Stella Dimoko Zimbabwe Allegedly Introduces Goat Currency.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Zimbabwe Allegedly Introduces Goat Currency.

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe's latest plan to have parents pay school fees in goats has got some Zimbabweans up in arms - but not everyone thinks it's a bad idea.

Education Minister Lazarus Dokora and a ministry official have told the state-controlled Sunday Mail that schools must be "flexible" when demanding outstanding fees from parents.

"Parents of the concerned pupils can pay their fees using livestock," education ministry permanent secretary Sylvia Utete-Masango was quoted as saying.

News of the new fees deal (which also includes encouraging parents in towns and cities to offer free labour at schools in lieu of hard cash) comes after Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced last week that banks could now accept goats, cattle, sheep and chickens as collateral for loans.

Zimbabwe is in the grip of worsening cash shortages that mean locals frequently spend hours in bank queues to withdraw cash.

Shops have just been ordered to reduce the amount of cash they allow card-holders to take as "cashback" to just $20, though many stores no longer offer this service.

News24 saw shoppers queuing for just $4 in cashback earlier this month. Most cashback is in the form of "bond notes", a special-to-Zimbabwe currency that has no value outside the country, except perhaps to novelty hunters on Ebay.

President Robert Mugabe's government says the cash shortages are due to people "externalising" hard cash (taking it out of the country) and retailers who refuse to bank their cash.

But critics say it's to do with the lack of investment and years of low industrial production and rising unemployment inside Zimbabwe.

Hyperinflation wiped out Zimbabwe's precursor to the bond note, the "bearer cheque", in 2008-9.



  1. Stella!see the way u matched the goat with mugabe, they so look alike....lmao

  2. Anyone is Owerri know any shrink, psychologist, counsellor?
    Pls not religious leader.....
    A professional....
    I need the address Pls.
    It's urgent!
    I'm losing it!

    1. Go to federal medical centre owerri.

    2. Thanks much. 7:52
      Anyone aware of any private shrink?
      FMC docs are on strike.

    3. I do. Drop your email adress

  3. Zimbabweans are sheep. I cannot understand how a whole country can allow this to happen

  4. That's like going back to the stone age, livestock in exchange for goods and services. Wow

  5. These are the type of idiots ruling Africa!!! He himself is a goat.

  6. Wow. There really is no substitute for bad leadership really. Goat currency, I never hear this one O.

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  7. Very bad initiative. Stone age things.

  8. Mugabe is a goat. Let him go and resign now. African leaders are crazy

  9. 😁😂😂😁 im sorry i cant help it.

  10. Anon it is well with you. You wont lose it and you will get the desired help Amen.

    Mugabe too look like the goat. They need to buy him out of that Post he is occupying.

  11. Goat... So in a cash strapped hyperinflated country, who will buy the goat?

  12. Live stock in exchange of goods and services hmmm

  13. Trade by barter. Africans always backward.

  14. This country needs someone that can pull 'em out of Mugabe's mess.

  15. Why won't this people just kill Mugabe


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