it, and then share at a later date. But even this still doesn't make sense just as the 22 cases still remains unexplained more than 30years later.

  19. I am almost certain that this huge money belongs to a well known Apc politician, they should stop ✋ calling jona name stealings, the NIA stories made no sense to me.

  20. Cock and bull tales


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