Stella Dimoko Wednesday IHN


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday IHN

Its a lovely day and even though these boyfriends are driving me crazy and i still thank God.Kisses to everyone!


Yaaaay its my birthday! I'm so happy today. My sister introduced me to this blog a year ago and I'm now addicted. Been an anon Bv since then cos I can't get an ID yet. I want to shout out to God Almighty for his loving kindnesses and mercies towards me, also to Mrs Stella Dimokokorkus, chop kiss *muah (keep having dat large heart) Lastly I hail all the Bvs , you guys rock.‎

*Birthday was actually Yesterday but mail came in late.Happy Belated birthday Salvy.


Hi Stella,

My name is Rose and I love love love your blog, it's part of my morning routine. Please use my pic for your IHN. Tachu 😘😘😘

Thank you Rose....Your name made me Remember Mike Nliam's Nollywood song for a movie ''Wild Rose''I loved that song,love your name!


gooday everyone,we re wishing u all love during this easter season.hope we qualify for face of Ihn. kisses to you too much madam Stella

Sophia Sophia,I love you more,I don reply ya mail na...salute that person for back seat.



I dont see anything wrong in fighting BV kIDJO but shame on you if you used her family photo as a moniker.
learn to respect family and leave it at that.
Drama is allowed here and anywhere else,cuss her back if she cusses you but please do not bring her family into it.
I am asking those of you who used her family photos as blog photos for your ID to bring it down.If you have a problem with her outside of this blog,please address it outside of this blog.

Those of you insulting me its because of that Tboss Kemen issue,I have no problem with that,my mindset concerning what happened remains the same but please bringing my children into it?I wish all your kids what you wished mine and if you are yet to have Children I wish them what you wished mine when you begin to pop your own...I am bringing up well behaved boys and I pray my kids never ever display the kind of stupid hatred you have inside of you..No i will not bless you for cussing a child,I curse you and your generations with the same curse....AMEN...

These people have moved on,continue spreading hate and hurting their about to take off careers...your kind of love is what is wished on an enemy....let tboss and kemen issue rest and face your lives all you self appointed Judges.let them work on themselves and let whoever is wrong seek forgiveness from God...I hope your salvation is secure?you will make heaven?GREAT!

I am out!
*Note that once i drop my message,i free myself from any anger,that is how i am made..Thanks to God...
Continue cussing and hating!

Now let me get busy whilst you drop your next hate message....BYEEEE


A female house help/ nanny (live in o re out) that has child care experience is needed on the island. Interested applicants Should text name, age and location to 08067412476.


Memo To BV Sandra Anupuo

This is what you said on April 8th on the pass out parade post i did for you
'' I also want to use this medium to sow a seed in someone's life. I just received my last 'allawee' of #19,800 and I want to give it out in faith''.
You collected the account number and mailed back to say you had paid in and Yesterday the supposed recipient went to the Bank only to be told there was nothing.
It wasnt by force to do it but you committed yourself when you brought God into it.

The choice is yours but next time DO NOT MAKE PROMISES YOU CANNOT KEEP because you made someone who really needed that money cry.


Good day Stella,
I got the first customer from your blog on Friday.
I am very grateful and attached is a little shoki meme.
As you support my start up business, God will support you continually.


A driver is urgently needed for immediate employment. The driver must posses a valid driving license and must live around Mile two, Festac Town, Okota, Amuwo Odofin, Satellite Town Axis for easy access to work. The driver must be between the age range of 25-35 years old. The said person must be able to provide a verifiable address and two references. Please send a text to 07036529354 if you are interested. 

PLEASE NOTE : The Person must be very diligent and ready to work from Monday - Saturday.

I am grateful for what your blog is doing in my life, I am the divorce story 5 poster, the angel who promised to be paying my son's school till the end of this year have credited my account again with the fees. May God replenish her pockets and expand her coast.
Pls I don't know if any kind bv has a show glass for sale at a giveaway price in Lagos. I need it to upgrade my small snacks business, the price I'm hearing for the new one is shocking and this our economy is not smiling.
Pls if you are relocating or switching to another business and you have one showglass lying around, help a sister pls. I'm in Lagos and I can be contacted on 09056266899.



Stella Korkus of life. Greetings to you and yours. I say make i tell you say i don born o. I sent a mail last year with the heading "19, pregnant and confused" thank God i kept the pregnancy and now i'm the proud mother of a baby boy who is so adorable and cute. 

