Stella Dimoko Late Senator Isiaku Adeleke's 'Nurse' Speaks On What Happened


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Friday, 19 May 2017

Late Senator Isiaku Adeleke's 'Nurse' Speaks On What Happened

Alfred Aderibigbe, the man who administered several injections on Osun senator, Isiaka Adekele, shortly before his death, has testified before the Coroner inquest into the lawmaker’s, saying he was only one of many nurses the politician had in Lagos and Abuja.

Giving evidence at the inquest on Thursday in Yoruba, Mr. Aderibgbe said Mr. Adeleke consulted him for the past 20 years on matters relating to his health.

He was led in evidence by his counsel, Lekan Alabi.

According to Mr. Aderibigbe, he first met Mr. Adeleke 20 years ago while working as a nurse at the State Hospital, Ede.

He said he had attended to Mr. Adeleke’s daughter who was rushed to the hospital under convulsive condition, adding that the senator then appreciated his effort with a cash gift.

Mr. Aderibgbe explained that after the incident, he visited the senator regularly on his instruction.

“After a while, I started treating him,” he said. “Whenever he was given prescription and he probably didn’t complete his treatment in Abuja, I would administer the remaining.

“He had other nurses in Abuja, and some in Lagos.

“I’m his nurse in Ede. I don’t know any of other nurses, but I know that whenever he was given injection by those nurses, he would show me in order to know the new area to inject him.

“He was hypertensive and he had gouty arthritis. I was close to him. I used to advise him to rest for him to be okay.

“He stopped smoking for a long time. He drank alcoholic drinks.”

The Chief Medical Director of Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital, LAUTECH, Wale Lasisi, had testified before the inquest on Monday, saying the information available to him indicated that Mr. Aderibigbe had no medical status, either as a doctor or as a nurse.

He also said the Mr. Adeleke was injected with Analgin, an analgesic outlawed by the National Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, several years ago.

Mr. Aderibigbe’s testimony was deferred to Thursday following pleas by his counsel that he was emotionally unfit to stand in the witness box.



ola wealth said...

Many nursesnurses..okay oo

Otaswifey chat me up for your classy traditional marriage aso - oke at the most affordable rate said...

As rich as he was he should have employed the service of a qualified doctor

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Death came knocking on Adeleke and nothing anyone can do because it was his time to leave but painful it ended the way it is.

RIP Adeleke, may God continue to comfort your family

Alloy Chikezie said...

Watching in 3D.

Your comment will be visible after approval.

Ralu M said...

Continue to RIP Sir. Hopefully your death will cause changes to happen concerning the availability of banned and expired drugs in the society.
There's now a circus and inquest and autopsy because he was a senator. How many people have lost their lives in this country because of expired/banned drugs yet nothing was done because they are nobodies.
The same will happen if a container mistakenly falls on a prominent politician, because it seems as if proactive actions are taken when it involves a known figure.

Dr. 007 said...

Lmao. If it was a doctor thhat did this, Nigerians would have descended like vultures. SmH. HHYPOCRITES. Don't know why Nigerians hate doctors so much. We are not that rich y'all. Ddirect ur jealous ass*s to the right quaters.

Anonymous said...

If it was a Dr, u would have inserted a deep malicious quote against doctors. Kmt

GALORE said...

This one Na Nurse @Abigail wen no know work

It's quite unfortunate though.. .he was administered a drug that was already banned in Nigeria... Then where did they get the drug?....

I am sure he was in serious pain, so he needed something strong to be injected.... Just like @Mike Jackson


Intelligentsia princess said...

I don't see anything wrong in a qualified nurse administering prescribed injections to a known senator. Nurses are trained to do that. The issue on ground is how are we sure the said Aderibigbe is a qualified license nurse? Even if he's qualified ,is the drug he gave prescribed for the patient? Many questions really needs to be answered.
I just hope he's not Mr senator partner in crime. ie some that gives him opiods and narcotics. The same way Michael Jackson Dr was giving him propofol until he had heart arrest and died. The scenario looks similar .

Rip senator
Only God knows the truth.

Pffft said...


Nigerians don't hate Nigerians doctors.

They just don't appreciate incompetence, especially at the expense of their lives.

Some of you 'doctors' are not fit to treat inanimate objects.


*Oh @007.I believe what the comment above you is on about, is the safety of having one qualified doctor (on retainer perhaps?) rather than a plethora of nurses.

Tayan Taylor said...

Thank you my dear
May all the public figures received the disaster that common man face
That even their money won't save them

Tayan Taylor said...

I am very sure,but they will never say it
Wicked Nigeria politicians
No pity whatsoever

Dr.Who said...

Na lie, plain old jealousy, u tolerate shit so far it doesn't come from a Doctor. Me no dey here, can't work in a toxic environment where I'm hated by my nurses, my lab scientist, my patient relatives (if d patient doesn't makke it) Nigerians suck

Lilia Temitope said...

I don't usually comment here, but I just have to state this; No Registered Nurse, licenced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria will administer Analgin to a patient. Whoever gave him the injection is a quack. Let him dance to the music he created and not involve the Nursing profession.
There is a pattern, in the health care sector, even when it is obvious the Doc made a terrible mistake, his colleagues will still find means to exonerate him and most times, blames the nurse. I am not saying the sorry is false, all I am saying is the Mr Aderibigbe most probably isn't a nurse.
If he is, please let them release his license so we can be sure.
It's too sad that nurses always bear the burnt of all atrocities committed

Dr.Who said...

What a wawu. So Nigerians can reason like this? See making excuses for the 'nurse' oo! Wowza. If only it was a doctor, I just wonder how far south this post would have gone, with plenty cursing join

Dr.Who said...

