Stella Dimoko The Thief Who Threatened To Blow The Whistle On His Victim


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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Thief Who Threatened To Blow The Whistle On His Victim

On May 6, businessman and resident of Gwarimpa Housing Estate, FCT, Abuja, Benedict Emmanuel, noticed that a stack of foreign currency he kept in his house had disappeared.

But little did he know that his good-natured security guard, 40-year-old Alfred Andrew, a Bauchi State indigene, had suddenly become a millionaire, while keeping his home safe.

At 40, Andrew, who studied Mass Communication and Information Technology, went from joblessness to enrolling in an evangelical school, through which he became a pastor.

Yet, he said he needed more out of life.

Andrew said he moved to Plateau State to look for a job until the poor condition of the job forced him to move to Abuja where he took up a security guard job on a N25,000 salary in 2014.

But three years down the line, Andrew thought fate had finally smiled upon him when bundles of foreign currency fell on him while he was rifling through his boss’ belongings one day when the latter was out of the house.

He said, “That day, I was sweeping when I saw a key on the floor. I tried it on the padlock on my boss’ apartment and it opened. I went inside the house and was searching through his belongings when something fell on me from the top of his wardrobe.

“I then realised it was foreign currency. I climbed on a chair to see what was on the top of the wardrobe and noticed that there were currencies from different countries. They were so much. That was the first time I would see so much dollars. I have only seen such large amount in movies.

“I was tempted to take the money. Before, I had been hearing of whistle-blowers but I was not sure who to contact. I didn’t know who to report to. I didn’t have the number of the whistle-blowers (sic). I was scared. I didn’t know who to trust in Nigeria. I might tell someone and the person may turn things around against me.”

Andrew said he started to pick out of the bundles of currencies gradually whenever his boss was out of the house.

Then, he took the step of counting how many wrapped bundles of currency were on the wardrobe.

“I confirmed from someone the amount in the bundles. He said it was N130m after it was converted. I didn’t touch that one because it was sealed. I was only taking from those bundles,” he said.

According to him, for over a month after he started stealing out of the currencies, his boss did not notice.

He said he noticed that each time his boss travelled out, he came back with more foreign currencies.

He said he only checked whenever his boss was away from home to see if the money had increased or decreased. But every time he went into the room, he was always tempted to take part of it.

“If you just pulled a small amount, by the time you count it, there might be more than thirty dollar notes,” he said.

At a point, Andrew went beyond just pulling little amounts of cash from the bundles and took a few million-naira worth.

He said, “I took some amount and converted it to N24.4m and put it in my account.

When Andrew’s boss, Emmanuel, first noticed that a huge part of his cash was gone, he became suspicious of his security guard only when he discovered that the latter was using an iPhone 7 cell phone even though his salary was just N25,000.

When Andrew’s room was searched, expensive designer clothes were also found there.

He was apprehended when Emmanuel informed the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team.

At the police station, he confessed and N24 million was found in his account.

He also took the police to an apartment that he rented in town where expensive phones were recovered from his girlfriend.

Andrew said, “I bought clothes and mobile phones. I was not even able to wear any of the clothes because I bought them recently. Part of the money I had recently changed to naira was in my bag when I was searched.

“Last Friday when my boss discovered the cash missing, he ordered that nobody should go out of the compound and started searching everybody. His sister who is an official with the Department of State Services came also and checked my phone and bags.

“They took my passport, ATM cards and everything I had before handing me over to SARS. I told my oga I would implicate him by reporting him to EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission). He said he had been good to me, but I told him his wife had not given me food over the last three years. It is part of the reasons why I did what I did.

“Even when I was employed, I was told my salary would be increased every four months. I was told I would also be fed but that promise was not kept. My boss said the money was not his.”

Andrew said he knew that what he did was wrong but that anytime he asked his boss for money, he always told him he had no money even though he knew about the foreign currencies in the house.

The police have said the suspect would be charged to court soon.