I want to thank those who encouraged me to keep the baby. Special shout out to Mrs Anonymous a bv God really used for me. Bv Jane thank you for the calls, God bless you. To those who reached out, thank you all.

 Thanks to SDK for this platform. No pictures for your eyes only because of my phone's condition. 

Love to every Blog members.

I was so worried bout you,scared you had taken it out cos i couldnt reach you anymore...God bless you:I pray your son opens doors of blessings for you.Now sort yourself out and go back on the hustling lane,go to school babe!

my company is in need of both male and female tailors that can sew perfectly for a new company in the ketu Alapere area of lagos
Please you can reach me via this number :07055721605
Thank you



Hello Stella,

Thanks for the other time, we finally got married traditionally, the white is in July.
I will like to give 15000 to any bride getting married soon on the blog.
I know it's small, but I know planning a wedding is not easy.

God bless you

Please if you are a bride to be and will need this little cash,contact Ani via her email address with small proof. ...her email is

Princess Ani you look takeaway..Congratulations to you and yours.



Please i dont want to be harrassed with photos of whatever you are going through.Opened my email today to see direct yansh photos of someone complaining of needing help for piles and i have not been able to eat since then.

I am so upset and dont even feel pity for whoever sent that....I run a blog and not some shop where you can send in such photos,it is wrong and nauseating and i am using this avenue to beg all those who are guilty of this or plan to do such to desist from it.
The person who sent me that mail,I am sorry but i did not reply your mail before i deleted...



Dearest Stella...Thank you for being too amazing.
An office assistant is urgently needed at my place of work.

Location: opebi
Salary range : 25 to 30k
Kindly send ur CV to or call 08121058697.
Love u Stella



Good day Stella and bvs, please does anyone know a very good hospital that treats hepatitis b while being pregnant. Kindly reach me on 08179906834. Thank you Stella. 



  1. Today is a good day.
    Hi5 Stella πŸ™‹

    1. Thank you for overthrowing Ola πŸ’ƒ

    2. Happy birthday bv Salvation 🎈.
      Congratulations bv Ani....

    3. Why dd u overthrow @ Ola Wealth?πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

    4. If you live in Akure, pls BEWARE!
      It happened two days ago in a hotel at Alagbaka I heard it yesterday. This world is becoming even more scary oh.
      A newly married man saw a corper clothed seductively in her kit by the road. She was just too sexy to be overlooked. He picked her up and abandoned the way home to a hotel. He lodged in with her. In less than five minutes he was on top of her.
      The Corper was as flexible as a snake. When he was having sex with her, her moanings sounded like a 'hissing snake'. But he was carried away with her moves and didn't really give his concern to it.The married man had sex with her over and over again.
      He also paid her more than what they bargained but told her to spend the night him right there.
      He slept and woke up an hour later with the intention of aving anoder round with her. He didn't find her on the bed. He heard hissing sounds in the bathroom. He scrambled out of bed to the bathroom. He opened the door. His heart drummed heavily as he saw big pythons talking 2 each other. He screamed.
      The pythons leaped on him. He ran to the door and found it locked. The pythons crawled 2 him. He shouted for help and banged the door. The pythons got to him nd jumps to strike him.
      The room became very dark. He felt something cold touching his body. He searched wit his hands nd it felt like a cylinder wit a hard skin impregnated with scales.
      He finally felt something trying to swallow his head. He touched it and discovered it was a big snake trying to swallow him up. d room was still dark. His head, down to his chest was inside the snake's mouth. The snake's poisonous saliva covered his face.
      He started struggling but the snake pinned him down. He tried to scream 4 help but couldn't. He kicked his leg, used his hands bt d snake was too strong. He managed 2 bite the snake's tongue. D snake got wounded nd involuntarily vomits him.

      D only problem is, I don't know hw 2 end dis Fake yeye story.
      Amebo! U too like gist!
      I am in my aos cum beat me!!. 😜😜😜

    5. Lol@ Stella for d pile pics, sorry I'm laughing, its just funny d way u said it,people re funny sha,how can u send your yansh to a blogger? How?na real wah,Pele Stells oya goan eat,beautiful faces of IHN, lady pregnant n hep positive, go to any government hospital to register for your anc,particularly d ones called General hospital nearest to you,no cause for alarm as long as you take your medication judiciously and you obey d doctors instruction. All the best.what else did I read?I dey come.good afternoon gbogbo ile.

  2. TheQueen darling
    How are you?

    Stellz side boo
    How are you?