Wowza, what a wow. So Nigerians can reason???. See making excuses for nurse smhh. If na doctor, I don't know how far south this post would have gone by now withh plenty curses join

Anonymous said...

10th to the last line stated clearly that the culprit has no medical status either as a DR or a Nurse... So whats the fuss about? ... All this if na Dr, if ns dr. When the person os neither a Dr not a Nurse and id obviously a Quack.

Dainty T said...

Dr who abeg stop littering the posts, I partially understand your stance beht still e don do. I am a Pharmacist myself but don't go about littering posts when it concerns negligence. Negligence is negligence irrespective of who it is coming from. Let the truth be said.

Intelligentsia princess said...

Dr who pls,stop sounding like an illiterate. Nigerians appreciate good and competent doctor when they see one. Since you're not working in Nigeria where did you get your information from? If you were treated badly by other member of health care team and your patient relations ,it's simply shows you're a very evil and bad person yourself if not why would the whole world stand against you bcos a patient didn't make it after you've tried your best.
Am a nurse myself and in my hospital nurses and doctors have a very cordial relationship. We work hand in hand and we always cover each others a** anytime yawa gas..
So,doctor who,stop making the post all about your selfish self bcos of some terrible experience you must have had in the past ...

Taka a very chill pill.


I thought nurses administer injections or drugs prescribed by a licensed doctor.
Are they just meant to administer Intravenous injections just like that?
In all the Hospital iv been in IV injections are administered by a doc.
Even drips are set up by doctors.
As much as I love the Adelekes.The dead is also partly responsible. He can afford his own personal physicians.
Why take such risks ?
Once you are in your late 50S and 60s and you are perhaps over weight,issues of high blood pressure,cardiovascular issues,blood sugar etc also plays part in your health. So you need to be careful what you are administered especially if you are on some form of medication or blood thinners. I don't know the deceased medical record I am just giving examples.
I am not saying the nurse is innocent because he even seems like a quack. but we have a part to play in asking questions and making sure we are receiving treatment from licensed health practitioners.

Anonymous said...

Dr Who, you are one of d reasons we hate doctors. So full of ur fucking self. Rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Abeg, shut up. What point have you made so far littering everywhere? You sound like a student. Hungry one at that.

Go back and read hard for your MBBS, let adults here discuss.

Anonymous said...

Lmao you no dey here? Issoria I ge gbe mmadu. Hope wherever you are you know what you are doing o. No be the one wey you go remove ovary and say you thought it was appendix ikwawwawawwawawa Oyibo no dey tolerate rubbish like naija o, too many kitchen dokita dey hia.

Anonymous said...

A whole senator didn't have a personal physician, patronising Nurses giving him symptomatic relief. What a shame!!!!
Nigerians don't value their health most they can spend millions on parties and acquiring properties, but when it comes to health want to be paying kobokobo. Forgetting that health is wealth.

Dr.WHO said...

Lmaooooo. You wish!. Hahaha. buffon with battered as*ho*e. Go suck on a floppy carrot pulease. shift!

Dr.WHO said...

I'd rather be full of myself than be an empty dumbas* likke u. train ur kids to be proud of themselves No, u'dd rather train slay queens and swagging Gees. Jokes on u. Not my fault my mama raised strong adults with confidence.

Dr.WHO said...

Btw,use d pronoun 'I', speak for ur darn self.

Anonymous said...

Madam nurse speak the truth! Doctors dont cover up for each other. Na we dey open each other's nyash if a mistake is made. Nurses on the other hand? Once a patient dies and one of them didnt do something that was supposed to be done, una go just gather dey whisper, next thing folder will disappear for 10minutes. Fiam fiam una go dey write and correct every correctable. Nurses are so united. I had a case with a lying wicked nurse before, even her fellow nurses that despised her all stood gidigba for her side, while me the innocent one almost all my fellow docs deserted me, thank God i was exonerated in the end. We dey see una nurses dont worry. Dr who and dr 007 nigerians hate and dont appreciate nigerian doctors. I know that one. Plenty story dey. Truth is, we see you. Soon we dedicated doctors will leave to where we will be appreciated and you will be left with the mean and idoncare doctors that you deserve tueh!

Anonymous said...

Where do you think you will be appreciated? The money is what takes doctors outside their home. Come to usa, your case will be worse. Nurses, patients, cleaners, etc will throw shit at you to frustrate you. If you are rich, don't bother looking for where to go to. If you are not rich, go it worths it.

Anonymous said...

Dr who,plz kindly go sit down.we av seen u dat u r a Dr Buh kindly makes use of d ethics in ur profession nd stop jumping up nd down as if u r d only Dr hea.

Anonymous said...

M sure u r one of dose jobless drs cos if u r busy u won't b doing diz.or mayb u r d only Dr in ur village.

Anonymous said...

No,Nigerians don't hate doctors, what they hate is your arrogance in the face of ignorance. You become doctor know it all as soon as you get your MBBS, having no regard for other members of the health careless in life or death situations forgetting that the person you are treating is not just a number in your register but a father, brother,or loved one to someone.nigerian doctors do not know when to stop and refer.. instead they dabble into situations beyond their scope of practice in the hope that all be well. Been a doctor myself I couldn't stand lying for my then boss who wants me to say he is a gynaecologist when we have such cases or a trauma specialist when such cases present His arrogance is x7 . Well I resigned and here I am 15 years after.

Anonymous said...

You cannot function abroad with this mentality man, come and we will reset your hair baked life. It's not about sticking for each other in ignorance but knowing your duty of care and evidence based practice. Nigerian doctors and nurses be fighting on who greet who, when your counterparts are excelling in robotic surgeries.

Anonymous said...

I Big pass my neighbor mentality

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