Stella Dimoko A Lady And 3 Nigerian Men On Trial For £10m Scam In The UK


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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Lady And 3 Nigerian Men On Trial For £10m Scam In The UK

Four suspected fraudsters, who are Nigerian natives, are currently being prosecuted for allegedly using the identities of civil servants to commit a £10million scam in the United Kingdom.

The accused were said to have stolen personal details from the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC), to make fraudulent claims over a four-year period.

The gang, which reportedly made about £2,500,000, would have got away with £10,260,525 if staff at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs had not discovered the high rate of claims being made by civil servants.

Adedamola Oyebisi, 30, a CSSC events manager, was accused of stealing membership lists and passing them on to her brothers-in-law Oluwatobe Emmanuel Odeyemi, 34, and Oluwagbenga Stephen Odeyemi, 39, who allegedly ran the fraud with Kayode Sanni, 38.

Dailymail reports that Sanni, an illegal immigrant, denied being involved in the fraud and told Old Bailey jurors ‘my conscience is clear’.

“I’m quite satisfied at this stage that there is a significant risk that if he were released on bail he would fail to attend,” Michael Topolski, the judge presiding over the case, said.

“In my judgement, the situation has changed drastically.

“He chose to contest this matter against what I considered to be overwhelming evidence.

“His incentive to stay in this country has now diminished”, he added.

Emmanuel Odeyemi and Adedamole Oyebode have already pleaded guilty and will be sentenced with Sanni at the Old Bailey on July 6.

The prosecutor, Allison Hunter, a Queens counsel said: “These defendants went to exceptionally complex and sophisticated lengths in their orchestration of this fraud.

“They themselves operate under a number of fluid pseudonyms and false identities, operate a multiplicity of email address, have access to a number of mobile phone numbers and have spread the conduct of this fraud over computers and electronic storage devices sufficient to stock a small warehouse.


Miss Ess said...

Scammers everywhere. The quest for money and the high life


Where are those calling Igbos thieves? As you can see its everywhere. Greedy lots that keep disgracing this country, may you all be continually disgraced.

Pipi Lee said...

Our brothers in diaspora!

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Just imagine these people. If you talk now, they will say you are tribalistic.

Ojukokoro all of them. THey got 2.5 million pound but the ojukokoro did not allow them to stop. Thieves.

They should send them back to Isale Eko and Mushin. That is where they belong

Esther Okoro said...

Wayo people, they keep giving Nigeria bad name .

God Bless Everyone

Cynthia Iyede said...

They won't just stop disgracing themselves and family. Ish!!!

Gbogbo bigz girlz said...

Our brothers have done it again.
E ku ise o.
Adojutini omo.

jelly said...

My Niger brothers just they fall hand every here and there

Anonymous said...

Stupid biafrans shut up. At least we are only doing small 419 and not kidnapping and killing people unlike your brother Evans. Awon olofo. No be una carry drug and do ashawo pass?

Anonymous said...

Your hate for the igbo is amusing. If na ashawo that one is edo industry, while drugs has always been Yoruba business, na just now igbo crooks don de overdo for am. Every tribe in the forsaken country is involved in one crime or the other.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians abroad will get a good paying job in an office. Instead of the being satisfied, they will let some idiot convince them to steal info for them from the job. Then land in prison and jobless. Watch who your friends are - you no go hear.

Weed Chic said...

Our reputation internationally is rubbish cos of greed. Shameless people

Anonymous said...

It is their greed that is allowing the so called idiot to convince them to steal info.

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