    There's a party coming soon.!!
    WATCH OUT.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Dress code..... Loading
    Date loading
    Venue loading

    1. Kikiki what happen Today? Why are u @ spot 2?

    2. Ola go bleach your skin
      Say no to too much dark skin
      Ola please call me this evening

  3. Ihn ti de oooo
    Shout out to

    @ BlogLord
    @ Swaglafresh
    @ Kidjo
    @ Becky Divine
    @ Chike Teflon
    @ Miss Priya
    @ cookie
    @ Ibukunoluwa
    @ Oluwadarasimi
    @ emjay
    And other bvns who wished us well on our baiday yesterday

    1. Shout out to you too.hope u had fun

    2. Howdy?
      Hope you had a blast? 😘

    3. Afternoon stunning slim shady. You're welcome

  4. Welcome Wednesday IHN

    You watch foreign movies and see a lady in angry mood, slaps her man and the man tries to kiss her to cool her down.

    Because of that, you are also going to slap your Nigerian boyfriend who has not eaten since last night. Haaaaaaaa, I pity you my sister, let me come and be going.

    *Larry was here*

  5. If I vex I fit give her my kidney


  6. Replies
    1. I will be trolling today as usual, Ibukunokuwa, miss priya n highness Gwen join meπŸ™Œ πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬

  7. God’s delays are not God’s denials. Often we stop praying when we don’t see an answer when in reality, this is the time that we should keep praying. Just because we are in a waiting season doesn’t mean God said “no.” Raquel Jacobs

    1. Please o I'm graduate and I need a job I don't even mind driving job its not easy for me because i have wife and kids to feed I reside in Abuja .

    2. How fluffy is your cake
      Hope no be those akpu aki tasty cake
      Wish you luck

  8. Everyone says"love hurts" but that is not true.loneliness hurts,Rejection hurts,envy hurts.everyone get these things confused with love.But in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pains and makes someone feel wonderful again.God is love.
    @swag lafresh I really don't know if it's your prayer(that's if u prayed) that brought me unwarranted favour or its just a coincidence all the same.i got a positive change in my life this week.please if really you are praying please keep praying ooo,i have seen the result.Thanks a bunch and God bless u for me.much love from me to you.

    1. Just be you and avoid drama.

    2. Go to blazes abeg,all your write up is always full of beggy beggy and licking asses upandan so they can dash you candid advice is to use your time well and stop wasting away your time here. Alapa ma si ise .olΓ© ole (lazy theifπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) eyan whiteberryπŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Your church people don't discuss love publicly
      Don't be a hypocrite

    4. Afternoon chosen generation. More favour coming your way

    5. Anonymous and others trolling under my comment why give yourself unnecessary headache on my matter,like I have said before wait till I beg from this blog then u can really start drama till then take a chill pill.
      Oluwadarasimi afternoon Jarre thanks the favour was like a promotion at work kindof.thank u

  9. Replies
    1. Ewwwwww @sending of ynash pictures!!!! But why nah yuck

      @19 and pregnant, thank God for you. Be wise from now on

  10. Shoki without etisalat, is that one shoki😦😦

  11. The Nyansh photo;
    Hasn't rods been boring through that anus?

  12. I read this on sp n I have been broken.... Let's reach out plss. I don't know her bt I felt much pity.
    I don't know if anyone ever been in my
    shoes. Last night while going home frm
    my almost empty shop I was pointing
    my phone torchlight on the ground and
    praying that I find a lost money, as in
    money that mistakenly fell from
    someone's body or I should find a lost
    purse or nylon containing money.I saw
    one tied black nylon,picked it up and
    opened it only to find smelling shit
    neatly wrapped in paper.I had to beg
    for pure water and soap in a nearby
    shop to wash my hands.
    I'm tired of this harsh life,I never knw
    this is how it is when ones husband
    dies,but my mum did not not suffer
    this much when she became a widow. I
    had to run from fetish inlaws who
    wanted to kill me becos of property and
    moved with my kids to another state, I
    was doing fine until the devil came
    calling and took away all I had leaving
    me in abject poverty. now I don't even
    know which way to pass again when
    going out today bcos I'm owning almost
    all the food sellers around my house
    here, even promise one that I will pay
    her yesterday but got disappointed by
    the money promised me. I don't know
    what to even tell her again if I see her. I
    go out everyday and sit in an almost
    empty shop, no sales for the little
    things remaining there, if i sell one or
    two things we feed with d cash. i tell
    people around that I wash cloths and
    clean peoples house for a token.
    sometimes I am lucky to get called by
    one or two people in a week. my kids
    are out of school for months
    now,house rent almost due,the empty
    shop rent almost due. If only the
    miracle pastors preach about will just
    happen and take away my pains and
    sorrows. I cried yesterday like I lose
    someone. God why? You say you will be
    the husband of the widows,where re
    you? I'm just worthless as a mom.
    I am sorry I just had to let it out in
    anonymous mode because No Bv here
    knows I'm a widow only Stella and I
    don't want people to say it is a begging
    format,the burden was too much in my

