Stella Dimoko Corruption War - UK High Commissioner Says "Nigeria Still Has A Long Way To Go"


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Monday, 29 May 2017

Corruption War - UK High Commissioner Says "Nigeria Still Has A Long Way To Go"

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright, has said that in spite of the laudable efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government in the fight against corruption, Nigeria still has a long way to go.

He stated this in Abuja while addressing journalists on the sidelines of the public presentation of a 41-page report of a research work code-named: “Collective Action on Corruption in Nigeria: A Social Norms Approach to Connecting Society and Institutions” carried out by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London to better understand why certain corrupt practices persist in Nigeria and how they can be tackled.

Arkwright, while commending the present administration’s efforts, added that the British government remains one of Nigeria’s strongest partners in the quest to ensure that corruption was eradicated in the country.

He said: “The government of Nigeria is doing the right thing in sending a very strong signal that corruption is not acceptable.

“It is engaging internationally including with my own country when it comes to return of looted assets. It is also making public commitments but, you know, there is still a long way to go.

"The UK is ready to shoulder with President Buhari and his government in tackling this.”

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Rappakatakata said...

The present government is not fighting corruption she's only recovering unutilized looted funds.

Tiger H said...

UK has been our problem

Joy Okanje said...

No side anything Stella, it's the truth we have too many gullible youths with a non patriotic mindset

Miss Ess said...

Well, that's the truth

sholetoga said...

A long way when even the president doesn't trust his country health system........shame

Anonymous said...

Them refuse u visa?

Anonymous said...

Paul you better keep your comment to help your country...corruption starts with your team in Abuja where you people waste Tax Payer's money on all sorts...exploit Nigeria anyhow. God will punish you!

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