  1. This one does not have sense at all... See the foolish reasons he is giving for him stealing na wa

    1. Very foolish reasons. He-diot!

  2. What's d way out now? The man that owns d cash nko?

  3. Eeya poor guy but u stupid sha, that's why people remain poor not to condone you but you steal 24million and then buy iphone7 and expensive watches?

    DSS pls also ask andrews boss why bales of foreign currencies r in his house and not a bank?

    1. odiegwu!
      you didn't read where they wrote his Sister works with DSS

    2. So pipilee becos she works in DSS her brother should have access to several amounts of foreign currencies abi
      Oriegwu right back at ya!

    3. Comprehension is not hard
      Odiegwu meaning dss shouldn't question him as they will cover up. They will cover up one of their own. Instead efcc should ask him. Not some where his sister works

      I'm sure thats what she meant. Not that he had to have so much foreign currency at home because his sister is a dss officials

    4. Pipi lees mouthpiece aka madam itk fabmum thank you for doing her thinking and assumption for her.

      Comprehension isn't my problem
      Thank you

    5. Since when did it become a crime to keep money at home?

    6. no, thank her for correcting your assumption and keeping your thought pattern in line.

      'Basic' Comprehension actually is your problem.

  4. Thief, in your puny mind here's no legit business man again, go n blow whistle, poorman mentality buying big phones Expensive clothes once they see free money.

  5. What do I call this one now? Chai!

  6. Thief stealing from thief!!! Oya na!

  7. ... and that is how bro. Andrew nearly hammered.

  8. The wife has not given you food for the past 3 years.. so how come the house was always empty when you go to search,Its apparent they were barely at home. They gave him a toof iver his head even when the government didn't.
    Wicked man. Instead of thinking of ways to get his Oga(who btw might not even be getting his money through corrupt means) locked up by EFCC, he could have just resigned and found a better paying job.

    The funny thing about criminals though is that they are not even smart enough to leave the money to cool off.
    You have stayed for 40years without living an extravagant life,few more years couldn't have hurt. You sit down and stay humble for 1 or 2 years.. then tell them you are resigning..

    Pls pardon my last statement.. that is how the mind of anyone that watches too much crime TV works.. We see a gate-away constantly.

    Note to Young Adults that read this blog.. Crime never pays✌️You will get caught.

    1. Iphie,you don't know the power of money especially when you have not seen such an amount in your life before...

    2. I swear, I always say that too. you stumble upon such amount of money and the next thing is iPhone 7 and other extravagant stuffs.
      common sense ehhhhhh

    3. Nnem Money has a will of its own that draws even the strongest of us all. Our control lies in the ability to resist. Happy weekend my dearest LinLin.

      Pipi... 🤣😂😂😂 At 40 for that matter. First thing was to get a new phone.. An Iphone 7 at that.

  9. Your mumu no get part 2.

    The beans dem cook for your head ehn.

  10. Can you imagine?...
    You are working for me and I'm paying you yet you have the guts to talk rubbish?...
    The boss sef na Mugu!...
    No CCTV in your home in this time and age?...

  11. Mumu security guard. Didn't even act like a graduate, more like a primary school dropout.

    Your comment will be visible after approval.

  12. See thief making mouth. Your salary is never delayed every month and you still talk of food. Greedy and mumu security.

  13. A poor man with poor mentality.

  14. I no even understand wetin I go call this one sef....BTW make them help us ask the Oga which work he dey do?

  15. Hahahaaaa this Is a real 'fool at 40'
    Where do I even start from? So much foolishness from only one person. Looooool....

  16. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Lolx... Dude is talking rubbish here i swear... His intention at the on-set was stealing the money and nothing like contacting any EFCC....

  17. If you ask me wetin I go do simple get a naija passport with fake name and age, pay for visas for two country off I go bye to poverty.

  18. things are happening in Gwarinpa ooooo.....

  19. Dull guy. Oga doesn't know how much he kept. He would have done a clean job and resign.

  20. This man u stupid sha, you have the mind to steal such amount, and what you could think of buying is phone!!!!!! Chai you will remain poor for your life. Ode

  21. Mumu man, good he was caught anyway

  22. And he went to pastoral school??

  23. #A negative mind will never give you a positive life*


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