    1. My mum is in same problem, after the death of our father, landlord sent my mum packing with only the clothes she's putting on and likewise my younger ones too, for the past 2weeks, they're sleeping from one uncompleted building to another with just one cloth on, someone who's supposed to be mourning her husband, this sufferness is much and me I am here still struggling without a dime to send to them. I'm the most unhappy being on earth now and people don't know. I won't use my blog name as well, wipe tears

    2. Ese are you not tired of begging with style
      Why not help the person or fish the person out yourself

    3. Lol@fake queen, I aint d lady ok besides I haven't been married,I just felt hrt broken reading that. If I need help,I know who to ask.

  13. Ani, you resumed today. Guess who? My beautiful colleague. Weh dun ma

  14. Happy belated birthday at Salvation,
    Age Gracefully.
    You are pretty😘😘.

  15. Happy belated birthday Salvation.

    Rosemary you are beautiful.

    Congratulations and happy married life Ani.

    Greatlady, so thankful to God for you.
    Just right after your birthday, robbers struck, pinning you toa terrible state of fear.
    Glad no harm came your way. Pele.

    See y'all later. Gotta run.

  16. Chai, Nigerian girls don't have eye brows and hair again ooo. Everything is fake these days; even their lives and ages!

    1. Is dick real?
      Are you not a yahoo yahoo
      If you want real babes you know where to get such
      Stop shouting like a pregnant mosquito

  17. Made ihn today
    God bless you all.
    That Hepatitis B is so rampant these days, check yourself, get the vaccine.
    Happy mid week.
    It's wel

  18. Congrats Bv ani, u look exotic.

  19. First to comment

  20. I want to type something that is really getting me angry right now...but I fear I might end up causing more trouble.

    But if I don't say it out, i will have it in my head and then get so angry and start replaying the scene in my head and then start talking to myself.


    1. Go ahead n type it, we wud understand afterall u r bipolar. It won't cause trouble

    2. Type it and set yourself lose. Remember you are bipolar

    3. Even you sef want us to beg you
      If not that I love you
      You for enter my black diary
      Common open that your small mouth and talk

  21. Beautiful bride. You look like a Fulani.

    God bless your home.

  22. Let's stop the #hate its getting out of hand. Yab somebody don't curse
    Princess Ani congrats you are beautiful

  23. I'm just here window shopping online and adding things into my cart till money comes. Who can relate?

    Any remedy for chapped lips? Please don't refer me to Google. Google will tell me it's a symptom of HIV... I don't have strength for them.

    1. Consult those who sell organic soaps and cream,they would have something to fix the lip.

    2. That's me and SME market hubπŸ˜‚

    3. Apply lots of lip balm not gloss. And keep hydrated.

    4. Hahahahaha
      Google steady complicating someone's life
      I can relate to the Google thing

      Quickie, you are cray cray walai.

    5. Window shopping is not a sin 😁.
      Use Coconut oil or shea butter for your lips.

    6. I take a lot of water, orange and vitamin c tabs too. Then I keep my lips always moisturised like there is always a gloss or shea butter on my lips. I apply gloss on my lips before I sleep too. My lips are now OK I use to have terrible chapped lips like applying lipstick was a job.

  24. Some people used kidjos family pic as blog ID? People have time on this blog oh. Kidjo pls don't even let them bring you down.

