Stella Dimoko American Man Sent To Kirikiri Over Green Card Fraud


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Friday, June 23, 2017

American Man Sent To Kirikiri Over Green Card Fraud

An Ikeja High Court on Thursday remanded an American citizen, Marco Ramirez, at Kirikiri Maximum Prison for allegedly defrauding three Nigerians in a 565,000 dollars green card and investment scam.

Mr. Ramirez was remanded following his not-guilty plea to a 16-count charge of obtaining money under false presences.

He was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

The EFCC prosecutor, V. O. Aigboje, alleged that the accused, managing director of three companies – USA Now Plc., Eagleford Instalodge Group and USA Now Capital Group – committed the offences between February 2013 and August 2013.

Mr. Aigboje said Mr. Ramirez fraudulently received 545,000 dollars from Godson Echejue to invest in his company, Eagleford Instalodge Group, in order to procure an American green card (residence permit) for him (Echejue).

He also allegedly received 10,000 dollars from Abubakar Umar through a non-existent investment programme in the U.S., which was billed to make Mr. Umar eligible to obtain an American passport.

The EFCC also accused Mr. Ramirez of illegally receiving 10,000 dollars from one Olukayode Sodimu under the pretext that the funds were facilitation fees with the American Immigration Services for an American green card.

After Mr. Ramirez took his plea, Mr. Aigboje requested that he be taken from the custody of EFCC to prison custody.

“There are no bed spaces available in the commission. I apply that the defendant be remanded in prison custody,” she said.

Chukwudi Maduka, the defence counsel, in his submission, requested that Mr. Ramirez be kept in the custody of EFCC and not in the custody of the Nigerian Prison Service.

“Ever since my client has been in the custody of the EFCC, we are just seeing this charge for the very first time today.

“He is already on EFCC bail in Abuja and his International passport has been forfeited as part of his bail conditions.

“We will like to file an application for his bail today.

“We pray that the defendant be remanded in the custody of the EFCC pending the time my Lord hears the bail application,” he said.

Justice Josephine Oyefeso, however, rejected Mr. Maduka’s request and ordered that Mr. Ramirez be remanded in prison.

“The proper place for remand is prison custody and I so order.

“The case is, hereby, adjourned to July 3 for hearing of the defendant’s bail application,” she said.


*It would be a pity if this man escapes Justice!


  1. Chai.this man won't like naija prison ooo..

    1. Lmaoooo! Na now he go really understand wetyn prison be.

      Our 'Wazobia's sef suppose receive serious beating by the police for their foolishness.

    2. Then he shouldn't have 'liked' doing crime.

    3. When your people are abroad, do people consider if Nigerians like prisons before they jail them. Please spare me.

  2. He should not released without due process, justice all the way.

  3. Imagine. When the monies could have been used for a profitable venture in Nigeria. Why fall for such, just because you wanna go abroad? I'm sure one of them sold his properties or even took out a loan to pay. They easily fell prey because he's a foreigner as well. Smh

    Ok bye

    1. Sisi Ekp some of those monies were obtained from pple dubiously too. I had a neighbor then,they deported d G from Us, after serving 5yrs in prison. Dude was into fraud and all, d desperation to leave 9ja was burning in him. This boy paid someone $80,000 to wipe his name from Us data where it was shown he has been in prison. My sis I laughed to the high heavens and back, I asked him. Come o ,u think is 9ja? His excuse was alarming, if he can defraud some system over there, anyone with hacking and IT skills can also do likewise... After 3months bobo still full ground, one yr e still dey. So some of d money they too stole

  4. What is wrong with some people sef, too much money?
    In this Internet day when you can easily look up the requirements for obtaining whatever it is you desire. All you need to know is in the US department of Homeland Security website which easily comes up when questions regarding greencard/citizenship etc is googled.

    Which one is carry money give one person for facilitation fees with Immigration service. Even if you believe whatever this fraudulent somebody told you, why not just contact the US embassy in Nigeria directly to ensure you are on the right track instead of giving some third party "facilitation fees"
    Oja mi lara je mehn... especially the one that paid for facilitation fee ... mtcheww

    I love the response: The proper place for remand is prison custody.

  5. This is karma for all the nigerians that defraud using love scams and other 419 tactics!! Sorry I sympathize with the victims but you see. Also Mexicans are just as crooked as nigerians, come to Los Angeles and see how good they are in defrauding their people!!! No different from us.

  6. He will escape, as some higher court will over rule the decision of Justice Oyefeso. Money will change hands then the guy will just vanish. fifty. The 1st plaintiff who gave $545K was really taken for a mugu. With that amount , you go to Yankee and invest, have a good Lawyer to file your case to USCIS (imigration),easy , you are eligible to have the Resident permit wc is the 'the green card '.

  7. That's a good step in the right direction for our judicial system.

  8. Hnmmm they may respect his skin colour and allow things slide. Slave trade mentality.

  9. Mr oya-ibo...
    Welcome to Nigerian prison 😁😁😁😁.
    Your color will brighten up the place a little 😂😂😂

  10. See face pls Oga enjoy your stay over there

  11. He will escape no be naija again 2face people

  12. Kikikikikikiki...make he taste am na, namsense!

  13. Crazy people, sending him to jail when yahoo boys have killed thousands due to depression over there. Evans Neva rot yet oh, they're busy shouting free Evans. Mtcheew... Anyway, I saw this video online, somewhere in the North where some guys were raping a girl and everyone was watching click here to watch lets make this viral till the government intervene.

  14. This is not a true American. He is an Arab -American. Check out his name. So for me, he's not an OYIBO since he's Arab.

    1. Mumu!! Ode! So Ramirez is a Arab name? "Smh" damn illiteracy is indeed a disease. Wow!!! Please go(run) back to nursery school!!! Yikes!

    2. How on earth is Ramirez an Arabic name.. Ur level of ignorance makes me cringe.. In a bid to make Arabs look bad as usual, u total made a fool of yourself.. Smh

  15. Make we self get an American for our prison.No be only us Waka come. The man will regret his life while in kirikiri. The fun first thing is that they might give preferential treatment or rather let him go cos his White.

  16. His country will bail him out thats always d case


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