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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The New President Of France Has Become A Reference Model - Hello Nigeria!

''The Macron Miracle may still take a long time to come in Nigeria’s democracy. A young Nigerian seeking to be President of Nigeria, under circumstances similar to Macron’s would find it difficult''. 

Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year old who was sworn in on Sunday, May 14 as the new President of France has become a reference model for persons who would also like to see young Nigerians occupy high positions of responsibility, including the Presidency. 

 There is a Not-Too-Young-To-Run-Campaign already being promoted, with plans to seek relevant constitutional amendments. The Macron Miracle may still take a long time to come in Nigeria’s democracy. A young Nigerian seeking to be President of Nigeria, under circumstances similar to Macron’s would find it difficult. 

They don’t have a sit-tight syndrome in France. President Francois Hollande who handed over power to Macron had only done one term in office, and was eligible to run for a second term. But seeing that his ratings were low, he just didn’t bother.

 In Nigeria, Hollande’s supporters, ethnic, political and religious, would have threatened to kill anyone that stood in his way. Hollande himself would have insisted that it is his right to have a second term by every means possible.

Macron would have been accused of trying to bite the fingers that fed him. He would have been told to go and sit down and that he knows nothing about politics. Five years ago, Macron was unknown. He got his first major job in 2012, and was appointed in 2014 as Minister of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, both by President Hollande. 

He has never run for any elective office. To become President he had to start his own movement, “En Marche!” He doesn’t belong to any of the existing political groups, right or left. In Nigeria, even if he is the best thing since toothpaste, he would need Godfathers, and he would need to spend money, to bribe voters and the “kingmakers”.

Macron is President of France, the youngest since Napoleon, on the strength of sheer luck, ideas, vision and the people’s choice.

 In Nigeria, the voter would have placed little premium on his ideas. He is married to his former drama teacher. She is 64. He is 39. Her first son is Macron’s age-mate. She is now the First Lady of France. 

The French public is laughing at the cradle-snatching incongruity of their professed love. Nigerians would have laughed even more, but this would probably not have been an issue for some Nigerians if Macron was 70 and his wife, 17.

When Macron holds his first France-Africa summit, he will be hosting African leaders who would be mostly of his grandfather’s age. Cameroon’s 84-year old President, Paul Biya, became President in 1982, when Emmanuel Macron was just 4 years old. 

That is where the real joke lies. Immediately after he was sworn in, Macron visited wounded soldiers at a military hospital. 

Yesterday, he travelled to Berlin for a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. He hit the ground running and named Edouard Philippe, 46, his Prime Minister. To have the kind of change we admire in other democracies, we must begin with a reform of the processes, culture and tone of Nigerian politics.



Anonymous said...

Finally I the first to comment.

AppleofGodseyeoriginal said...

Bro Reuben.

Kamikaze said...

We will get there.It might not be now or even in fifty years time but we will get there.

Hope is a balanced diet in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

SDK you hit the nail on the head! How much does any man between 70-100 have to offer anymore. He should be resting and enjoying his last days on earth not fighting tooth and nail to occupy the highest position in any country. 39 is not too young to rule. We need vibrant, articulate, unselfish, visionary and smart people to run the affairs of Nigeria, not greedy, old and selfish individuals who think age is an important factor to lead and amassing so much wealth (some buried underground in cemetaries, houses et all) their future generations cannot even finish or don't even need. Oldies get out of the way and give the younger ones the opportunity to shine and move our country forward please.

Mao Akuh said...

Mazi Abati is on fire this week.
Any youngies that wanna contest for president in Nigeria won't be allowed by our old Papas. Ever since Julius Agwu declared to run for ordinary Gov, what happenned to him? Is only God that will liberate us.

Anonymous said...

This is by Reuben Abati the talkerthief, i thought SDK wrote this. Anyway he made common sense this time.

Anonymous said...

This is by Reuben Abati the talkerthief, i thought SDK wrote this. Anyway he made common sense this time.

Anonymous said...

Macron 🙌!

Anonymous said...

Please age has nothing to do with competence.Anybody anywhere at any age should aspire for whatever position if the electorate deems it fit for that person to occupy the office.At least if I want to go by what I read on your blog daily, how many of these young people that comment on your blog can you honestly entrust with running anything?

Anonymous said...

That's how I was shocked at APC's choice of candidate. When this APC thing came up, thought they will put some one like Fashola at the top of the ticket, but wusai na 70yrs plus fit naija.

RadioHead Steelheart said...

Yes He spoke well, yes we have bad leaders but we the followers are the worst..We always cheer these leaders of questionable character, sewing useless ankara and selling themselves for salt and rice..We Nigerians deserve this leadership because we are a reflection of our leaders..Everybody is clamouring for young president but let one come, we are the one that will condemn him ''erm who he epp''..Nigeria is not ready for this kind of young leadership..

Greatlady. said...

You made a very correct point

Aeegurl loves Chikito( For your 100% unrefined African Shea butter(organic whipped body butter) in Abuja and environs,please email: Call:08125891129 ) said...

Here comes Abati with his interesting articles. Will read this later.

Blossom said...

I totally agree. The average Nigerian youth is vibrant, has what it takes to lead but will he/she ever be given a chance? No!

We like that this worked out in Frnace but here in Africa,the leaders are power hungry. Despite running a democratic state,will stay stay in power till they die. Mugabe, Biya et al.

Greatlady. said...

Not even Nigeria. Africa still have a very long way to go when it comes to democracy.
The first issue we have is mentality. We have a particular way of thinking in areas of leadership.
Secondly, our conscience is easily bought. We cry victim, yet we won't stand our ground when this old papas comes to rule. Immediately they share #200 naira and wash our brain with their sugar coated tongue, we still run to vote for them. We haven't reached the level where we question our candidates and tell them to tell us practical ways of achieving what they have told us.
Thirdly, our electoral system is very very weak. Extremely weak
Fourthly and most importantly, our youths have not come to realise their place in Africa. Gone are those days when we have the likes Of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Awolowo who stood and fought for the good of the nation. They were young, vibrant and had the courage.
Youths of these 21st century are noodles youth. We lack the courage, the morale and boldness to stand up against the ills of the country. There isn't even any sense of unity but hey, when some group of courageous person start, others will join.

junior maduforo uzuegbu said...

We will not get there if we don't start now. Sincerely speaking, young lads in Nigeria only know one thing and that's to drive cars and carry women, lodge in expensive hotels and show off. Even when they want to try and push, cash like 5million den son change mind. Young people in this country are far from holding any high position.

We ought to change our line of thoughts and shape our perspective to reflect the change that we are hungry for.

Fehinty said...

Well said love

sholetoga said...

Will this analog politicians give the computer brain politicians chance.....hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Naija youths will have to fight for such a revolutionary power change bcos the old brigade will NEVER EVER give up power on a platter of gold to anyone/group. Alas, many Naija youths prefer to suffer and smile making the desire a mere pipe dream. Yet, the question lingers: Who is going to bail the cat after all said & done?😂 QED@atm

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