    Btw lagos okpa is so horrible. Missing enugu okpa hmm

    1. Lol
      Asiko ni gbogbo nkan
      They will soon jump on someone else
      Did it for me,sandy,Isaacson,ola etc

      Kidjo time seff go soon goπŸ˜‚

    2. What is okpa?been hearing of that thing.don't know what it is

    3. Trinity you seem like one with sweet body but loose tongue

    4. I'm sure they use beans to do can be traumatizing. I have a friend who buys it for me from ikorodu once in a while, God will bless the woman that makes it cos it's exactly the same with Enugu own

  25. Una weldone oh πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    1. Ani, you're itsekiri right? Beautiful bride. Happy married life

    2. Let me perch here, guys please I need help, I am seriously into the keto diet, but my only problem is plantain chips. Thats the only thing I can't seem to stop cheating on my diet with, yesterday I ate 4 plantain chips, today I ate 2, please will this stall my weight loss? I am currently 14 hips and 8 top but I want my hips to be back to size12, went 2 sizes up when I gave birth and it has refused to leave me.
      I am also very constipated what can I use, Please help.
      Thanks in advance... mwah

  26. Bvn Ani you is fine. Wishing u marital bliss

  27. Bv RoseMary.
    Can I sample you?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    1. So you even ashewo man
      Thought the post was reserved for chike teflon alone
      Wonders never end

  28. My lovely blog fam and sweet people of SDK who have obeyed the clarion call in the past or currently

    Please I need suggestions or ideas regarding states that I can choose for registration tomorrow for nysc abeg, I have no knowledge about other states only Delta am currently in, please nice suggestions I beg of you guys.... Thanks in advance

    1. So you don't have relatives who have served or currently serving to help you out? Wonderful!!!

    2. I served in government house, bayelsa state.... Its a nice place

    3. While I can't recommend any, when you get to the column for the Northern states, either put Kano or choose one of the war torn states. That way, after orientation, you can redeploy to any state of your choice.

      Oh, and choose Akwa Ibom. It's a nice place. Whether you'll be posted there is another matter.

      Or you can come down to Enugu. It's a very cool place for those who like the quiet life, but things can be quite expensive here.

      Good luck.


    4. Niger State is nice. Imo State, Abia, Lagos State, Oyo State and Osun State. Pick your pick, choose your choose...

  29. The nysc member that pledged her allawee, hopefully there's a misunderstanding somewhere, else you no try at all. And d receiver, hopefully u r saying d truth...bottomline: you guys should be truthful o.

  30. Replies
    1. You call yourself ukwu dimond
      That means your ukwu looks like a ruler

  31. Yaaaayyy!!! I got the glo airtime. Thank you Poster.

  32. Ani your nose is so fine,black beauty,you look very familiar, congratulations.

  33. Pregnant with twins and hepatitis B, to think I was just discussing with some people about the disease today, and they said it has no cure, but can be managed.God be with you

    Bibles aren't allowed in schools anymore but are encouraged in prisons. If kids were allowed to read it at school, they may not end up in prison. Ben Carson
    When you equip your kid the right way, you"ll have nothing to worry about.

    1. Are you a teacher this one you are mentioning kids everywhere
      Please tell your brothers to stop doing imitation ndi ekperima

  34. Whats ut about a married man that sone girls trip for? I used to wear a wedding band about 4yrs ago even though i was single and dem girls were just all over. Well i ditched the ring after a while. I am not bad looking and am good company too.
    Am just curious as to the attraction for girls cos most guys just get irritated once they know a potential girl is married.
    Is it the fact that they know he is taken, that he is responsible for other people or what?

    1. Some girls like struggling for things ,moreover most married men are matured and goodspendersπŸ˜‚

    2. Did you say ditched the ring or you became a brokeass brother
      Go marry and keep your prick for corner

  35. Hahahahahahahaha
    SDK has really seen things
    Yansh photo kwa? Hehehehehe

    So there's a kayanmata ID now? Lmao
    I will call you much later when am not too tied
    Saw your comment yesterday.

    Yansh photo? Hehehehehehehe
    Orishirishi BV we have here.

    1. Btw, I'm so feeling this Tekno's song, Rara
      Tekno is a bunch of talent
      Never disappoints

      And he asked me out years ago and I said NO
      Now him don blow na only tv I dey see am
      This life is a pot of beans.

  36. Any DRAMArians in d house today.... Pls get on board let's fly u to dramaland.


    1. Why not use the time for drama and feed your okporoko looking body onu nkapi

  37. Hello beeevees....
    I don miss our blog no be small..
    Who dey fight my kidjo....
    Stella bae no mind them haters..

    Still enjoining our stay with my parents.....πŸ˜ƒ

  38. Hahahahaha Stella you wrote you will do giveaway soon, so no vex, that is part of the giveaway for you to do. Abi na for your eyes only, please dont bring it outside ooo. We dont need to see it.

    Beautiful faces up there. Salvation i love your name. Rosie baby i see you, Sandra and co you are all beautiful.

    The corpersion abi wetin be that your name, so you be promise and fail. Oya go and fulfil your promise, you must drop the N18,900 alawee. Do quick and receive ya reward. God has already heard it and satan too, you come allow satan make you forget, please redeem fast.

    Thank God for the small girl that gave birth. May God bless your baby and keep you in good health Amen.

    Those looking for work, may God Almighty bless you all.

    Shame on the persons that used Kidjo's family as their IDs. Na wa for una. The hate in una hearts, may God Almighty forgive una. Imagine using her family portrait as what na. Witches on this blog.

    I have told you people if it brings alert to una account, make una tell me, i need money pass una plenty.

    Abeg make i go eat my jollof rice jare. My Governor in University just paid me a surprise visit to my office, hahahahaha very good.

    How can i download music ooo, help una sister ooo. Wetin i go do for my hair to grow, oya make una give me suggestions.

  39. Please Bv can anyone recommend a good hospital where I can give birth around awoyaya and ajah.Not expensive oh. I just moved here and will be giving birth soon. Thanks

  40. Replies
    1. Happy belated birthday to the celebrant.

      Faces of ihn u guys are fine.

  41. Ive bn sleeping for the past2 Lord hv mercy

    #My case is different

    1. KpeleπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

    2. Too much fuck dey worry you
      I'm sure you are pregnant with quadruplet

    3. Lol. Its expected. The Lord is your strength

    4. Afternoon DS. God will see you through

  42. Princess Anioma,Congrats,God bless your new home..

    Lovely pictures..

  43. Beautiful faces of IHN, you girls are foineeee

    Awwwwwwwwwww @ BV Ani, you are beautiful in and out.God bless and uphold your marriage.

    @ Sandra Anupuo, I don't know what the challenges are but do the needful, beautiful lady. God bless.

    19, Pregnant and confused, God bless you, darling, bless your son too.Thank God for safe delivery.

    Good-afternoon all.

  44. Stella is it not possible she sent it but maybe there was a mistake somewhere?

    Beautiful bride. Faces of ihn, Beautiful.

  45. Happy married life to you princess Ani,plenty pikin and blessings i pray into your home.Hot melanin,You re so beautiful. Chai.your husband is a very lucky times2 of your bride price he for pay if I be your sister.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.Waoh.

    1. You too like money that's why your ass is thick like aso rock

    2. Learn from her. Let people speak well about you. With your teletubby face

  46. Crazy IHN is back again...need this to cool off abeg,bloody hectic day

    1. Are you a truck pusher this one you are screaming hectic day
      More muscle to your akpu body

  47. Orishirishi is happening Sha..... I'm thanking Jehovah for divine healing, i'm finally out of the hospital. Glory

    whatsup people

    1. Thank God for the speedy recovery.

  48. Oh Lord please locate me,I need a job so that I can at least feed my kids
    Hear me Lord!

  49. Beautiful faces
    congrates to the bride

  50. Here comes IHN.

    anyone still drinking paracetamol over the Kemen and Tboss issue should please give it a rest abeg.

  51. Chai sophie is a fine chick this is for you😍😍😍😍 your beauty is shocking me. Sdk bv are super models gaskiya. Face of ihn una too fine mbok.

    Today is my kitty pussy birthday please help me wish my cat a happy bithday. She has been An amazing pet, i love her to the moon and back.
    I love you kitty and i cant wait to cuddle you and give you your birthday gift, tho i am still thinking what could be the perfect gift for a cat. You came into our lives and made us better people. My entire family loves you, thanks for putting a smile on our faces.

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  52. Thank God for you That YorubaChic. God will permanently heal you Amen.

    Kidjo how are you. Hope you are cool. Please take care of yourself. Sorry about the loss of your cousin, may God comfort you all Amen.

    Happy married life to that blog visitor and thank you for the gift of N15,000. It will go a long way for the winner that needs it.

  53. That Ani lady is fine..... Nysc babe I was really touched by what you said you were gonna do. What then happened?

  54. Princess k, remove Kidjo's mum and brothers' pix from ur profile, I saw it onit haff do. And Kidjo be pretending like it is not paining her meanwhile she is going anon to hype herself saying she brought the pix here herself. If you are okay with pple seeing the pix, why did u hide them from the public on facebook? Tame ur tongue and learn from this.

    1. Kidjo brought it on herself. Let her bridle her tongue. Its c a small world . People who live in glass houses dont throw stones

  55. Please o I'm graduate and I need a job I don't even mind driving job its not easy for me because i have wife and kids to feed I reside in Abuja .

  56. Princess k, remove Kidjo's mum and brothers' pix from ur profile, I saw it on SP it haff do. And Kidjo be pretending like it is not paining her meanwhile she is going anon to hype herself saying she brought the pix here herself. If you are okay with pple seeing the pix, why did u hide them from the public on facebook? Tame ur tongue and learn from this.

  57. Please o I'm graduate and I need a job I don't even mind driving job its not easy for me because i have wife and kids to feed I reside in Abuja .

  58. hahahahahaha Falahanmi abeg ask them ooo. Shokis without etisalat. No mind them jare

  59. Congrats on your wedding,send us wnb ooo

  60. Your sign out pic reminds me of my dead ginger, I haven't had the heart to grow it again and it was growing so beautifully 😒😒😒😒😒

    Bv Ani, you were a beautiful bride. May God use your gift to bless your new home and answer your prayers. My cousin got married this easter and truly it wasn't easy. May God bless their homes as well.

    Faces of IHN, Una fine oh - salvy, rosy and Sophia. Hbd to you salvy. I reiterate that only Queens and Kings are born in April

    Bv Sandra, make good on your promise

    Shoki meme, I like what you just didπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    I don't think anyone can tell people to lay off with the drama but anyone who was raised right should know what is wrong and what is right. I wonder how anyone can gleefully type out curses to the family members of others - mothers, siblings, offsprings - and then come out on mothers or fathers day to appreciate your own parents. Sham! Because your attitude - online or offline -indicts your home. You cannot also hide under the cloak of religion, after laying curses, because God cannot be mocked. If you are cursed out, you can either ignore or give back in the same measure -since we all can't be the same - but try not to cross the line.

  61. Making assumptions and judgements about someone you don't know well is a great idea.

    Keep it up and you'll be alone soon...

  62. Kids fight, its part of the growing up process, where it becomes worrisome is when adults fight like kids.

  63. Congrats to the 19 pregnant that gave birth, God will bless you more and more and open new doors for you, to everyone beliving God for a miracle may He meet us all at the point of our need. All the best to everyone, Stella no vex oh.

    Father provide my school fees. Amen.

  64. am greeting everyone good afternoon.

  65. The passerby that posted the Bassey ogamba job!! Just want to say thank u. Though it's stated "female" not male,by the way i'm a dude.

  66. Welcome IHN.
    God Bless All d Giverz
    Sandra Anupuo,
    Get in here ASAP.
    Faces of IHN,
    Una Doh!!

  67. Stella leave us like that,we like drama Abeg.

  68. I met a man on Monday when I went to buy phone.he asked me out and from there we are already going places to chill.he gave me half of the money and I bought the fon immediately.even did small shopping for me. Dropped me off and still transferred a huge amount to my account.i was scared mehn I couldn't sleep. The next day he called me and took me to a hotel to gbensh. Atleast I was convinced he needed something from me.he gave me head and we banged for almost an hour. I'm relieved now.btw he is a married man😎

  69. Bride Ani so pretty and calm,may God bless your home!
    To the brides to be:order for your George and lace at the direct market price to anywhere in naija.see anything u like online?we can get you the exact in 6weeks and if u have any design too,we'd interprete and get it made for you!

  70. Stella go dey see different yansh ☺☺,sorry about that I can relate.

  71. Kidjo I hate the fact that you denied been my friend,i repeat you stay in Wuse 2. For aunty N house, we pay 6k every Monday for house rent, I mean where dem dey keep girls, if you denial it a again, I will open a facebook page and drop your pictures there.just respect yourself and I will remain silent

  72. Omotola stop going anonymous to curse kidjo, you are a very stupid girl. Tueh

  73. Lily B I wish you quick recovery in sha Allah.

  74. You know it's been a while since you've had sex when your favorite position is wishonary.

    Good afternoon everyone.

  75. That anonymous on Spontaneous post this morning asking for clarification about an in-law in Libya supposedly jailed and one hand being cut, it is possible that your inlaw is telling lies to extort money from the family. Maybe he needs money to cross to another country. I asked someone who had travelled to some countries and knows about these things and he said some people lie that they are in jail over there and from there start milking money from their family members and friends back home using a third party. Sometimes the third party will pose as a lawyer working on their case or police officer trying to help or even pose as a prison official. He also said that the 'cutting of hand part' is a lie from the pit of hell.

  76. IHN!!!
    Bobfield solutions, I got your mtn airtime. God bless and boost your business. Thank you.

  77. that is how some bvs will raise ur hope and promise u money or help, after that they will go mute. u will not see there breaklight again

  78. The pregnant woman with twins, go to any government hospital around you, HBT will be given to you there and congrats for your twins on the way.... I like twins too..i tap into your blessings!

  79. Are people that jobless? Woow how did it get this bad? How can you hate someone to that level? Kidjo you sef ya mouth too sharp, tone is down A bit girl. Move on from the hate guys.
    I would rather use that energy to watch porn but then am not you all.

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  80. Lmao @yansh photoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Stella you be real case πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..Princess,you are so pretty,your skin color is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  81. Happy Wednesday everyone.

  82. I also saw the widow's comment on SP this morning, Its painful that she is anonymous, I would have reached out except maybe if I contact Stella she will know who made the comment. It 's a pity.

  83. Sdk drama.face of ihn.una fine well well.

  84. Thank you all for wishing my daughter well. I Will send her picture for ihn soon.

  85. This is for bv D Mbaise Girl

    I epistled my opinion on a post about giving wives pocket money the other fay and I was abused and called names by bv D Mbaise Girl. I have been routinely abused and called names before, sometimes justifiably, at other times not. When my writings, typographically come out embarrassing, it's justified but when it is about my opinion not sounding as good music to people's ears because it's not popular opinion, then I consider it unjustified. In both cases, I seldom respond. I am constrained to respond to this because of one word. That word is MBAISE. Since i got entangled with an mbaise family, I have seen mbaise as anything but well cultured people. My measuring stick for mbaise now is my inlaws so I said 'this fellow?, mbaise?.
    I have had cause to advice on this blog that people should be circumspect in their manner of abuse because they, without knowing, might be abusing their relatives..
    It is funny that she said she CANT MARRY a man who is not an expert at lying yet she cried her eyes out the other day because she said a man deceived her.. Then , pray, what is the difference between deceit and lying. Probably, her looking for a lying expert is one reason she is still oto naka NNE. Another reason she is still not married is her disposition that she CAN MARRY a man. No woman, including this bv van marry a man. She can only hope and pray that a man locates and marries her. Only a man can marry a woman and where I come from any man married by a woman is a laughing stock. Humble girls who know it's a man that can marry them ate getting married daily, while arrogant and insultive ones who think they can marry a man, D Mbaise Girl, are still there looking for a man to marry.
    Ending her abuse by calling me a short dick man made her feel on top of the world. Coming from one who claims to be mbaise made me wonder what mbaise family she comes from. Like I said, my in laws have become my measuring stick for mbaise and so i wonder what will makr my mbaise family members haul insults to known and unknown people in public and in private.
    Granted that my dick is short in your estimation, because I was displeased with the hollowness of your vagina, and told you so the day we had out one and only intimacy. I want to let you know that your mbaise sister sees my so called short dick as unputdownable. Hence it she has been rewarded with boys and girls. No man has a say as to thr size of dick he enters the world with.but trust me, every man has a say and a way ad to how he uses his short or mighty dick. This is attested to in the Delilah post where the poster described on rich man as having a small dick and using it with grace and finese so much so that she cried that another girl snatched the dick from her


  86. The drama is too much. have been reading them since last two weeks. From BBN to bloglord's award and gift from Stella to Kidjo and Omotola and now this present ones.
    If u want to shade kidjo shade her and leave her family members, why bring her relatives pictures here, I can imagine the pains she is going through in her closet as a result. And also to Kidjo, reduce how you insult and reply them. You all say its just a blog but see how they went farther than blog this time around.

  87. Ani, you are breathtakingly beautiful.

    God bless your home.


  88. Princess k and k princess on SP this moprning, pls forgive Kidjo, its ok like that, ema binu.

  89. Na real wa for the dramarians oooooooo.... Even to family level??? Odiegwu!!!

    Hello everyone πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  90. Please bvs help me o. I had a dream that i was pregnant and when it was time to deliver, the baby wouldnt come out. Please what does it mean. Thanks in advance

  91. ihn welcome. chike Teflon d penis enlarger how na d work wey u dey do b wonder u get time dey compete with women here.God go dey expose una one by one.see epic down fall of kidjo aka woodpecker. ndi ara

  92. Happy belated birthday beautiful salvation, beautiful faces of IHN, the lady that gave birth congratulations to you, unu good afternoon


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